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    Hello to all here and I wish to thank all here at Dark Matters for making this site be possible. I like and love Sacred 2 so much that I have it for my PS3, my XBOX 36O and Sacred 2 Gold via GOG. Anyway, I like the character of the Temple Guardian and his backstory and indeed the detailed history of the Temple Guardians as told through the Temple Guardian's own personal quests and the information provided at the original location of The Hub, where at the end pillar a Temple Guardian tells you why they had to move the hub, etc. What really intrigues me is the location of the half sunken temple past the save pedestal where there is a merchant, a rune master and a blacksmith and it's before you enter the main Temple that takes you to the Great Machine. I'll include a screen shot of the location when I reach there on my PC version of the game, but hopefully some of you will now know where I mean, in simple terms it's where the last but one merchant is, top far end of the Waste Lands, you can't miss it, there. If you go to where the save pedestal is and look to your left, you wills see a half sunken temple/dungeon area that cannot be reached and obviously, it's not. But what if it were, what would it look like. Sadly I am not blessed to have the same exact textures as used in the dungeon level of the Great Machine. But I did my best to get as near match, though not exact, so please bare that in mind before commenting please on a dungeon level design that I made using SketchUp. Model Link: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/682cace2-0bde-4acc-9880-1a51ad416885/Sacred-2-Sacred-Hall-Of-The-Temple-Guardian-Chambers It's best vied in 3D if you like the design, please let me know and please be gentle, I'm not a pro expert model maker, just someone that loves to make 3D models. And if you really like it and are interested, I can post here for you all the link to the second level design to this first one. I like my 1st design so much that I decided to make a second one of which the first dungeon level design leads to.
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    Welcome to the games that keeps you hooked for the rest of your live. And of course, welcome to our group of dedicated fans. If there's something you'd like to know, there's most likely a guide for it. And if there isn't we'll write you one. Just ask and we deliver (not me, coz I never played anything but Dwarves, seraphim's and Gladiators in Sacred Gold). Thorin
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    You can get past the windows 10 "issue" very easily... even I could manage and I just about know the teensiest bit about all that jazz...
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    My OS is Windows 10 and I have no issues playing Sacred 2, whatsoever. We are, as a community, here to assist with troubleshooting should the need arise. Welcome to our little internet haven, Autopsy181!
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    Item Update for v12 Random rare Energy Weapons, Energy Pistols, and Lightsabers have overhauled bonuses and no longer spawn with bonuses to classes that can't use them. Increased base damage of some Unique and Legendary weapons where the damage was falling behind that of comparable items. Moderately increased Legendary drop rate. Infinite Revenge set: Chestplate of Fury renamed to Crown of Fury because it is a helm. Hunting Knife (quest reward for killing the Giant Boar) is now the special magic item that Ascaron designed instead of a junk-quality dagger. Gold modifier "Life Leeched per Hit" replaced with the yellow-text variant on all items. The former bonus was ironically much less powerful. This means many items have greater Life Leech now. Redesigned icons for greater potions so they're larger and more distinguishable at a glance. Rune drops in starting chest and Runemaster quest are spread out more evenly across all three aspects for each character. Runes in aspect: Poison & Bone now give Life Leeched per Hit as secondary bonus. Runes in aspect: Dark Summons now give Spell Resistance % as secondary bonus. Runes in aspect: Berserk Combat now give Wounds Increase Damage Dealt as secondary bonus. Runes in aspect: Huntress Talents now give Life Leeched per Hit as secondary bonus. Runes in aspect: Storm Combat now give Armor % as secondary bonus. The rune changes are because the "nature" of the new aspects is a bit different than vanilla for many characters. I want socketing runes to still be valid and useful for building characters, and the secondary modifiers go a long way towards that. Also, in addition to the one starting CA each character gets, each will now get 1 rune from each aspect in the start chest, one of which will always be a buff. Completing the RuneMaster grants 2 more runes from the other two aspects, so all aspects are equally represented early on. Because of how small icons are resized, the greater potion icons ended up being smaller than the medium ones. I fixed that and made big fat icons for great potions so they stand out. The new Hunting Knife isn't anything fancy but it was made by the developers and it will definitely come in more useful to a low level character than a junk dagger.
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    Wow! that looks soo cool. I can't even think of how to begin doing something like that... better I stay in the kitchen with my ice cream machine, mixers and blenders...
