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Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition by Flix

  • Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition (S2EE) is the continuation of the old Enhanced Spells mod. 
  • S2EE came about during the development of the Community Patch and my other mods (such as Diablo 2 Fallen). S2EE contains hundreds of bugfixes, and numerous gameplay improvements that are not strictly fixes.
  • S2EE is designed for the player to install a CORE module, then they may install some optional add-on modules. 
  • See the included "Sacred 2 EE 2.4 Manual.pdf" for full list of modules and features.
  • Currently supported languages:
    • CORE module: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian.
    • Alternate Spells module: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish.



  • I HIGHLY advise NEW CHARACTERS or you may have broken quests, re-rolled bonuses on gear, or other odd behavior.

  • Download the Generic Mod Enabler (GME) and install it to your Sacred 2 root folder.
  • After running the GME once, it will make a folder called "MODS" there.
  • Extract/copy/move the contents of the compressed zip file into the "MODS" folder.  There should be 6 folders and some documentation (the documentation need not be placed in the MODS folder).
  • S2EE contains one CORE module and five optional add-on modules.  You must install "Sacred 2 CORE EE 2.4 - Required" at the very least.
  • Run the GME and enable the CORE module.  The GME will back up your clean files and will allow to you to easily enable/disable the mod as you wish.
  • - Optional - add-on modules such as Alternate Spells, Challenge Mode, Classic Icons, and SuperSpawn should be installed afterward.  Do not install any of the add-on modules without the CORE module installed first.



  • This mod requires Sacred 2 + Ice & Blood expansion with the latest patch (2.65.02) installed (or simply Sacred 2 Gold).
  • This mod additionally requires that Community Patch 1.60 be installed.
  • No previous versions or components of the old Enhanced Edition should be installed.
  • No mods that alter scripts will be compatible with S2EE. This includes: Diablo 2 Fallen, undressed Mods, Boss Arena, Age of Heroes, Survival Mod, Llama's Mod, Wardust's Mods, Dimitrius's Patch Addendum
  • Mods that are known to be compatible: Music Mods, Interface Mods, Main Menu Mods, Reduced Fog, Elite Textures (either official or the unofficial "trimmed" version), and simple texture mods like Eye mod or Grass mod.


Development (Enhanced Spells module):

For detailed list of changes to combat arts (and Alternate Spells) , and for pictures and videos, and development info, visit this thread:



SuperSpawn Features:

  • SuperSpawn multiplies the enemy spawn density across the map by a factor of 2-3x.
  • Does not affect bosses or creatures spawned through quests.
  • Respawn rate is not affected.

Challenge Mode Features:

  • Critical hit damage increased from 1.2x to 2x times damage.
  • 20% increase of T-Energy damage against the player.
  • Chance for T-Energy to mutate enemies increased by 25%.
  • Max speed in the game quadrupled. The player isn't faster by default, but will benefit from more Run Speed +% gear. Enemies will move faster as well.
  • Enemy aggro range tripled.
  • Aggro range for white (much lower level than player) enemies doubled.
  • Boss aggro range increased by about 10%.
  • Range for clearing the fog of war on the map is tripled (results in more enemies).
  • Cooldown for healing potions is doubled.
  • Slightly lower chance to get runes.
  • Respawn rate remains vanilla (does not use lowered respawn rate from base EE).
  • Enemies gain greater damage from attributes.
  • Overall intensity of enemies increased by 25%.
  • Enemy weapon and spell damage and armor significantly increased (from about 40% on bronze to over 300% on Niobium).


Known Issues:

  • Not all properties of a Combat Art update dynamically in the CA tooltip text. This is a pre-existing issue in the vanilla game as well. However rest assured that all properties of Combat Arts should be clearly described in the CA description text and will appear (if applicable) in the Sigma bonus overview and/or character overview.
  • Sonic Vortex is missing the visual effect when mounted. No known solution.
  • Dragon's Wrath cannot go into a combo. No known solution.
  • If you find bugs, exploits, or other issues, don't forget to let me know so I can address them.


