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About This File

This is a printable version of the most recent map. It is the same as the Interactive Google Map of Ancaria.

  • File Size: 170 MB
  • File Type: PDF with maximum jpg compression. No Downsampling.

  • Screen Dimensions: 12600 x 12600 pixels
  • Monitor Colour (RGB): sRGB IEC61966-2.1

  • Print Dimensions: 42" x 42"
  • Print Colour (CMYK): Web Coated FOGRA28 (ISO 12647-2:2004)
  • DPI: 299.999 pixels/inch

When you bring this file to print inform them that this file has been set for print on a printer using FOGRA28 colour profile. This is important so that the print will match the digital version as close as possible. It is rarely possible to duplicate digital colour on paper but FOGRA28 appears to be the closest match. Also mention that the graphic was originally made in Germany using their specs.


If you go to a local print shop make sure they test a section of the map on simple letter paper and make them show you how well they matched the colour. Insist on this. Some print shop employees don't know what they're doing which was my experience. I had to explain colour profiles to them which should be basic knowledge to someone working in professional printing.


If the print is too expensive then you can save money by printing the map in several pieces and paste them together afterwards. Printing on a smaller paper standard should reduce the cost greatly.


Always try to have the print(s) on glossy paper and if possible using ink that glosses while printing. See Aqueous Coater.

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