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    Looks like news of a remaster of the epic Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has not only been announced, but accidentally leaked? https://www.pcgamer.com/kingdoms-of-amalur-reckoning-is-getting-a-remaster-in-august/ https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-06-04-theres-a-kingdoms-of-amalur-remaster-and-its-called-re-reckoning Here's the listing in the Microsoft Store for "Re-Reckoning"
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    Hi I have collected 5 sound.pak Sacred Underworld - Ger, Eng, Rus, Ita, Esp files from official gaming CD publications. German English Russian Italian Spanish I posted it earlier in steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=407533073, and I’ll post it here MEGA https://mega.nz/#F!lsEnXC7a Key !uQ-hA-2MoDyosoH758uDyA Download sound.pak and get him in folder \sacred gold\pak all voices convey a different atmosphere in the game
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    Whoooaaa... it's been a while! I set myself a project these past several weeks: I was going to transcribe and learn on guitar a song that my old friend Jenny wrote for piano years ago. And... success! I finally got it under my fingers. I had to use a baritone guitar to achieve the deep range of a piano. Let me tell you, playing this instrument is a serious hand workout! This is the original recording that Jenny made, if you want to see what I was trying to adapt. I can play it up to speed on a normal guitar, but the key is wrong, so I stuck with the baritone to keep the original key at a slightly slower tempo.
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    All right, been playing a few hours in the new 2.4 version So, first of all, the transition has been pretty smooth !! I couldn't resist trying the new version with my ezraelle And so far ... not a single bug !! yeah !! I am still early in trying the new version but, already, I did notice a couple of things: 1. First of all, the buff "pets" seems like ... like they spent some time training to the pittbull's arena, they are so much more aggressive I wasn't really complaining with the sublime guardian, and it is still much better in the new version. Just, maybe, she could use her pelting strikes more but that's about it The dragon's pet from the eponymous mage class however ... oh wow !!! Now, there's a pitbull if I ever saw one. The change has been pretty impressive so far. I was like ... ouch! That's gonna hurt for you monsters, héhéhé. 2. Not a lot of change I can see so far for items, though there seems to be a slightly better drop rate on rings and amulets for skills (though I still find too many with skills I don't use but thats okay ). 3. The biggest change for my (future arch) angel has been for the baneful smite ... especially since I am using the chain lightning mod First, much more damage overall for single targets and it chains a lot more and it, also, much more visible ... pretty fireworks!!! I haven't been able to test the new quests yet but I am closing in on that new magic elemental lord All in all, I am more than pretty satisfied with the changes so far, keep up the good work!
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    You can do this quite easily. Just make a typo in quest.txt (remove a comma from somewhere) and then load the character. Then exit, correct the typo, and restart the game. All quests for the given character & difficulty that you loaded earlier will be reset. I do this with test characters all the time. I would not recommend for a character you actually value and wish to play without any risk of bugs or weird behavior. Less insane is this: You may take a single-player character, start a LAN game. Because quest progress in Multiplayer cannot be saved with a Singleplayer character, everytime you venture into a LAN game all quests will be reset and ready to be repeated (unless they are flagged to not allow repeats).
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    Oh, my! This makes sacred looking like baldur's gate! what a deceit!
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    Given that the resistances would be evenly spreaded, then you have to consider two options: Damage Lore mastery or no Damage Lore mastery. Without damage lore the DoT seconday damage from poison and fire rarely is a big factor in weapon combat. A weaken effect triggered early in combat make the 20% stat reduce a big impact, on hitpoints of opponent his chance to hit and defend, ... Ice damage secondary effect makes opponents running 25% slower (only useful if you use hit and run tactics) and attacking 25% slower (which has a bigger effect on long fights). Damage Lore mastery however can nearly double your damage if you have poison or fire damage.
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    Work has resumed on the Portrait Project. This week I am working on Dragons.
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    Yes, I have the patch, now it's working fine, restarting the game solved it. Thanks for the help!
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    Greetins, Peter! No, this is not a bug, the regeneration of your combat arts is decreased only when you're accompanied by souls and not by how many souls you have. Basically, your regeneration time reduction is the same for each number of souls for have. For example, the regeneration reduction is 10% + 0.5% per Soul Reaver's level, and let's say you have a level 20 Soul Reaver, thus meaning you will have a 20% regeneration reduction, requiring at least one soul to be active for this bonus to be applied. I hope it helped you!
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    Just for posterity's sake, there are Light and Shadow versions of this quest. Shadow/Lupus Coldhand/Ruka Light/Ogan Kandimiro/Entruag They both send you to the same cave though. The Grotto of Death is not the cave pictured in OP's post, as he figured out.
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    toast => cheers Here's for all my friends at Dark Matters!
