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    Alright boss, it's ready. Give it a try and if it looks ok I'll upload to our Downloads section. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BVu0E2c8JcejAdlybtnBatm_DgCUz3oa/view?usp=sharing Let's do it by the books and install it using the generic mod enabler as described in the ReadMe file. If you want to be extra careful you can back up your character files first but it shouldn't mess with anything.
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    Greetings and welcome zogar85, let me assure you it's never too late to play a game like Sacred. Just give it some time and you'll see why old-school rocks! You see, Sacred doesn't have a straight forward DPS based damage system. Instead it breaks things down into a base damage (basic attack, left-click) and a special attack damage (Combat Arts/Spells, right click) and provide hundreds of ways to buff/multiply those. While the basic attack is important it's the special ones you want to learn more about as they have their own attack speed, regen time, quirks and synergies and can take your damage to astronomical values. For pure spell casting characters the basic left-click attack doesn't even matter. Which weapon/armor is better? Veteran players can choose just by looking but you might need to equip them to see the stat changes. Don't worry, it's only a part of the learning process. For starters, gears with more socket, better buffs (life-leech, crit, to all CA/spells, to all resistance) are better even if the damage/resistance numbers seem lower. Also, for weapons elemental damage (I.e. fire,poison) is more potent than physical - again, even if they are lower in number. Later you'd know which one is better suited to your need and play-style just by looking. Personally, Seraphim and Dwarf are the only toons I've never played with but I'm sure other, more experienced members have lots of pointers for you and some great builds can be find on the character guides/builds section. So, endure and enjoy
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    Flix, you da man!! These blades are awesome - love 'em! Thanks you so very much! This is just about the only thing seraphim lacked, up to now. Man, she's kicking some butt! I* became a supporting member because of this. (Well, I was hemmin and hawing about it for a while now and these blades got me off my butt to do it. he, he
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    That looks just amazing Flix!
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    Thanks a lot mate. That worked. This was also helpful if its of any use.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Rotating Blades of Light Mod -- by Flix Overview =================================== This mod imports the Sacred 1 spell Rotating Blades of Light into Sacred 2 for the Seraphim to use. This mod should be used with Sacred 2 Gold + latest Community Patch 1.60. It may or may not work on earlier versions of the game. This mod will not be compatible with any other mod that changes spells.txt or global.res (the game texts file). Install Instructions =================================== Download the Generic Mod Enabler (GME) and install it to your Sacred 2 root folder. Mod Enabler is available at http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/Generic-Mod-Enabler.shtml For Steam the root folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sacred 2 Gold For GOG or disk version, the root folder is wherever you installed the game, for example C:\Sacred 2 Gold After running the GME once, it will make a folder called "MODS" there. Extract/copy/move the contents of the zip file into the "MODS" folder. There should be a folder called "Rotating Blades of Light". Run the GME and enable the mod. The GME will back up your clean files and will allow to you to easily enable/disable the mod as you wish.
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    And...I'm coming off a run off the mountain up the street from me... St Josephe's oratory is awesome for us as it has those incredible stairs, views and run challenges...here's the view as we come out of the church and look out before descending the mountain: gogo
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    Yeah, it's a world of difference when you get to that point. Try using regen per hit with weapon-based CAs.
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    Flix, you've done it again!
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    Tyr-Hadar is an excellent place for hunting no doubt but it's huge and can be tricky for new players. The woods around Timberton, as I said earlier is small enough for quick round-ups with good density of Orc-champs and less of a chance of being overwhelmed. Also it's readily available and has a portal nearby to boot. IIRC, you need to advance to a certain stage (siege of Mascarell, is it?) in the main quest to get access to Tyr-Hadar area. As for the rings, I put those on as well as infuse into equipment. As the OP mentioned, most of my toons are w/o trade and I really had a hard time acquiring decent jewelries until I came across the ghost-cave!
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    Also, check our SacredWiki for more infos about enemies' damage and resistance values!!!
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    If you only want to shut down the adblock: 1.Open up your Firefox browser. 2.Click on Tools and then select Add-ons. 3.Click Extensions from the left-hand pane. 4.Find Adblock on the list of extensions. 5.Select Disable to temporarily disable AdBlock. If you want to fix the issues you're encountering, ask the support of mozilla. PS. welcome to DarkMatters, Robertleo
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    Hello there Zogar, welcome to DarkMatters. If you want to know what is the damage of a weapon, you need first to know which is the best damage for your enemies: some enemies are weaker againist fire, others can be weaker againist poison etc. You need to choose a weapon which does the right damge for your enemies. Also, you can look at your character's menu, just under the skills and attributes list. You'll see the amount of damge you deal, and the amount of damage you take. For any build, check out the "guides and builds" section on this furom. Remember that the best ways to make a build are two: 1. upgrading the one in which your character is already good: for example, to raise the magic skills to a battle mage. 2. trying to balance the character by enhancing his worst skills: for example, increasing the magical abilities of a gladiator. Good luck !!!!
