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Niokaste Retex by Lord Banewrath Sunblade 6/9/11



New textures for Niokaste's Blade Dance and one of the variants of this set. Instructions for the location of the niokastes skins is included in Niokaste's Retex.zip.


This is just a basic retex for the seraphim niokaste set done in black/silver

and making the set shiny in appearance. I supplied support for the two popular versions but this can be applied

to any setup with minimal editing.


Choose which version of the game you are using and extract the contents to your deep silver directory.

I myself and not happy with the texture of the wings but I`ll release this anyway since I don`t know when I`ll find

a texture for them I am happy with. They don`t look horrible but compared to the rest of the set parts I feel it looks



Three more variants of this armor sets retex will be coming soon.




Updated for CM Patch 1.50 in October 2016 by Flix

Compatible with Item Mod 1.2a and Elite Mounts, and pretty much any other mod except Wardust's Serious Textures and Diablo 2 Fallen, which make their own changes to this armor set.


You can (and should) use the Generic Mod Enabler (GME) for this mod. Just choose either "CM Patch 1.50 Version" or "Fallen Angel Version" and place the folder into the MODS folder generated by the GME. Then run the GME and enable the mod. It should be installed last in the mod order.


-- Flix

What's New in Version 06/10/2011 02:47 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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