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    Player: "Wow, I am easily kill all these goblins, bandits, undeads etc on silver difficulty for beginners (same as in original game). But wait, is it one of the nine BIG ANGRY DRAGONS!? Is it one of those legendary monsters that bigger than house and higher than castle walls which are only 9 of them in Ancaria? Maybe it will be a difficult fight and I need to better prepare? I don't think so, because I had no problem with all those goblins, bandits, undeads and orcs. Oh, I got raped! Maybe my items not good enough? Maybe I need go to market of Braverock or Porto-Vallum? What is not enough? Damage? Chance to hit? Survivability? Nah, I think it's just unbalanced and imposible to kill. I mean it's extra-rare big angry boss. It should be difficult. And it gives a lot of experience. It's not unkillable and I proved it many times. On video I kill dragon for less than 4 minutes. I think it's ok for boss. I even can't imagine how killing for example orks could train player strategies to the fight against dragons It's different enemies with different behavior! Only fighting against dragons could train player's strategies against dragons. It's like playing the piano does not teaches to play the drums. ____________ I remember one player in ru-community with his interesting strategy for ReBorn. He took Wood Elf magician build and leveled up only "Call of Ancestors" (CoA) spell. He spamed it via 4x CoA combo. And with that kombo he only farmed Dkay in multiplayer up to 216 hero level. But after that he noticed that it not works against some oher bosses and even against some mobs on Niobium. He even didn't have items because he didn't update it since silver difficulty (he didn't know that items have level too and have different difficulty quality). His strategies was ok against Dkay but became useless against everything else. And he started crying that ReBorn mod is senceless and unbalanced. So, what was the problem? Mobs was not prepare him to bosses? Bosses was not prepare him to mobs? ____________ I can reduce dragon's health for about 20-25%. But I think even 50% reducing changes nothing for some players who can't use right damage type and use tactis, but can write non argumented negative like ALK does.
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    Yes he did ask me kindly @Flix and thank you for pointing that out. For a second I honestly did not know how to feel about it, I was confused but I just recently told @Dax how I quietly followed his progress and how happy I am despite a few, well, hiccups. Right now, I like to see this mod as a song. Yes I'm weird There's a difference between remixing and sampling. Remix a song by taking bars off of it and you get featured on someone's original creation. Sample a song and you feature somebody else on what you make. I don't really mind if a lot of my original stuff gets written off since, as have been witnessed by everyone, these are some stellar work. I won't spoil it for anyone. I approve of your work, frankly, I'm waiting for it too. But the thing I would like to emphasize is that, yes, it is important to credit people for what they did but I, personally and equally, wouldn't take credit for something I did not do. Dude, most of the files are yours, you can call it yours. You have to give more credit to yourself than that because you worked hard on it. Don't do that to yourself and don't do that to me. Even better, I still vote on your proposed mod installer. It would make the mod open for everyone even encourage new modders as they might get featured. I wish you guys luck on your mods, especially, that heroes like you are direly needed by Sacred gamers in quarantine. Now, I must slither back to my rock and try to make something I can share or if I can't then that would be a bummer. EDIT: I'm not a musical genius. Please don't take my word for it.
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    @Flix I made video for you (availabe by link). I'm going defend my ReBorn mod and I can do it not only with words It's not a something special against you. I made similar videos for few other people before (sometimes even with characters of those people). It's not a axe, but it's 2-handed weapon (just buy first 2-handed melee weapon), so not a big difference. My character don't have sword lore or axe lore at all. It's not a Recoil + Vehemence, but Attack + Hard-Hit will be weaker or the same for such playstyle. Anyway, playstyle the same.
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    Each dragon have one weak and one middle resistance. It's not problem of ReBorn mod if someone can't look at resistance icons in the end of enemy's healthbar . So problem is not in dealing damage to dragons. The problem could be in survability, but if use tactics instead of facetanking then it's possible to not taking damage at all even in melee (I even have video guide about tactics against dragons). So, it's possible to kill a dragon if player be a little smart with damage type and it's possible to don't take damage at all if player use simple tactics. I don't understand how it could be impossible. Problem with Seraphim that described is that it put everything in one spell and because of it kill weak enemies in Ancaria on bronze/silver, but got crushed against bosses. Also can you give a link stream? I can't find any streams on ReBorn with Seraphim. If you don't like Seraphim-mage playslyle then pick other character. Rotating Blades always worked with the same way, but in original Sacred just dealed extra low damage and because of it never used as main source of damage. In ReBorn it just became valuable and Seraphim-mage partially similar to RF-builds in PoE. I know that Ishuto completed all game on ReBorn. Also for last week one popular russian streamer Xandr played on ReBorn. He never played in Sacred seriously so he could not be called an expirienced player. ReBorn is hard for him but even so he is in Underworld now. Also I was personaly level up Daemon form 1 to 216 with no bugusing, overspawn or any item preparations and compele Underworld campaign on Niobium with it. The biggest joke that one guy tried to repeat same but got ripped because he focused only on Blazing Disc . So it's a good example of what I'm talking about. At first, if someone told that original Sacred balance is excelent then this man don't understand Sacred balance at all. In original Sacred bosses could be oneshotted or killed in few seconds with not ruined build. Players even don't care about damage types Noone even trying to seriously build characters in original Sacred. I mean even endgame players just put various unique rings in item sockets without thinking. Yes, "EXCELENT" balance (sacrcasm) Evenmore, in Sacred exist some fundamental bugs and problems in mechanics like broken cooldown on Multi-Hit in ranged combat that makes ranged combat OP, or double damage on sets with especial damage types, or no any special settings for summons and allies, or no progression for enemy's spell damage, or Fadalmar (run to win), or Ettol, or Dark Elf killing owerspawn in white items with 3% lifeleech. So there is even no normal balance, not even close to "excelent". At second, I actually is the best player in Sacred for whole it's history (sounds arrogantly but it's true). I have all characters 216 level (multiple times), I found meta for Veteran mod (before me people could kill bosses on Veteran mod only with Wood Elf and Dark Elf). I was explain a lot of mechanics and bugs, made some crazy tests. And players in my clan also one the best (Starling was first who show that fast killing niobium dragon on Veteran Mod is possible with Battle Mage). Also we desassembling game code. So, we understand Sacred balance and mechanics better than everyone. The problem is ReBorn not for casual playing. I played from 0 with Gladiator and not so long ago with Dwarf. With Gladiator it's was ok for me. With Dwarf it's was easy and I killed dargons for about 3-4 min on silver ( I could make some video if you want). Knockback from Recoil works not depending form ability level, or hero level, or enemy level. Only knockback distance does. Problem may be in missing hits, so need to check attack value. Looks like I need to make one more "from 0 to 216" stream series for melee character... So it will end any discussions. Bosses not a nightmare. Anyway, they may be hard and sometimes requires preparations. But it's not a problem at all. Challenges is what old players need and mods are for players who bored of original balance (especially if it super-casual like in Sacred). If there wasn’t Veteran that increases difficulty, then I would not play Sacred, there would be no OverLookers clan, which means that no one would manage the ru-community. New challanges gives new life for Sacred. And in ReBorn it's balanced if compare with Veteran mod. And I even not talking about how difficult to made balance in Sacred with it's wry mechanics... Do you even know that in Sacred you can't directly change enemy's amount of health?
