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  • Submitted: Sep 12 2011 08:26 AM
  • Last Updated: Feb 07 2016 06:58 AM
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Download [MOD] Age of Heroes (Beta) - All-in-one pack 0.9

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Feb 2016 -- Updated for compatibility with CM Patch 1.50 by Flix
The following descriptions are the same as the README.TXT included in the download)

Sacred 2 Mod: Age of Heroes V0.9b
Forum thread:
(Changelogs will be maintained in forum thread)

1) CLIENT VERSION: Ice & Blood v2.65.x
2) CM Patch: v130

Additional Note:
This mod *WILL NOT* replace any existing item/texture/creature/whatever.
It will only *ADD STUFF* on top of whatever already existed.

This mod is intended for Sacred 2 Original + Expansion + CM Patch v130.
Not guarantee to work if any additional mods are installed.

If this installtion doesn't work due to other mod installed, then please wait
another week or so, until I release step by step instruction to add this mod,
without conflicting with any other mod.

As the title suggested, this mod aims to fill Ancaria with heroes (the 7
playable races/classes)...you are not alone anymore!
This purpose is achieved by:
1) Spawning additional monsters throughout Ancaria, in disguise of heroes.
2) Heroes are summoned to fight alongside with you, as your minions, whenever
Godspell is casted.

Spawned Heroes
Heroes will be spawned at chosen major locations throughout Ancaria.

They will be spawned with random equipments of random color and random models.

Those randomly spawned weapons and armors all have the same stats and do not
form any set bonus.

As of this release, the random equipments cover ALL model and color variation
exists in Sacred 2 + Expansion + CM Patch v130 (according to itemtypes.txt).

They will be either spawned with mount, or on-foot.

All heroes have skills that reduce dualwield penalty.
All heroes have skills that reduce mounted penalty.

All these heroes will have CHANCE to resurrect for ONCE. After all, they are

They are able to use majority of the CA, some are excluded for various reasons.
Detailed list of all CA available to all heroes can be found in "Additional
Notes" section.
Example 1: Since AI can't switch weapons, BeeEffGee is removed because it is
just a waste of casting.
Example 2: Since AI can spam spell, those buffs that decrease regens are
Example 3: Some CA will cause bug (Instill Belief will make everyone at peace
with everyone else);
Example 4: Some CA uses up too much resources...

In this release, heroes have the following relationships:
"Good" Heroes: Seraphim, Temple Guardian, Dryad.
"Chaos" Hero: Dragon Mage.
"Evil" Heroes: Inquisitor, Shadow Warrior, High Elf.

Good heroes will attack wild monster, Evil Heroes, Chaos Hero, and Evil Player.
Chaos hero will attack everyone, except other Chaos hero.
Evil heroes will attack wild monster, Good Heroes, Chaos Hero, and Good Player.

It is *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* that you try this mod out in BRONZE difficulty
After you tried it out in BRONZE, slowly increase the difficulty level to the
one you are able to handle.
Please, I insist...don't come crying if you lose your hardcore character! They
spam spells like crazy.

Spawn Location
Refer to the "Spawn Location.jpg" file.
The big WHITE circle on the bottom right = Thylisium.
There are 2 RED circle, 2 GREEN circle, and 2 YELLOW circle.
One set at the middle left of the screen, another set at the upper right.
GREEN = Good heroes.
YELLOW = Chaos heroes.
RED = Evil heroes.

Notice that all the spawn locations are near Portals, for your convenience.

God Spell Heroes

God Spell is one of the least used spell...
This mod will incur the following changes to God Spell:
- All God Spells are changed to have the same effects of God Spell: Nature.
- All God Spells' cooldown is reduced from 15mins to 5mins.
- Whenever you cast God Spell, three heroes will be summoned to your side as
your minion. Seraphim + High Elf + Dyrad.
- You can control these minions by using Shift + Left Click on monsters.
- You can also change their behavior using "\" or "/" (default keys).
- They will stay with you until they are killed, or you exit game.
- They will spawn with random armors and weapons.
- They are on-foot only. (If you wish, you can make them mounted, but it
requires changing Creature.txt)
- They spam spells like spawned heroes.
- Whenever 0 out of 3 is killed, casting God Spell will not add any minion.
- Whenever 1 or 2 out of 3 is killed, casting God Spell MAYBE/MAYBE NOT add
3 minions. So it is possible to have maximum of 5 minions at a time.
- Whenever 3 out of 3 is killed, casting God Spell will certainly add 3

These minions are designed to be:
- stronger than normal monsters, but weaker than elite monsters.
- slightly higher survivability, weak damage but spam spells.

For normal/elite monsters, you alone should be strong enough already...
So, they are just there for some fun, not to help out too much.
You can just use them to slaughter normal monsters, and maybe help out
a little whenever there's some elite.

For boss battles, low survivability minions are useless, they die very quickly
after you summon them. So these minions are designed to be able to survive
longer, and spam spells to help you debuff/disable the boss. They don't deal
very high damage, so that you are still the main actor.

Changes to Spells
All spells which deal damage on enemy, will have an additional effect:
If an enemy is killed by a spell, it will be thrown into the air for a
brief moment, for better ragdoll effect! (just like Titan Quest!)

