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About This File

This zip file is only the scripts folder mod, with that said you should always save your original script folder to a different place for back-up. Well this is my re-mastered pet mod for Sacred2 Fallen Angel VERSION 2.12, the original off the Windows Game Box. as deepsilver is not entertaining updates querying the Ascaron.net hook that this game has. The download at some point in the near future? but just trust me my pets; they do attack, and if you do a spell attack they will come running, the balance .txt file is also modified so you get Godly gear; probly enuff for a full suit after you complete the 1st quest, & it is a mod where 1 gp.> in a broken barrel is worth something at the store, but you also find better than the store pik-ups on the way. I have  my resolution set at 4k= 3840 X 2160, in options on my p.c. = loox Awesome! Make sure if you are running windows later versions that you set your game shortcut compatibility mode to windows Vista SP2 for this mod; actually all future mod.s  for this game for windows should all be compatibility mode set for windows Vista SP2. As this was the ERA that this game was Originally made. All of my pets are all T-energy based creature I.D.s  from the in game creatures.txt T-energy pool of pets; that you spring up from the polluted T-energy Earth. I like to wait a lil bit for pets to load-up but if you / or they get stuck,  ; or Doppleganger spawns to many, then poof your ability buffs button; click on the little circle, on the lower right side to explode your minions/pets & re-new?>!... Enjoy.