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    Jubei, the Mentalist Dragon Mage 1. Character introduction Once a noble apprentice of the High Temple of the Mages' Guild seeking magical knowledge, Jubei quickly earned a name for himself in the Great Council. His fast learning abilities combined with the accurate magic and fighting skills acquired during the short stay at the Temple turned him into one of the most promising students in the land. The ranks and grades he obtained were bolstered day by day, slowly climbing on his way to the top. One day, following his hard work and commitment at the Temple, Jubei managed to came into the Grand Archmage's attention who wanted to personally greet and teach him all the knowledge he had. Finally, the young student, got the opportunity to fulfill his childhood dream, that to meet and directly learn from the Archmage himself. But he never got the chance to fully complete his wish. At a time, the men's long forgotten enemies had returned, the Demons. They shortly begun to slaughter everything in their path, man by man, kingdom by kingdom, quickly making their way to the Mages' land. Overcome and outnumbered by the demonic army, Jubei and his fellows retreated into the mountains to seek shelter, but only a few of them managed to fulfill the long and tedious journey to the peak of the mountain. Little did they know that they had taken refuge close to a dragon's lair so they were taken by surprise by the dragon's return, who surprisingly allied them against their common enemies, teaching Jubei vast mentalism and dragon magic knowledge. Since that day, the now fearsome and skilled Dragon Mage seek to avenge the loss of his former colleagues and masters, entirely driven by his own will in order to banish the evil once and for all. 2. Skill build and skill mastery 2.1 Skill build Level 2 - Mentalism Lore (at least 75 points here; match its level by your character's level so you can master it at level 75) - What's a mentalist without his Mentalism Lore skill? Mentalism Lore is a crucial skill in our build, increasing both damage dealt and casting speed of the combat arts from the Mentalism aspect as well as granting Runes of Protection buff further resistance increase. Also allows modifications for our most important spells. Level 3 - Tactics Lore (at least 75 points here; keep it 3/4 of your character's level so you can master it by level 100) - A good mentalist has to be a skilled fighter as well. Tactics Lore provides us increased weapon damage as well as better chance for critical hits. Level 5 - Armor Lore (keep its level around 2/3 of your character's level in order to diminish the penalty caused by high level gear; usually, the penalty level has to be at least 20 levels higher than your character's level, meaning that a level 75 Dragon Mage (for example) should use level 95 or even 100 gear without any penalty) - A balanced mentalist should not only focus on his offense but on his defense as well. Armor Lore provides us a decent amount or resistance and regeneration decrease as well as a penalty level decrease for our equipment. Level 8 - Mentalism Focus (at least 75 points here; match its level by your character's level so you can master it as level 75) - In order to be a complete mentalist, we should have the focus skill of this aspect as well. Like Mentalism Lore, Mentalism Focus is another crucial skill in our build that greatly reduces regeneration time for Mentalism aspect combat arts and diminish the penalty levels too. Also allows further and faster modifications for our Mentalism spells. Level 12 - Concentration (75 points only; keep its level 1/4 of your character's level until mastery; don't put too many points into this skill since we're using it mostly for the second buff) - Learnt by Jubei in the loneliness of the mountains, Concentration is a must have skill that comes in handy even with a single point into it. It reduces the regeneration time of all combat arts but most important, it enables the use of 2 buffs at the same time. Level 18 - Dragon Magic Focus (at least 75 points here; keep it 3/4 of your character's level so you can master it by level 100) - The mighty dragon's knowledge finally comes in handy. Dragon Magic Focus greatly reduces regeneration time for Dragon Magic aspect combat arts and diminish the penalty levels as well. Also allows modifications for our Dragon Magic spells. Level 25 - Pole Arms (keep its level around 2/3 of your character's level in order to diminish the penalty caused by high level weapons; like Armor Lore, the penalty for Pole Arms weapons has to be at least 20 levels higher than your character's level, meaning that a level 75 Dragon Mage (for example) should use level 95 or even 100 weapons without any penalty) - Like a skilled Shaolin fighter that uses long-handled weapons, our mentalist will focus on learning the power of the pole arms weapons. Pole Arms increases attack speed and chance to hit as well as a penalty level decrease for our weapons. Level 35 - Constitution (keep its level around 1/2 of your character's level; try to master it by level 150 'cause we'll badly need it for Platinum and Niobium difficulties) - Constitution provides increased health and health regeneration, empowering our Mage's survivability. Level 50 - Combat Discipline (75 points only; keep its level around 1/2 of your character's level until mastery; we won't really need 4 combat arts in a combo so don't hurry up mastering this skill) - A Concentration-like skill that comes in handy without many points in it. Combat Discipline improves the damage of all combat arts as well as the number of combat arts that can be put in a combo. Level 65 - Toughness (75 points only; keep its level around 1/3 of your character's level until mastery) - One final defensive skill for the mentalist, Toughness provides a little bit more resistance as well as a minimal damage mitigation percent. I picked Toughness as a final level 65 skill simply because I find resistance and survivability in general a higher priority for the late game (Platinum