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This is a Boss Killing machine, originally created on Closed - net HC to farm the Guardians. Starting at level 20 it was the only thing he killed. I recently saved him to play the CM-Patch and use the Epic LightSabers. Absolutely crazy damage from these weapons. He wears a full suit of the Kanka's Relics.


The build is based off of the Ultimate Warrior Build.

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The main skills for this build, since it started out on HC - Closed net, Is Enhanced Perception. I started this build with two clan mates, Woody and Barristan. The object was to start at level 20 with EP at level and kept at level till mastery. We farmed to Guardians only. As luck would have it on our very first run I came up with a Legendary Two-Handed Sword.<div><br></div><div>Play style is as follows: In his backpack is a single buff suit socketed with Grim Resilience Runes. Put this suit on and select the forth weapon set of Officer Sabers = this is your Grim Resilience Buff suit. Cast the GR buff. This is the life saver for the mods that were chosen. Also it will boost your willpower extremely high, allowing the full benefit of using The Power of NIF Lightsabers. Put the Battle suit Kanka's Relics back on and switch to the 5th weapon set to cast Reflective Emanation.</div><div><br></div><div>Reequip the Power of NIF Lightsabers and your ready to take on the world. </div><div><br></div><div>Main Combat Art is the combo of Beligerant Jump, Demonic Blow, Frenzied Rampage. When the enemy comes in sight use the combo to jump on its head and let it go. If there are multiple enemies in the area move your cursor to an enemy in the area while the combo plays itself out. Otherwise it may expire on the first kill. If the combo does not finish off a group of baddies with the combo recast it or switch to Frenzied Rampage and chase down any survivors. </div><div><br></div><div>When in dought  or you not engaging the enemy keep hitting you combo to jump and the auto attack will eventually lock-on.</div>

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