Thanks to:

  • desm for translating the mod to French.
  • Shadowflare85 for translating the mod to German.
  • KrystianCzach243r for translating the mod to Polish.
  • Nikoleagle and LordKomar for translating the mod to Russian.
  • Deivix for translating the mod to Spanish.
  • Pokolfajzat - for translating the mod to Hungarian.
  • Pesmontis for importing and adjusting several models.
  • dimitrius154 for doing programming work and other advice.
  • SX255 for making the new Deathly Spears icon.
  • Luthal for helping me work out how to handle summoned minions.
  • Caledor for ideas on adjusting balance, skill effects, and the interface.
  • Charon117 for making tools for cleaning & optimizing scripts.
  • Ysendra for making new Daemon textures.
  • Everyone who played the mod and posted feedback.
  • Llama for making his CM Patch Mod and showing me the way into modding Sacred 2 spells.


What's New in Version 2.4b   See changelog


2.4b Hotfix Update: Fixed bugged missing Inquisitor skills, also fixed a minor transparency issue with Astral Lord background art.

Main 2.4 ChangeLog:

 - The overall structure of the mod is changed so that there is only one CORE module (based on the old "Original Spells" version). Some changes from the old "Enhanced Spells" version are now carried over into the new CORE module.
 - The old "Enhanced Spells" is now called "Alternate Spells" and is a small, optional module that must be installed on top of the CORE. The "Alternate Spells" module cannot be used alone and will function only to add the new custom/swapped spells.
 - Hungarian translation by Pokolfajzat is now included (CORE module only).
 - Chinese and Italian localizations no longer officially supported due to lack of translations.
 - Blueprint.txt script optimized to avoid corruption when file is edited - replaced German characters which broke encoding format (if saved with certain text editors).
 - A few unique quest NPC's got unique appearances instead of being ice elemental clones: The Djinn, The Passive Water Elemental, The Air Elemental (Will-o'-Wisps quest).
 - Some unused High Elf and Human character designs were activated and assigned to various quest NPC's: Aaron King of Thieves, Varnar, Informant Harol, Commander Iskari, Officer Shabbovsky, Sentry Hicks.
 - Improved variation of male and female quest characters in Artamark. Now over 2 dozen different designs are used instead of the same 3 NPC's over and over.
 - "By Order of the Crown": "Lord of a Castle" NPC renamed to Baron Reikenstein.
 - Reward for completing "The Needy Water Elemental" changed to a rare-tier Relic of Frost (formerly normal-tier).
 - Reward for completing "The Earth Lord" quest is changed to a "Wol" Sigil (pure Physical Relic).
 - New Quest: "The Lightning Lord."  See Tizz'Agoz in the Ruins of Khatuz to begin. Rewards a Sacred Relic of the Arcane.
 - New Quest: "Elite Mounts." The elite mounts trader in the Jungle region now gives you a quest before he will begin trading with you, as a test of strength. Requires completing either "Unique Mounts" or "A Roof Over the Head" quests to unlock.
 - Commander Elsurion ("A Long Journey" and "Raiders") no longer gets attacked constantly by bandits.
 - "Panem en Circensis" (Shadow Path arena quest) now grants 1 skill and 1 attribute point as reward.
 - All quests which grant skill and attribute points are no longer repeatable per difficulty in Multiplayer, to prevent abuse. Total list: Ancaria Airlines, Feed the Poor, 7 Days of Rainy Weather, Survivors, Panem en Circensis.