1) Backup your heroes save files!
2) Browse to [Sacred 2 installation directory]\scripts\.
3) Backup the following files:
- server\blueprint.txt
- server\creatures.txt
- server\equipsets.txt
- server\spawn.txt
- server\weaponpool.txt
- shared\spells.txt
4) Overwrite the original files with the files included in "Install Scripts"
That's all!


Possible Problem
Due to major changes and overwriting of "shared\spells.txt", the first time
loading after this installation, will be slightly longer. Mileage might vary
according to your computer spec.

Due to major changes and overwriting of "shared\spells.txt", MAYBE/MAYBE NOT
you will encounter the following "weirdness":
After you log into game, none of the monsters/npcs/characters can move.

This is the solution:
After installation, DO NOT play the game using the same difficulty.
Example, if you are now in SILVER difficulty, just change it to BRONZE or
anything else except SILVER.
You will be able to load successfully into game and everything will be fine.
After that, just "Save and Exit", and log back to your desired difficulty.

You only need to do this ONCE,
no matter how many different characters you have,
no matter how many difficulty you have unlocked,
no matter whatever...
only one time, and everything can be proceeded like normal.

That's all for the weirdness.
Please refer to "Feedback" section if you encounter anything more than this.

Known Issue
All heroes will cast CA whenever they can, except one class: Inquisitor.
I am unable to find an existing AI that will make it cast any CA.
I need to create a custom AI to make it cast CA, which will be included in
future release.

Your feedback is very important to me!
I need to know if you encounter any problem or error, so that my mod will not
waste other player's time! I'll try to fix all bug as soon as possible, but
usually I am not available until weekends Posted Image

If you successfully loaded and saw those heroes in action, you are welcome to
post a screenshot or two! Press "P" to pause, turn your camera around for the
best shot! Or keep tapping "P" to see all of them in slow-mo!

Please post your bug report at the following thread:

Suggestions and comments are welcome too!
Or, if you need some small tweaks, you can ask and I'll try to include it in the
main forum thread, so that everyone will be benefited.

Additional Notes

In this release, I have added some skills/bonuses to all spawned heroes and
minions. But I am not sure if they are "balanced". So probably they are
overpowered, or maybe they are underpowered...not sure. Let me know if you
feel they are too strong or too weak.

I hope to achieve fine balance around version 1.0 (out of beta).

Following is the list of CA available to heroes (9 CAs each):

Pelting Strikes
Assailing Somersault
Dashing Alacrity
Baneful Smite
Radiant Pillar
Hallowed Restoration
Archangel's Wrath
Flaring Nova
Divine Protection

Shadow Warrior:
Demonic Blow
Scything Sweep
Ruinous Onslaught
Rousing Command
Frenzied Rampage
Belligerent Vault
Augmenting Guidon
Spectral Hand
Shadow Veil

Darting Assault
Forest Flight
Dust Devil
Ravaged Impact
Twisted Torment
Black Curse
Edaphic Lances
Tangled Vine
Goldenglade Touch

High Elf:
Ancestral Fireball
Blazing Tempest
Incendiary Shower
Frost Flare
Glacial Thorns
Raging Nimbus
Cascading Shroud
Cobalt Strike
Shadow Step

Callous Execution
Ruthless Mutilation
Frentic Fervor
Levin Array
Clustering Maelstorm
Raving Thrust
Dislodged Spirit
Inexorable Subjugation
Eruptive Desecration

Temple Guardian:
Dedicated Blow
Battle Extension
Deathly Spears
Amplifying Discharge
Furious Emblazer
Jolting Touch
Archimedes Beam
Propelled Levitation
Primal Mutation

Dragon Mage:
Dragon Strike
Eternal Fire
Gust of Wind
Magic Barrier
Mind Strike
Energy Blaze

Version Plan
Heroes should be balanced with proper CA/Skills/Bonuses.
Add/Adjust spawn points.

1.1 to 1.9
Solves minor annoyances, add/adjusts spawn, fine-tuning balance.

Final release.
After which, ancient lurker (that's me) will creep back into its abyss once

What's New in Version 0.9 (See full changelog)

  • Feb 2016 -- Updated for compatibility with CM Patch 1.50 by Flix
  • Sept 12, 2011
  • v0.2:
  • - First beta released
  • Sept 13 2011
  • v0.3
  • - Removed unnecessary scripts
  • - Improved spawn location and density
  • - Dryad is added
  • - WEARGROUP_DRYADIN is added
  • - Solved all known weird issues.
  • Sept 17, 2011
  • - All 7 playable races are added.
  • - Technical Data removed as separate download.
  • - True random armor and weapon, includes all possible armor and weapon variation .
  • Sept 25, 2011
  • - Major changes in God Spell: you get heroes as your controllable minions now!
  • - Improved randomness of weapon generation.
  • - Added bonuses and skills to heroes as first step towards balance.

Hello unknowngst !

To start, Thanks so much for your Modd, it's so good ! (Sorry for my english, I'm french, I do not speak the language properly)

I found this modd really fun, it gave me more flavor to the game that I had already!

Yet I wonder, will there be a new version where more enemy heroes will be invoked?

Again thank you for your work, it's my favorite Modd.
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If I killed one hero, they dont give me any experience points, why?
  • Report

This is amazing , a some sort of Ai pvp to get in solo mode and or co op mode

  • Report

possible to have wandering bosses or elite mobs arund the ancaria wolrd for ''event type triggers'' like latest games  ;D

along with the heroes type ofcourse

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Hope this person comes back and expand this amazing mod 

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