or higher) rather than damage increase skills (we already have Mentalism Lore as well as Combat Discipline skills to do it). If you intend to give the build a personal 'touch' or you want to define it in a particular way, some other possible level 65 skill choices can be (instead of Toughness): Dragon Magic Lore (keep it around 1/2 of your character's level until mastery) - Only if you really want to further improve the Dragon Magic aspect combat arts in terms of more Eternal Fire and Dragon Strike damage and a little bit of Familiar health bonus as well; I personally prefer Ancient Magic skill to increase the spell damage and the health bonus granted isn't that much of a thing since we already have Constitution) Ancient Magic (keep it around 1/2 of your character's level; try to master it either on Silver or Gold difficulties since we'll badly need the opponents' spell resistance reduction on Platinum and Niobium) - If you want to maximize the damage dealt, choose this skill. It boosts our spell damage by a decent amount and it decreases opponents' spell resistance when mastered (my personal favorite skill as a Toughness replacement because it can be a good choice for Platinum and Niobium too if you master it before entering those difficulties since it reduces the enemies' already high resistance, dealing with them a bit faster) Spell Resistance (75 points only; keep it around 1/3 of your character's level until mastery) - Good skill to choose if you feel your Runes of Protection buff can sustain you in battles against weapon attacks. As the name says, Spell Resistance increases our Mage's resistance against magic spells and adds a protection against spell-based critical hits as well. Enhanced Perception (keep it at least 2/3 of your character's level for better effectiveness) - Learn Enhanced Perception if you like a greedier approach to the build since it increases our chance to find valuables. Good skill to take if you like to play with a lot of set and special items. Bargaining (if you want to fully benefit from it match its level by your character's level) - Learn Bargaining if you intend to do a lot of shopping to constantly upgrade our gear. 2.2 Skill mastery order 1st - Mentalism Focus: for further decrease of the regeneration time and even more penalty level diminish for the Mentalism aspect combat arts. Master it at level 75. 2nd - Mentalism Lore: for further damage increase for the Mentalism aspect combat arts. Master it at level 75. 3rd - Tactics Lore: for even more damage and chance for critical hits increase. Master it by level 100. 4th - Dragon Magic Focus: for further decrease of the regeneration time and even more penalty level diminish for the Dragon Magic aspect combat arts. Master it by level 100. 5th - depending on your skill chosen at level 65: Pole Arms (only if you didn't pick Ancient Magic at level 65): to have the chance for double hits. Doesn't have a certain level to be mastered with. Ancient Magic (only if you picked it at level 65): to be able to reduce the enemies' resistances against magic. (if you picked Ancient Magic at level 65 then master it 5th, right after Dragon Magic Focus and delay the order of the rest of the masteries afterwards by 1; try to master it either on Silver or Gold difficulties since the spell resistance reduction to the enemies will be much needed in Platinum and Niobium). 6th - Armor Lore: for further reduce to the regeneration penalty. Doesn't have a certain level to be mastered with. 7th - Constitution: to increase the health regeneration rate during combat. Try to master it by level 150. 8th - Combat Discipline: for further combat arts' regeneration time decrease and to allow up to 4 combat arts in a single combo. Doesn't have a certain level to be mastered with. 9th - depending on your skill chosen at level 65: Toughness: for even more resistance increase and damage mitigation. Dragon Magic Lore: for further damage increase for the Dragon Magic aspect combat arts. Spell Resistance: to be able to reduce the duration of detrimental effects (the five secondary damage effects like open wounds, burn, freeze, poison and weaken) and damage over time effects. Enhanced Perception: to grant a chance to find secret compartments in chests and hiding places (not really sure what this means to be honest since I never mastered Enhanced Perception). Bargaining: for better quest rewards. All of these skills mentioned in this section doesn't have a certain level to be mastered with. 10th - Concentration: for further combat arts and buffs' regeneration time decrease and to allow up to 3 buffs to be used at the same time. Doesn't have a certain level to be mastered with. I choose to master Concentration last because we don't really have a useful buff as our 3rd one since we didn't focused on the Elemental Magic aspect to modify the Protector buff. 3. Combat arts and modifications 3.1 Combat arts Mentalism aspect 1. Energy Blaze: Our main offensive combat arts we'll be using. It creates a magic energy that damages and burns (damage over time) enemies in the area of effect. Very good for dealing with groups of enemies. 2, Combat Trace: Powerful castable buff that reduces our combat arts' cooldown and protects us against root and stun effects as well. Very good ability when used before boss fights. 3. Maelstrom: Good crowd control combat art that slows the enemies inside the area of effect. Also slows the missiles inside the field. Probably better when used in a combo paired with other combat arts than used as a standalone spell. 4. Runes of Protection (buff): Our main buff we'll be using. It basically provides the Dragon Mage a magical armor that protects him against melee attacks and spells. Extremely powerful defensive buff. Dragon Magic aspect 5. Eternal Fire: Another area of effect damage ability that ignites an enemy and spreads the fire over to nearby targets. Might be better used in a combo paired with another area of effect or crowd control spell rather than a standalone ability. 