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Heraldry - Flag of the High Elves 1.0.0

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About This File


Aesthetic texture with the heraldry of high elf soldiers for the golden skin set of "Iron".

For those who are wondering what is worth editing a weak set? This set has become a golden level 2 set and with more golden slots, with the game editors. It is at the level of any single set. If you increase the odds of selling a rare object with the sellers, you can find better yellow objects and then make the conversion with the editors of the game.



Copy the mq folder to the path C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Deep Silver \ Sacred 2 Gold Edition \ pak



In the images you can see some builds, which do not correspond to a single set. They are armor that I like and sometimes a combination of several. But it's not a problem, if you download the Sacred 2 Item editor, you can transform the objects you want as unique.

Steps to use the Item Editor, the change you must do with the active game, that is, you must be in the main menu, minimize the window (I recommend using window mode, it is easier without having to minimize) and run the Item editor:


1. Put the objects you want to transform into the shared chest. Please, position them in an order so that you know which item you are going to modify, the item editor, does not show thumbnail image.

2. Open the editor and select the object. Make the changes you want.


With the editor you can get the itemID of each object. Do you know what? to change the attributes you want. Ah! but it's not so easy, you should know that weird number corresponds to each skill. But! Do not worry, I've already traveled part of the way for you:

Some attribute of objects:

You can not repeat the attributes, if there is already a 751 gold slot, you can add the other two slots of gold. If you have silver slots, replace them with gold slots. Very important, know the item you are going to edit so you know which position corresponds to each number and thus change it without generating any problem.

For each type of object, there are 4 or 5 of its type, that is, the same with different attributes, obviously. So when looking for an object in specific, you will see that the same item ID, will show you several depending on the part of the armor. Do not worry, change what you want, but correctly.


Use Notepad ++ to open blueprint.txt

bonusgroup2 = {749,1000,10,9,0}, - Bronze Slot
bonusgroup3 = {751,1000,10,9,0}, - Silver Slot
bonusgroup4 = {857,1000,10,9,0}, - Silver Slot
bonusgroup4 = {750,1000,10,9,0}, - Silver Slot
bonusgroup3 = {750,1200,10,9,0}, - sb_neut_slot_silver1
bonusgroup2 = {858,1000,10,9,0}, - sb_neut_slot_silver3
bonusgroup4 = {751,1000,10,9,0}, - gold Slot
bonusgroup3 = {859,1000,10,9,0}, - sb_neut_slot_gold2
bonusgroup4 = {860,1000,10,9,0}, - sb_neut_slot_gold3

bonusgroup1 = {29,1300,10,9,0}, - Physical Damage%
bonusgroup2 = {20,1350,10,9,0}, - Attack Speed
bonusgroup4 = {767,1400,10,9,0}, - Critical Hits
bonusgroup1 = {543,1200,10,9,0}, - Enemy can not evade
bonusgroup3 = {893,1300,10,9,0}, - Opponents Defense

If you did everything correctly, you will have transformed that sword or armor that you wanted in an even legendary item.

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