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    Think im gonna ask for the pizza to be well-done next time...here that means that they run it through 1.5 times in the chain link oven... I like bacon but I really prefer its super crisp on the pizza...if its chewy borderline soft, I get the "oogies" gogo
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    Nearest town for me is Dillenburg: William of Orange was born there. He was the leader of the dutch rebellion against the spain. Even the old picture from 1664 shows the today problems. The old town parts are too narrow and so the supermarkets are outside. And this is how the old town looked at morning between two rains. In summer it is full of tourists from the Netherlands.
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    It looks awesome indeed, but why six enhancements? I didn't even know that you could have more than the usual three.
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    Go to the runemaster and use 4 runes to get specific runes - dwarven steel and dwarven armour. You don't really need to worry about regen on those in comparison to others. Might cost a bit of gold though. You could also use 4 runes and swap them to get specific runes for other classes. Keep them in the shared chest. Comes in handy for classes you might play later where you wanna pump up CA - e.g ghost meadow, infernal power, heroic courage, testosterone, etc P.S - trading at 150 for a level 67 character is pretty neat.
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    There were many disabled character lines that were reenabled in the CM Patch. Lines for all characters when accepting new quests is one of them. The Dragon Mage also had several restored lines when approaching campaign bosses.
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    Don't forget the woods around Timberton - area is rich with Orc champs and small enough for quick round-ups. Good place to take a break for the MQ and get a few nice items while there. When I get bored of desert orcs I end up here to rumble with the immigrants . Playing a level.42 WE atm and found at least 4 set items, even with very modest MF. For me, an even bigger challenge lies in acquiring quality rings/amulets, especially for a character without trading. The only way about is to go ghostbusting and the best place to do that would be the famous "ghost cave" near Highmarsh, south of the river IIRC. I've found couple of useful pieces from the ephemeral residents of the numerous haunted mansions/basements throughout Ancaria but that cave is just epic!
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    Cool... And I mean mean both meanings of the word. Hot dog, burger, steak are all eaten warm. Mett has just the right temperature (not too cold) to get the taste which is enforced by its fat. Fat is needed for some aroma to be carried. It lacks the taste of roasting or smoking which is actually good for a food eaten cool. Controlled raw is not necessary more dangerous. Smoking, roasting give a taste because of burned stuff, be it the wood or the hide and it is considered to may cause cancer. If you eat too much of it. So there is one thing left. What will your stomach do with raw pork? There are some studies which say that people who grew up in an area with a history of milk producing have far less lactose intolerance and same studies say that this may be valid for raw pork too. On the other hand: Eating mik products is just 6000 years old, raw meat is in our genes for million years. Raw pork is nearly totally made into its amino acids in the stomach. It are the vegs which need bacteria to digest them. So if you eat too much Mett you may get a hungry or even hurting pain in your belly. It is because your colon has nothing to do and may be empty. So you should give your colon some work too. I like bread roles with some seed and made from not so fine flour . Some onions and caraway on the Mett, salt and pepper,... Taste Good meat recipes say you should not overdo the heating so the taste giving amino acids are not broken apart. Mett gets no heat at all so it keeps the full taste of the flesh liquid (whats the word?) which is inside a crispy hide at roasting or BBQ. And no... We don't eat it every day. I like it as a snack at parties or events. The perhaps crazy thing is: I like it at parties in hot summer when it is the most dangerous to eat. But people are used to it. As soon as a plate with Mett leaves the kitchen people take and eat it right away. The people responsible for it don't leave Mett too long on the tables. Same is for buying it. I don't buy it in summer if I have no cool box in the car. We live too much outside to have it uncooled in the car.
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    As said, screenshots of my current build: And to end the confusion: This character is currently in SILVER, not Platinum. Thorin
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    Here is an early Christmas present to get you into the holiday spirit. This has always been one of my favorite songs to play on guitar.
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    Bravo, it's magnificent! This is proof that sometimes it's most important to forget "trying to be technically flawless" and just play the music. Be the inspired conduit and let the piece be the source that speaks through you.
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    Trying another Irish ballad. Still working on trying to get that pristine audio quality - definitely a work in progress.
