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Gemmae (Sigil Sets) in CM patch v 0.130

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Newest items in CM patch v 0.130 - Gemmae (Sigil Sets)

They work like relics, giving diferent type resistans (armor).

In higher levels, they have second option.

When set is completed they give set bonus optiones, even in inactive slots.


(actualy sets in chest are level 49, Silver)


BerDaiPayn - damage of enraged players +..%

Ber - phisical+poison armor

Dai - phisical+poison armor

Payn - phisical+poison armor


SinIthTer - chance to fear opponents away +..%

Sin - phisical+poison armor

It - phisical+poison armor

Ter - phisical+poison armor


DisTrukXion - opponent's armor phisical -..%

Dis - phisical+fire armor

Truk - phisical+fire armor

Xion - phisical+fire armor


YerLuvVun - chance to finde valuables +..%

Yer - phisical+fire armor

Luv - phisical+fire armor

Vun - phisical+fire armor


ImMorTel - survival bonus +..%

Im - phisical+magic armor

Mor - phisical+magic armor

Tel - phisical+magic armor


KilthEmAl - combat art range +..%

Kilth - phisical+magic armor

Em - phisical+magic armor

Al - phisical+magic armor


KlaAtuVerAtaNikTuh - visibility range +..%, run speed +..%, regeneration penalty foom buffs -..%

Kla - phisical+ice armor

Atu - phisical+ice armor

Ver - phisical+ice armor

Ata - phisical+ice armor

Nik - phisical+ice armor

Tuh - phisical+ice armor


TomMarWolOryDel - experience per kill +..%,light range +..m

Tom - phisical+magic armor

Mar - phisical+poison armor

Wol - phisical armor

Ory - phisical+fire armor

Del - phisical+ice armor

What's New in Version   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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