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This is a modded scripts folder build and is meant to be extracted/copied/and,or pasted as such. With that said please make a back-up of your original Sacred2 Fallen Angel scripts folder before over writing with any modded 1s ty. and yes they all attack. Basically added a Skeleton Warrior Nether Allegiance buff to the end of a lot of Area buff spells. I left BFG, Vudu, Doppleganger buffs alone for gameplay sake, with that said I strongly recommend against a perm. doppleganger as he will spawn a lot more summons. If u do try it, then u can always click on the buff bubble to destroy, & or re-summon. I modded script/.txt files: balance, creatures, spells. Camera shake is off for Dragon pets, whom I have shrunk also to 0.300000 to fit up to 4 onscreen. Enjoy>

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I have been working on a new balance.txt but if u have a better 1 made or have downloaded a Uniques modded 1 ,then u can swap it out in your scripts folder, just edit it first in notepad and scroll down to the item: NPC fight down scaling = 500, and change it to = 0, for off, so pets do the max damage. Always save a back-up of your scripts folder before loading mods, happy safe modding to you, enjoy.


P.S. the pets mod scripts for this r primarily based on the creatures.txt and the spells.txt files. The camera shake I manually deleted for this mod as it has Dragon pets which everytime they would walk it would continuously shake, rendering gameplay unbearable.


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pls create new mod for the dragon mage for the pets because is dont have any pets and fix because my shadow warrior is not work so good

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