 - Item modifier: "Detrimental Magic Effects -X%" is renamed to "Debuff Duration -X%" to more accurately describe what it does.
 - Unlockable bonus on "Enhance" Blacksmith art changed from "Hitpoint Regeneration" to "Spell Intensity +X%".
 - Unlockable bonus values on "Whet" and "Anneal" Blacksmith arts reduced in intensity (now at about 75% former values).
 - Unlockable DOT Damage Mitigation on Recovery Elixirs are combined into a single bonus (effect is unchanged).
 - Significantly increased the power of item modifiers: "Chance to Banish Undead +X%" and "Energy Shield Absorption (Opponent) -X%".
 - The Hafted Weapons Lore-unlockable bonus "Fire Damage vs. Undead" is changed to "Damage vs. Undead" (affecting all damage types).
 - All unique/set/legendary weapons that had "Opponent's Armor: Physical -X%" are changed to use "Opponent's Armor -X%" (affecting all damage types).
 - New item: "Ogre Knuckle," physical-based damage converter with magic/rare/unique variants. These have a tendency to drop from Orc-type enemies and can also be bought at Blacksmiths.
 - Dryad set "Leaves and Twigs": Spell Resistance +% set bonus is now the correct one (values are much higher).
 - Base modifiers on Throwing Stone weapon class changed to: Chance to Bypass Armor (unlocked by Ranged Weapons skill), Chance for Open Wounds, and Attack Speed.
 - Sigils (CM patch relics) minimum drop level increased from 10 to 30. They are now tier 14 drops (slightly more rare).
 - Potion drop rate is moderately reduced for low-level trash mobs. Merchant stock is unchanged.
 - Inquisitor bonuses no longer appear on bows, since he can't use them.
 - Temple Guardian bonuses no longer appear on pole arms, since he can't use them.
 - Fixed a vanilla scripting bug whereby hundreds of opponents had broken skills (Tactics Lore, Armor Lore, and Aspect Lores were most common).
 - Ensured all bossses have boss-level (top tier) drop chances and XP.
 - The Carnach now has increased movement speed, vitality, chance for critical hits, and chance to burn. Its melee attacks have further reach and inflict additional magic damage. It has also learned the Pole Arms skill, which will increase its attack speed and attack value.
 - Reworked the resistances and spells of each Elemental Lord. Each now has a significant vulnerability to a single element, corresponding to the armor displayed on their health bar. Physical mitigation is also reduced for all except the Earth Lord. In return they each have more crowd control resistance. They now each have new custom spells.
 - There is now a fifth Elemental Lord, attuned to magic damage: The Lightning Lord, with associated quest in Hissil'Ta. Fen Fires now spawn in his vicinity.
 - All Bat-type enemies are smaller and faster, with increased evade chance and life leeched per hit. Base physical damage slightly reduced to compensate.
 - The chain lightning spell used by Furies and other enemies no longer strips player buffs. Instead it penalizes combat art regeneration for 4 seconds.
 - The frost ring spell FX used by Ogres and other enemies no longer has a negative impact on performance. Accordingly, this FX has been restored to Shelob's "Frosty Lair" spell.
 - Mounted enemies should no longer explode when they are killed.
 - Small red dragons are now vulnerable to ice damage instead of physical (vanilla script fix).
 - Texture tweaks to Raging Boar (no more fur shader on tusks and eyes).
 - Removed Hard Hit attack for Gronkor (was missing an animation, causing him to not attack) - replaced with the "Blind" debuff spell. Also added his missing running animation - he should no longer glide across the ground.
 - Grurag and Ore-Thag Orc Archers no longer equipped with incorrect Ogre weapons.
 - All Orc Archers/Hunters will now use (and prefer) their bows instead of always using melee weapons.
 - Lupus Coldhand and Ogan Kandimiro (Orc Masters of the Hunt) have increased damage, hit chance, resistances, and XP per kill. They are now equipped with weapons and will use their special attacks.
 - Blackhammer is now more powerful and is equipped with a weapon. He also has the black hair Ascaron designed for him instead of generic NPC hair.
 - Reduced melee damage of Demons (Wastelands and Arena in the Clouds).
 - Increased hitpoints of Black Seraphim.
 - Haenir has increased stats and also knows the Hafted Weapons and Shield Lore skills now.
 - Deranged Earth Elementals ("A Growing Danger") are now elite-class. The 2 "mature" ones are now T-Mutated Elementals, in keeping with the quest lore.
 - Fen Fires in Facetelleon cave are replaced with Lithos enemies.
 - The deepest levels of the Schlun'Zum caves (lair of Thranak and Ice Lord) are now filled with T-Mutants and Ice Elementals instead of Kobolds and Wolves.
 - Mutated Kobolds are no longer equipped with weapons/shields they can't use (equipment was appearing at their feet & clipping into the ground).