6. Dragon Strike: Heavy area of effect offensive spell that comes in handy in a possible combo. Calls down a dragon that casts a massive fireball at the targeted area, dealing fire damage over time to the enemies. 7. Familiar (buff): Our second buff after we'll learn Concentration. Summons a small dragon companion that increases our Intelligence, Health and Willpower. Very good second buff if modified according to the build. 3.2 Modifications (modify the combat arts in the exact same order as listed below) Mentalism aspect 1. Energy Blaze Confusion: targets attacks more slowly (30% + 0.02% per Energy Blaze level) - I find this modification to be more effective than Blind (opponents' hit value decrease) just because it synergies better with Maelstrom's slow (Energy Blaze and Maelstrom combined provide movement slow, attack speed slow, missile slow as well as a weaken effect) Zone: increases the area of effect (+5 meters) - I personally prefer this one over Impact (damage increase) because we can increase the Energy Blaze's damage much easier than increasing its area of effect. Afterglow: magical burn gets stronger (2.5 damage/second + 1.25 damage/second increase per Energy Blaze level) - I personally find this better than the regeneration decrease modification (Experience) because we'll reduce the regeneration time of all spells via items, Combat Trace or Energy Flux Familiar modification, so a little damage increase over regeneration decrease won't hurt us that much. 2. Runes of Protection (buff) Protection: increases protection against physical damage (8 + 5 per Energy Blaze level) - Very good modification since most of the enemies in Ancaria's lands uses physical damage (or physical + other damage type). Stone Skin: increased chance to block missiles (25% + 0.3% per Runes of Protection level) - We already have one Protection modification as well as Armor Lore and eventually Toughness, so we have enough physical resistance. An increased chance to block incoming missiles would be better this way. Flux: reduces the costs to keep up the runes (-25% reduction to the regeneration penalty) - A huge modification to take since it reduces the regeneration penalty caused by Runes of Protection buff, thus meaning a shorter regeneration time of all our combat arts. 3, Combat Trace Awareness: increased stun resistance (16.7% + 0.1% per Combat Trace level) - I find this better than the Light Footed modification (increases root resistance) because we can still use combat arts and attack while rooted, while we're completely defenseless while stunned. Experienced: reduces the Trace's cooldown (down to 40 seconds) - Self explanatory. Shorter cooldown, more Combat Trace uses we have. Energy Flux: markedly increased regeneration (-15% + 0.3% per Combat Trace level) - Highly recommended modification to take for further regeneration decrease to all aspects. 4. Maelstrom Grind: further reduces the armor of enemies caught in the Maelstrom (-50% + 0.2% per Maelstrom level) - The less armor they have, the more damage we inflict. I choose this modification over the Burden one (further speed reduce) because Maelstrom has a -50% speed slow by default, which is more than enough for huge crowd control. Thicken: missiles are further slowed inside the field (200% slow) - A total of 400% missile slow after this modification. I'm not a big fan of the Extension modification (Maelstrom duration increase) since 8 seconds by default is more than enough and we usually finish opponents in less than 8 seconds. Demoralize: attributes are further decreased inside the field (5.5% + 0.1% per Maelstrom level) - Similar to the Grind modification, the less attributes they have, the more damage we inflict. I prefer this modification instead of another Thicken one since a total of 400% missile slow is usually more than enough. Dragon Magic aspect 1. Familiar (buff) Insight: increases experience per kill (+10%) - A free 10% increase experience per kill will help us level up a bit faster. I pick this over Firebug modification (chance to ignite targets) because we won't rely on the Familiar to kill our targets, we'll do it with Energy Blaze and Eternal Fire. Quick Mind: increases casting speed (15% + 0.2% per Familiar level) - From my perspective, Dragon Mage has a lot of slow casting spells so I always prefer this modification over the Protection from Fire one (self explanatory name). Energy Flux: reduces the regeneration time of all spells (-16.7%) - Another huge regeneration decrease modification and a must have one since it decreases the regeneration of all spells from all aspects, not just from the Dragon Magic aspect. Also, the Life Force modification (health increase) can be a bit overkill since we have Constitution anyway (and a lot of resistance from our items and Runes of Protection buff). 2. Eternal Fire Licking Flames: fire can jump to enemies that are further away (+0.8 +0.01 meters per Eternal Fire level) - As the description says, more spread range with more burning enemies. Can be deadly in certain combos. Hunger: increases the chance to jump over to nearby enemies (+10% +1% chance per Eternal Fire level) - Like the previous modification (Licking Flames), this one increases the fire spread further more. Fury: fire burns stronger (+37.5% damage increase from base damage) - The more damage dealt, the more deadly Eternal Fire will be. 3. Dragon Strike Heat: fire burns faster, reducing time between the pulses (+0.34 hits/second) - Faster damage over time to the enemies caught. Since this spell will only be used in a combo, we won't take the other modification, Terror (chance to stun the targets). Heat: fire burns faster, reducing time between the pulses (+0.34 hits/second) - Another Heat modification for even shorter damage intervals. Fury: fire burns stronger (+33% damage increase) - Very good modification to take to maximize the damage potential of this spell. 