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About This File

Veteran Mod is balance modification for Sacred 1 v2.28 (I don't know why noone uploaded this before).

1. Greatly increased health of all enemies and expirience gained from them (around 6 times). 
2. All dragons, Anducar and Forest God greatly strengtened (especially health and resistances).

Installing: Put all files in game folder. For playing with Veteran Mod just run "veteranmod.cmd" - it replace original balance files with modified balance files and then start game. Don't close "veteranmod.cmd" because after exit game it return back original balance files and then closes on its own.
For playing original Sacred just run Sacred.exe as ususally.

Veteran Mod creators: Thorium and Ufo (and maybe someone else, I don't know :D)
Source: http://www.sacredvault.org/forum/index.php?action=tpmod;dl=item42

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