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    Five 30 am in the morning here, and just loving this great history of your interest and pathing through this game. Great satisfaction. As year after year goes by, I am always so happy with how much this game offers to fans that just distil even more beautiful craft to share with the community. I'm not a designer, but love and respect your effort and imagination. Welcome to DarkMatters! gogo
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    That is very, very cool. It's a shame we can't add maps and levels to the game through mod, you would make an excellent dungeon maker!
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    Hey guys! We have a forum that seems to be BLAZING fast this morning for those of you who are able to get to the site after our hosts did work on our DNS. Pages should be loading faster, your posts, quips and support topics and awesome uploads as well... Yeee Haw! I love this extra speed, as I had been noticing that lately when I made a post it would take some time before the actual post made it to the forum Lookis like the issues are getting solved, and were in having some buttery smooth operationness this morning..post if you have problems please! here the notes that I posted at Steam and Facebook during the downtime last night
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    Welcome. Looking forward to see what you cook up. Need any tips or direction, just ask.
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    I'll need to wait until a moderator reads your post, and then ask him/her to add your account to SacredWiki. Once you have done that, you'll be able to access the wiki, edit the articles and change your password. Also, welcome to DarkMatters!
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    Upcoming Druid changes in v12 Very little is changing for the Druid in v12. He may be the character who is most fully transformed into his D2 counterpart. The Druid has been lavished with a lot of attention since the very beginning of the mod, thanks in large part to Silver Fox's work on the character. Thanks to him we have lots of Druid gear, as well as a rewritten class quest, although it's not quite as long as those of the other characters, it has a lot of story and lore packed into it. I finally added something of an "ending" to it, through a final dialogue with Mer-Kil. The Druid's quest has a lot of departures from the original Dragon Mage quest, due to how different the characters are, but the structure is the same. Class quest "Dratted Little Beasts" now drops Stormcrow's Hat as reward. This quest was made Dragon Mage specific in the CM Patch, and is even more appropriate for the Druid, being about harnessing storms through prayers to Fiacla-Géar, the patron god of the Druids. The reward is now a Druid-specific hat that Silver Fox made, Stormcrow's Hat. Class quest "And the Next..." now drops Aldur's Advance as reward (after talking with Elder Druid Áillen). This is about the midway point of the chain quest, and an appropriate place for a Druid-specific reward in the form of some set boots, gifted to you by your would-be mentor.
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    Delta, I haven't played any of the Sacred games until a few days ago. From my research and passion for D2, it led me to Sacred Gold. I def want to play Sacred 2 but from the reviews on Steam and Google it seems that it doesn't like Windows 10. That was one of the main contributors for choosing 1 over 2 along with it being the second and not the first lol. V/r Evan
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    Welcome to DarkMatters. I hope you have as many happy years on here as I have had... Have you tried Sacred 2?
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    I was told by daughters that they have a name: Zoodles, zucchini noodles ;) Our spiralizer for zoodles is as simple as possible: manually not electric, no nasty cables, better control and less time to place the machine. few parts = quick cleaning, less room for storage needed And it was cheap, bought it for like 8 Euro on Ebay. It isn't for big vegs like cabbage. (For them I use my professional wood working machine ;). But for zucchini, carrots it is really nice and quick.
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    Thanks man! I'm working on the definitive, "final" version of the mod right now, so let me know if there's any bugs or if anything just feels "off." Been playing the mod the past few weeks and I can say the new monsters I added hit a little too hard and soak up a bit too much damage, they will be better balanced in the upcoming version.