4. Combos Combo 1: Energy Blaze + Maelstrom - Both crowd control and damage focused combo. Energy Blaze rips enemies apart and the survivors (if they exist) will be greatly slowed and will be finished only by weapon. Combo 2: Energy Blaze + Eternal Fire - Maximum damage focused combo. Energy Blaze heavily damages the enemies in the area of effect while Eternal Fire sets them ablaze, finishing the rest of the survivors (if they exist). Combo 3: Dragon Strike + Maelstrom - Another crowd control and damage focused combo. We'll put Dragon Strike first into the combo since it has a short delay before the fireball falls. if you want to use 3 combat arts in the same combo (after learning Combat Discipline, level 50), the third combat art that will be put into the combo is pure preferential (same thing applies after Combat Discipline mastery when we can combo up to 4 combat arts); I usually use combos with just 2 combat arts into them a suggestion for a maximum damage 3 combat arts combo: Dragon Strike + Energy Blaze + Eternal Fire 5. Attributes level 1-30: add points into Strength (for increased attack value and pole arms weapon damage; note that we won't be using blunt pole arms which are only affected by Dexterity attribute since Strength-based pole arms are usually easier to find and comes with better damage values as well) and Stamina (for better combat arts' regeneration time early on) in a 60-40 ratio (at level 30 you should have around 18 points added into Strength and around 12 points added into Stamina; if you prefer you can even add 16 points into Dexterity and 14 into Stamina) level 31-50: put points into Strength and start to occasionally up Vitality as well (for some health bonus) in a 60-40 ratio as well (by level 50 you should have added around 12 points into Strength and 8 into Vitality) after level 50 when you will have 2 attribute points to spend: ONE point should always go into Strength while the other one should go into Vitality or Intelligence (for a bit of spell damage and spell intensity); my preference is to improve Vitality one level and then Intelligence next level and so on after level 150 when you will have 3 attribute points to spend, TWO points should always go into Intelligence (to be able to scale our spell damage better into the higher difficulties) and the other one into Strength 6. Weapons and equipment 6.1 Weapons since there are no set pole arms specific to the Dragon Mage, we're going to use some unique ones (if we're lucky enough to find some) otherwise, rares are good too (even some blues can be found with nice modifiers as well) best weapon modifiers to use: +X% Lifeleech is the best modifier so far (+X flat value Lifeleech is good too), +X/X% Damage, +X% chance for critical hits, +X% chance for double hits, -Combat arts regeneration time, +X% damage to the same damage type you use, +Regeneration/hit, +X all combat arts, +X all skills try to keep each one of the weapon slots for each damage type and focus on one main damage type (I personally use magic damage due to the weaken effect that synergies with the weaken from the Maelstrom spell) only use pole arms that are affected by Strength attribute (thus meaning that all blunt pole arms that doesn't have a sharp edge or a point won't be affected by Strength) best unique vanilla-version pole arms you can use (for lucky people): Cordell's Javelin of War (+All combat arts, +Strength, +Attack and Deathblow), Gronkor's Downfall (+Chance for double hits, +Chance for critical hits, +Regeneration/hit, +Attack and Defense), Optimus Minimus (+All combat arts, -Regeneration time, +Offensive Skills), Torik's Wrath Ice and Blood version (just for the sake of role-playing but fortunately it has some nice bonuses such as +Attack speed, -Opponent's chance to evade and a huge +Ice damage boost) if you have the Community Patch installed (thanks Flix for reminding me), then the best pole arms weapons you can use are: Danse Macabre (+% Lifeleech, +Chance to disregard armor, +Attack, +Spell Intensity), The Earth-Shaker (+% Strength, +All skills, -Opponent's armor: physical, -Opponent's attack value, +Chance to slow), Soulflay Fork (+Chance to reflect combat arts, +Damage, +All combat arts, +Intelligence, +Regeneration/hit) and Waton's Dreamblade (+Chance to halve regeneration time, -Opponent's chance to evade, +Duration of potion effects, +Chance to hit additional opponents) best modifiers to socket into your weapons (from jewelry): +X/X% Lifeleech, +X% Chance for critical hits, +X/X% Damage, +X/X% Magic damage, +Regeneration/hit or even +X Attack 6.2 Equipment best type of armor to use are the set ones (we're going to use Torik's Oath set for the bonuses to the Mentalism aspect) until you find all pieces of the Torik's Oath set, mixed gear containing rares, uniques or other set items are also good best modifiers to use on your armor pieces: +X/X% Lifeleech, +X/X% Defense, +X/X% Armor, -Combat arts regeneration time, -Regeneration penalty from buffs, -Regeneration aspect: Mentalism, +Mentalism aspect, +X all combat arts, +X all skills, +X% Damage mitigation,+X% Magic damage or +Spell Intensity best modifiers to socket on your armor pieces (from jewelry): +X/X% Lifeleech, +X/X% Armor, -Combat arts regeneration time, -Regeneration penalty from buffs, +X to all skills, +Regeneration/hit, +X% Damage mitigation, +X Defense, +X% Magic damage or +X Max hitpoints modifiers 6.3 Jewelry the best jewelry you can equip are the ones that provides the bonuses mentioned above (like +Resistance, +Defense, +Regeneration/hit, -Regeneration time, -Regeneration penalty from buffs, +X to all skills, +X Defense/Attack or +X Max hitpoints) pieces with individual skill bonuses such as +Mentalism aspect, +Mentalism Lore, +Mentalism Focus, +Constitution or pieces with individual attribute bonuses such as +Strength, +Vitality, +Stamina (or even +Willpower) etc. are good too don't socket more than one jewel into a single item (if it has more socket slots) because you'll lose the other ones when you will take one of them out (fill the rest of the slots with Blacksmith arts; Anneal and Enhance are the best ones for armor pieces while Whet for the weapon slots) 6.4 Relics have a main relic slot with mixed resistance relics (I personally use one Magic relic, one Fire relic and one Poison/Ice relic for every character