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    A long time ago, but not in a galaxy far, far away, I used to play a game called Patrician III, made by Ascaron. Because of that game, I became a member of the Ascaron International Forum and learned of an ongoing project called "Sacred". At first glance, I wasn't a fan of the game. I'd tried RPG's before but never really liked them; however, what I saw looked good and somehow the environment as well as the few things of the storyline looked interesting. So, when the demo was released - a few days prior to the release of the game, if I remember it correctly - I decided to download the demo and give it a try. if I didn't like it, I can delete it, if I did, I could give the game a go. Well, the rest is; as they say; history. My first attempt was the Seraphim as I liked her looks (after all, MMORPG means "Many Men Online Role Playing Girls") and the idea of combining magic with the use of weapons. However, her start was quite hard due to her location and after a few deaths I was about to give up on the game. Still, I decided to give the Gladiator a go as well, since he was the other "main" character of the game. He too died in his first fight, but by now I began to understand the mechanics, so a new attempt kept him alive. After that, the next fight was a bit easier, escaping from the arena a piece of cake and off to explore I went. With a better understanding of the mechanics, it became easier to face and kill the amount of goblins you encounter. Crossing a brook into another part of the first area was a piece of cake and soon other enemies were lying in the dirt, playing dead as well. Not much longer I began to realise that a blue item was better as a white one, a yellow better as a blue and that extra bonus at those weapons often had a positive effect of what you do. I also learned the hard way that it wasn't a good idea to eat too many runes, since regen time went up a lot faster as the damage modifiers did. So off I went, from Bellevue to the area around it, then accross the bridge to Silvercreek and beyond all the way into the first area. I learned lots of interesting things, exchanged info with some members of a Patrician III board I had joined and of whom I knew they were trying the demo as well, learned even more and realized I had begun to like that demo. In fact, I liked it that much I'd decided to actually buy the game. And so I did the first weekend after the release. And only then because of work making it hard for me to buy it at release, otherwise I'd had it a couple of days earlier. I played if for a couple of days in SP to get a better feeling of the game, the controls and the atmosphere - which is still an important thing to me - and at some point joined some ppl of that Patrician board to do an MP game. We had our fun, but for some of them the game wasn't what they thought it would be, so they bailed out. I decided to keep playing and because of knowing it would be more fun with a community as at a private server, decided to join the Sacred MP community. SC was my first attempt, it was nice, but somehow after reading so many comments at the SIF - or Sacred International Forum - decided that HC would be more challenging and certainly more fun. Or perhaps it was more fun and certainly more challenging? Well, fun it was indeed. I still remember the wolves showing torches at nightfall. I still remember how players died, decided to run to Porto Vallum before logging off and ending up with creating another 20 or so characters because they kept dying in the first part of the game. I remember how Ascaron released a huge patch for free, calling it the "plus" upgrade and changing the name in Sacred Plus afterwards, which solved quite a lot of bugged quests and other bugs. I remember how nice the HC community was and at some point having Gogo run a bank to support starting characters with gold. Usually gold he picked up at the starter's island which was dropped by other players. I remember the item drops and so many other things. And most of them are fond memories, although "Clan-RUS" always left a bad taste in my mouth with their monster-spawn killing of players as I lost 2 of my chars to them as well; including one level 115 seraphim that just had received a few setpieces of another player. But games slowly fade away and with Sacred it wasn't any different. I think I played more hours of that game when Underworld was released and I had a blast! Especially with my Cannon Dwarf. So when Ascaron asked players to sign up to their Sacred 2 beta test, I did and was accepted. I had a good time in that Beta period, even when knowing the existence of Ascaron was about to end if the game failed at launch. And it did - very unfortunately - because Deep Silver pushed for a release, while the bank demanded money. Using another publisher for the NA release certainly didn't help Ascaron either. I've played quite some time in Sacred 2, never did much of multi player mostly because of what happened at Clan DA and I had that clantag in my name, but also because I had to change my lifestyle a bit. Yet, even then I kept playing Sacred: UW and enjoying it. That was, until I upgraded my computer and began using Win7. I tried to run the game, but somehow it always failed at launch and eventually I just uninstalled it, hoping to be able to play it again some day. When Steam had the game for sale at some point, I bought it, knowing that the Steam game was said to run better at modern OS as the old disc versions. And it did, until I upgraded my system to Win10. Same problem I had before appeared, being the game locking at loading the fonts, forcing me to reboot my PC or laptop. So I had kinda given up on the game, fearing the only solution to run it would be using an old PC or - after buying a new one - downgrading the curent one to Vista and run the game on that. That was, until I decided to look at this forum and found this post at the forum: Today I tried the fix and it worked. For the first time in ages I was able to play the RPG I liked so much, which brought me into contact with some great players and a nice community. And while playing the game I realized something else. It's been 12-13 years ago when Sacred was released. I've been playing this game for multiple times in the past 12 - 13 years and usually I have been enjoying every bit of it. Just as I've been enjoying Sacred 2 for the same reason. In those 12 - 13 years I've been playing Diable 3 and although I like that game, I do miss something in its atmosphere. In those 12 - 13 years I've been playing Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online. And although I enjoy(ed) all these games, I still missed something in it. I think that "it" is the atmosphere and humour of the game. In both Sacred and Sacred 2 you know you're in a gloomy area because of the atmosphere. Marshes had that gloomy, dark look over them, other area's were people were happy, are bright and light. But it was also the outfit of what you encountered. Sakkara priests wearing dark habits and sickles to harvest the souls of their victims. The comments they made when you encountered them, the things Goblins yelled when encountering them. The inscriptions at tombstones, menhirs, signs or what people said. It was all part of what the Sacred experience made special. For me, Sacred is like that first love you once had. Every now and then your thoughts return to that person and you wonder how (s)he's doing. Perhaps you're even in contact with that person and occasionally doing nice things with him / her. It's been 12 - 13 years since I began playing Sacred and somehow I got the feeling I'll be playing Sacred 12 - 13 years from now. And I'll be enjoying every minute of it, I'm certain of that. And now, if you excuse me, I've got a Seraphim to level to 216. Thorin