 - Mutated Scarabs are no longer missing portraits in the "Last Opponent" window.
 - Kobold Ghosts on Christmas Island are now the four "Christmas" varieties instead of a generic Kobold.
 - Reduced movement speed of Gar'Colossus back closer to vanilla values.
[Spells General]
 - All Combat Art icons and Aspect backgrounds have new artwork (can be restored to vanilla with optional module).
 - Improved combat AI for all summoned minions. They should now attack consistently, with minimal time spent "deciding" what to do.
 - All buff-summoned minions except Nether Allegiance are now mortal (will die instead of "fainting" when killed). Accordingly, they have increased evade chance, spell resistance, damage mitigation, and DOT resistance.
 - Divine Gift: Sakkara - Increased the Sakkara Demon's strength, intelligence, movement speed, attack speed, and chance to hit. Its melee attacks have further reach, increased damage, chance for critical hits, chance to burn, and can strike multiple opponents at once. The Sakkara Demon no longer turns against the player when the duration expires. Instead, it self-destructs in a fiery explosion that damages enemies.
 - All temp buffs now have the extended durations and related changes from the old "Enhanced Spells" version. This includes: Dashing Alacrity, Divine Protection, Frenetic Fervor, Zealous Doppelganger, Dislodged Spirit, Paralyzing Dread, Cascading Shroud, Rousing Command, Killing Spree, Dust Devil, Goldenglade Touch, Acute Mind, Combat Alert, Combat Trance.
 - Baneful Smite: Innate 2% Magic Damage per level changed to 5% Total Damage per level. Gold mod "Chain" can now chain to up to 5 opponents.
 - Flaring Nova: Magic damage increased to be equal to the physical damage.
 - Fire Demon: Slightly lowered the level bonus to the Demon's combat arts. Adjusted the Demon's model and animations to prevent its fireball from crashing into the terrain. The Demon now also casts a version of Eternal Fire.
 - Cobalt Strike: "Chain Reaction" mods can now each chain to up to 3 opponents.
 - Grim Resilience: Silver mod “Readiness” (defense) replaced with “Guard” (reduction of secondary damage effects).
 - Augmenting Guidon: Range now scales with level. Gold mod “Fear” was debuffing the player instead of opponents, therefore is replaced with “Aegis” (debuff duration reduction).
 - Nether Allegiance: Gold mod “Balm” (hitpoint regeneration) replaced with “Legion” (summons +1 skeletal minion).
 - Ravaged Impact: Bronze mod "Perforate" effect changed from Open Wounds to Deep Wounds.
 - Deathly Spears: Can now strike multiple times by default. Number of jabs per cast scales more quickly. Gold mod “Jab” (extra strikes) changed to “Impale” (chance for deep wounds).
 - Furious Emblazer: Duration increased from 2.3s to 2.5s. Hits per second increased from 1.5/s to 2.0/s. Slightly increased fire damage of “Accelerant” bronze mod. “Intensify” gold mod now increases hits per second by 1.0/s.
 - Archimedes Beam: Base damage increased (including bronze mod “Bundle”). Hits per second now scales.
 - Dragon Berserk: The two “Frenzy” mods (duration per hit) are replaced with “Scales” (armor %) and “Fury” (damage %).
 - Familiar: Now uses the correct creature model.
 - Protector: Now summons 2 Protectors by default. "Familiar" gold mod that summoned an extra Protector is replaced with “Master” which lowers the buff’s regeneration penalty. Summoning VFX now appears where the Protector emerges from the ground, rather than at the Dragon Mage's feet (bug was only present in Original Spells version).
[Alternate Spells Module Only]
 - Divine Gift cooldowns standardized at 900s (up from 750s).
 - Sublime Guardian: All 3 forms now each wear different armor sets. Gold mod "Guardian's Wrath" now gives the Guardian a lightning attack instead of a fire bolt.
 - Battle Daemon: All 3 forms now each have different un-summoning FX.
 - Augmenting Guidon: Silver mod "Tutor" restored, “Aegis” (debuff duration reduction) is moved to replace gold mod "Fear" instead.
 - Venomous Entrapment: Spell is changed into a close-range poison nova that can root opponents. Modifications remain the same.
 - Positronic Overload: SFX is no longer so noisy and overly long.
 - Sentinel Construct: Now uses a special T-energy blade. 

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Have you clicked on "download anyway"? Google Drive insists that you double check on the download.

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4 hours ago, Androdion said:

Have you clicked on "download anyway"? Google Drive insists that you double check on the download.

Yes I have. But nothing happens after that.

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4 hours ago, Flix said:

Try a different web browser

Thank you, that worked. :JC_hurrah:

I used Opera.

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