and build I follow) the rest of relic slots should focus on the following resistance types: one entire slot filled with Fire relics, one with only Ice relics and the remaining one filled with Poison relics if you have the Community Patch installed, the new set relics added with the patch are one of the best ones to use (following the rules mentioned above as well) 7. Play style Expert Touch option should be ON since we're mainly focused on the Mentalism aspect you can use both standalone spells or put them into different combos, it's your choice Combat Trace should not be put in any combo, just use it as a standalone spell because I heard people saying it can crash the game when used in a combo; didn't experienced it on my play nor even tried to verify the eventual bug yet (I'm not sure if the Community Patch fixed this bug either) control groups of enemies with Maelstrom, slowing them down, then follow with an Energy Blaze to wipe them out use the "hit'n'run" kiting style a lot early on since we're not a casual 'hack'n'slash-kill-everything-in-our-path-overpowered-toon' and we need some time and a lot of modifications to fully outline our build (later levels you can stand and fight in almost all battles because we'll eventually grow stronger and resistant) don't forget to always use a Concentration potion followed by Combat Trace before tough battles or boss fights try to use the maximum damage combos (Energy Blaze + Eternal Fire or Dragon Strike + Energy Blaze + Eternal Fire) against bosses since most of them are slow-ish and in majority of the cases we won't need Maelstrom to slow them down (however, slowing projectiles and missiles with Maelstrom is always a good thing) don't hesitate to often use Mentor potions since we're mainly fighting against hordes of enemies (also, we find potions quite easily and Mentor potions stacks with the Familiar Insight modification if you have the Community Patch installed) try to complete as many side quests as possible and collect all items found (even the common ones) because we need some levels and enough gold to outline the build and constantly upgrade our items (I always do all of them in all my playthroughs, from the 1 star ones to the 5 star ones) although boss killing can be a bit slow, try to complete all 4 and 5 star side quests since they give a lot of experience and good item drops after completing them if you find the character's casting speed a bit slow then you can slaughter single enemies only by your weapon 8. Pros and cons As a part of all my guides so far, in the end of each one I show the players both pros and cons in order to help people understand advantages as well as disadvantages of each particular build I create. So, without further ado, I came to the following conclusions: 8.1 Pros very good crowd control and damage against huge groups of enemies high amounts of damage dealt with the offensive spells amazing resistances (one of the highest physical resistance in the game from all characters) due to the Runes of Protection buff (Familiar buff also provides some health bonus) combat arts that synergies very well between them as well as their modifications interesting and extremely powerful combos to use can be an interesting build for the players who are into role-playing awesome looking Mentalism focused set (Torik's Oath) 8.2 Cons can be a bit weak early on requires a lot of combat arts modifications to fully come on-line boss killing can be a bit slow since it requires a lot of 'hit and run' strategy not that flexible build in terms of combat arts, modifications and items since it requires certain choices to work well Dragon Mage is the only character in the game who doesn't have access to weapon-based combat arts the use of two-handed pole arms turn the player unable to use shields, thus decreasing his resistance a little bit
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    "As with Haomarush, Genjuros, and Khanzo, Jubei'Thos is named after a character from the Samurai Shodown fighting game series, Jubei Yagyu"(c)wow wiki
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    Jubei? Smells like Ninja Scroll.
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    Just wanted to drop a line and say that after beating all five Elemental Lords in Easy the updated Earth Lord hits like a brick in the face. Holy redline baby! But I love it's design, and the attack snatched from the Garganthropod looks great.
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    hi Xrystal, thx, works fine! its me "imba perception" I can’t believe that the original network is back, super
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    strings -> zither 11 years ago I bought a heap of strings and wood at a garage sale thought as a music toy for our third. My brother looked at it and said pay 500-1000 euro and have it restaurated. You can sell the 1929 concert zither for 5000 and more. The zither was never sold and our daughter has now 3 ones, the last being an electric zither with 70+ strings. She played pre-corona in the school orchestra and visited 12 countries so far.
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    Just logged into the Sacred 2 page at Steam, when seeing this in discussions https://steamcommunity.com/app/225640/discussions/0/2252307485538379571/ And: https://twitter.com/THQNordic/status/1257666459112804353 Now, let's hope it won't take them too long to decide if the game will be remastered or getting a true sequel. Thorin :) PS: it looks as if it covers Sacred: Underworld too. Any moderator here feel free to move this topic to the right section. T :)
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    I came to the forums just to thank you for your work on this fantastic game. I am so eagerly anticipating the release of this mod for Sacred Gold and the similar project for Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition. I love lore friendly additions like this and the custom art adds so much flavor to an already rich world. Please keep up the great work it is much appreciated. Thank you.
