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sacred2_simple_skillplanner_v1-12.xls v1-12

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About This File

The Skill Planner by tapir has been updated to include the Dragon Mage for Ice & Blood.


Original thread by tapir here: Skill Planner by tapir


All credit for this wonderful spreadsheet go to tapir.


So WTH is this anyway and how am I supposed to use it?


This tool is made for those who would like to plan their characters ahaed (up to level 200). Every coloumn represents a snapshot of the actual level shown at top blue row (gold numbers), you can enter values (skill points) into the black fields, the program adds them together and warns you about wrong values. You can see the available stat points at the second row (grey numbers), they are decreasing with every points entered below. Zero means you have no more points for that level. Negative red number means you are greedy. :)


According to the skills you've chosen in the leftmost coloumn the program informs you about the available aspect modification points in the grey section indicated by a '+' sign.


If you prefer to distribute your statpoints on-the-fly based on your character's momentary demands this skill planner is not meant for you. ;)




- five built-in languages: English, Hungarian, German, French, Spanish (I don't speak either of them except hun :))

- drop-down lists, you dont have to type anything

- full error checking (via conditional format)

- CA modification points display

- printer-friendly section (aligned for A4 papersize)






First you need a Microsoft Excel™ 2002 or later. Donwload the attached .zip file, unpack and open with Excel.


th_sp110usg.png (click for larger image)


1. Choose language and select character class (from list)

2. Pick your skills (from list)

3. Distribute available stat points (enter numbers into the black fields)


CTRL+E will erase the whole spreadsheet without confirmation!


Enjoy! :)

What's New in Version v1-12   See changelog


  • -----------------
  • Revision history
  • -----------------
  • 1.00
  • - first public release (English, Hungarian, German)
  • 1.01
  • - minor highlight changes
  • 1.05
  • - new languages added: French, Spanish (source: Wiki)
  • - the CTRL+E (erase) shortcut now indicated by an icon instead of a label
  • - High Elf skills order fixed (focuses <=> lores)
  • 1.10
  • - mod points display added
  • 1.10a
  • - easier data-transfer from earlier versions
  • 1.11
  • - full error checking
  • 1.12
  • - added in Dragon Mage for I&B (English Only)

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