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    I did have a laptop, and there's no way I could have run it. I game on my desktop now, and it runs just fine and dandy. All I know about my desktop is it's got an i5-2400 processor and a GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card. Some of my customers scoff, "blah blah old and outdated blah blah", but I can run both Sacred games, Doom, Killsquad, Fallout 4, and a few others just fine. I also hear "you gotta upgrade. Blah blah Windows 10, blah blah such and such and such cpu, graphics card blah blah". Why upgrade, to join the " (╯︵╰) I can't run Sacred 2 anymore" crowd? Bonk, wrong answer. If it's not broke, don't fix it
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    Awesome seeing you here on the boards, NibKing! As posted by Mare, we can give you wiki Access so that you can edit the info for the fans! I've sent you a pm as well Thanks for coming to the Sacred 2 community! gogo
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    I was so excited for this one. I can't believe I uninstalled Sacred 2 for it. I uninstall Sacred because it's so easy to install and uninstall; if I uninstall Fallout 4, I have like 90some mods I have to reinstall. Anyway, I liked this game. But today, I was looking at the dev diary, and saw this : Novarama [developer] 37 minutes ago Explaining? Who needs explaining? Where we're going we don't need a damn explanation! BlackjackGT 1 hour ago Love it. Though I wish you guys would put a concise 1-sentence explanation of Vector on the inventory screen so every newbie wouldn't have to spend so much time trying to understand the most important concept in Killsquad. That is a crap-poor attitude to have. Let's say you came into my store and said "Ryan, I don't get it: there are purple stones over here and purple stones over there, but these are called 'amethysts' and those are 'fluorite'. But they look almost identical! So, besides the price tag, what's the difference?" I think that's a valid question. So, you ask "what's the difference", and I respond with "Explain what? You don't need a damn explanation; those over there are fluorite, and the other ones are amethyst", isn't that kind of douchey? Maybe I'm getting more sensitive as I get older, but when a customer asks for an explanation, the salesman saying "you don't need an explanation" is in poor form, it's a buttmunch move. It's too late to refund, but I'm not endorsing this one. I'll tell ya something else, it is hard to find..... I hate using this term, but I already wrote a whole wall of stuff..... Diablo clone, these days. I'm tremendously disappointed with how Wolcen is turning out, I was never really impressed with Last Epoch. And I can't find much else. Is LifeLeech still in production? Because it is not empty, patronizing b.s when I say that I think the market sincerely needs it.
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    I remember that Dungeon Master was the first game where I put headphones on. The game had stereo sound and you could hear enemies before seeing them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dungeon_Master_(video_game)
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    The Place where Baba Yaga lived terrified me as child...it could run fastt gogo
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    Upcoming Barbarian Changes in D2F v12 The Barbarian has been another very stable character in this mod, aside from some hiccups with Whirlwind, the changes have been mostly aesthetic. Like the Shadow Warrior, he is the premiere melee character, and probably the easiest character to get into for a newcomer. The only changes in v12 are to his personal quests and some new quest rewards. Howl: Enemy regeneration penalty removed because this modifier is non-functioning against NPC's. Not really a change, since it never worked, but I removed mention of it from the tooltip and removed the non-functioning line of code. Class quest "Brothers in Arms" now drops Stormrider as reward instead of a random amulet. This standalone side quest has the Barbarian meet a former comrade in arms and then help him rescue his daughter. I fleshed out this quest by having the two reminisce about their fighting days, and by having the quest giver reward the Barbarian with his old battle-axe, which he'd kept all this time. Class quest "Orcish Necromancers" now drops Orcslayer as reward. This about the midway point of the chain quest, so it seemed appropriate to give a class-specific reward that was also somewhat story-related. More about the Barbarian class quest: I'm truly amazed how LONG this class quest is. Aside from the main campaign, the Shadow Warrior's chain quest might be the longest and most involved in the game. This makes the character by far the most developed of the bunch. I took the opportunity of having such a wealth of dialogues and journal entries to really flesh out all the characters and lore, and also to clarify (and in some cases simplify) what was an occasionally convoluted plot. You will also find a few redesigned NPC's and quest items. In v12 I made the leap of converting the Thraconians to Barbarians. It was such a near-match already I don't know why I haven't done it sooner. I can't change the opening cutscene however, and that is one of the Barbarian player being resurrected by Necromancers. So although the character's identity as a former Barbarian raider is now pervasive throughout the quest, it is still the same story at its core - the character has to deal with being brought back from the dead. So it's a combination of remembering who he was and also figuring out what his new place in the world is. This means the lore of Necromancers ends up being explored really heavily in this quest. There are also some ties into the Paladin's class quest (the Dark Seraphim being a product of the same black magic), and some juicy history of the Sin War that I've worked into the game.
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    Version 1.1.0


    Fallen Angel Main Menu This mod replaces the Ice & Blood menu screen with the original one used in Fallen Angel. It can be used with any game version or any combination of mods and patches. Obviously you won't need this if you are still playing original Fallen Angel. This mod is meant to be installed with the Generic Mod Enabler, available at http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/Generic-Mod-Enabler.shtml Extract the contents of the Fallen Angel Main Menu zip file into the MODS folder created in the Sacred 2 root folder, after installing the Generic Mod Enabler there. You can use the mod enabler to enable/disable the Fallen Angel menu as you wish.
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    No problem, just convert the sword from this model: http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/kain-77272.html .. or DL here (for Sacred 2): https://onedrive.live.com/?id=C74367DE5EF781A2%21854&cid=C74367DE5EF781A2