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    I came to the forums just to thank you for your work on this fantastic game. I am so eagerly anticipating the release of this sub mod for the Enhanced Edition. I love lore friendly additions like this and the custom art adds so much flavor to an already rich world. Please keep up the great work it is much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Hi. I have been playing this mod in multiplayer with a friend. We've been playing since the most recent (v14) version came out and found a few bugs. Palladin's fanatism stacks infinitely on allies. My barbarian was getting upticks in attack speed and damage every second I was near him. Other buffs like prayer stacked if you toggle them on and off. Mighty 1000 int level 25 barbarian ftw Contrary to the previous bug, Barbarian's Battle Orders buff does not affect allies at all. Barbarian's Berserk attack speed buff per kill stops stacking at ~+25%. My character starts at 160% and ends at 185% speed in weapon damage and combat art mouseover tooltip on Character screen. Also wiki somehow disagrees about it being per kill or per attack too. Thank you for your work!
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    While normal face protections are available everywhere now we had a special request from our secretary at work. Her sister is deaf and needs lip reading... We added a holder for a transparant plastic piece into the mask frames we printed. So we have a big, straight and transparent plastic before the lips. The old ladies in our village sewed the rest. We gave 5 to our secretary, one for her and 4 for the family of her sister. Probably much more are needed, because the sister has to give the special ones to her docs, people she has to speak too, ... My wife asked for some too because 2 patients are lip readers. We discussed using fresnel lenses for the transparent plastic part but I hate to give them to people who do not know how they work. may result in burns or fires if they are worn or lay in the sun. But if they are wanted it is just exchanging the plastic part which is removable for mask washing. Fresnel lenses would have the advantage to keep more distance, but you have to look more direct to the lip reader. Kids laughed when I was demostrating one with Fresnel. If you don't know Fresnel lenses: Fresnel lens would have an effect like this, just only for the area around lips ;) One of the ladies asked for one of the big lenses for sewing and reading ;)
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    The whole idea behind a Kungfu-Dryad or a Captain America build is: if you have no weapon in your right hand and a shield in your left the character will do two strikes with the hard hitting single attack. The hard hitting attacks of the dryad and the SW do splash damage. So you could socket your shield with x-x damage and some other slots too. The result was that in higher levels the weaponless character was doing more damage than a two-handed weapon wielder and had a better defense because of the shield. Now look at D2F: It takes the two strikes with a shield from old I&B CA's. The CA's in D2F replacing the old I&B CA's however have no splash damage. Using a weapon with splash damage however would be a strange Captain America build. So: no a Captain America build like in I&B is not possible in D2F. But you could do a build without splash damage. The Kungfu-Dryad in D2F: It should be possible with a few drawbacks. The dryad/amazon has a set item with splash damage. Drawback: it has not much percent in splash damage and it needs ranged weapon lore to unlock it. But if unarmed with only a shield strafe does double hits in kungfu style !!! Multishot with only a shield does flipkicking kungfu attack !!! So yes, a Ninja Amazon should be possible, able to use blowpipes, shurikens, bows like a ninja trained in everything and has nice weaponless attacks animations. I would use the full wildcat set for style;)
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    Yeah, that mage staff behaviour was introduced with CM 1.60, so now mage staves always shoot a projectile even without the weapon lore skill. That means you can indeed use a dual-wield build with a sword+staff and multi-hit CA to throw away a barrage of projectiles. It's all tons of fun, I've played it extensively with a Shadow Warrior with Frenzied Rampage modified for double hits. And since you're dual wielding all the effects on both weapons count for the hitting projectiles, including life leech and regen per hit. So as you can see the possibilities are enormous! Bear in mind though that the elemental damage on the projectiles thrown is always that of the types of damage present in the staff, so even though you can have a different elemental modifier in the other weapon only the ones present in the staff will proc. It takes a bit of tweaking but it's manageable. Let me know if you need any help with playing like this, it's kind of my thing.
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    Borg => assimilation (A little-known trivia "fact" is that Jeri Ryan, the actress who played the character, Borg "Seven of Nine," in Star Trek, Voyager, went on to marry the grandson of famed actor Ernest Borgnine.)
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    Version 2.4b


    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition by Flix Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition (S2EE) is the continuation of the old Enhanced Spells mod. S2EE came about during the development of the Community Patch and my other mods (such as Diablo 2 Fallen). S2EE contains hundreds of bugfixes, and numerous gameplay improvements that are not strictly fixes. S2EE is designed for the player to install a CORE module, then they may install some optional add-on modules. See the included "Sacred 2 EE 2.4 Manual.pdf" for full list of modules and features. Currently supported languages: CORE module: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian. Alternate Spells module: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish. ================================================= Installation: I HIGHLY advise NEW CHARACTERS or you may have broken quests, re-rolled bonuses on gear, or other odd behavior. Download the Generic Mod Enabler (GME) and install it to your Sacred 2 root folder. Mod Enabler is available at http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/Generic-Mod-Enabler.shtml For Steam the root folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sacred 2 Gold For GOG or disk version, the root folder is wherever you installed the game, for example C:\Sacred 2 Gold After running the GME once, it will make a folder called "MODS" there. Extract/copy/move the contents of the compressed zip file into the "MODS" folder. There should be 6 folders and some documentation (the documentation need not be placed in the MODS folder). S2EE contains one CORE module and five optional add-on modules. You must install "Sacred 2 CORE EE 2.4 - Required" at the very least. Run the GME and enable the CORE module. The GME will back up your clean files and will allow to you to easily enable/disable the mod as you wish. - Optional - add-on modules such as Alternate Spells, Challenge Mode, Classic Icons, and SuperSpawn should be installed afterward. Do not install any of the add-on modules without the CORE module installed first. ================================================== Compatibility: This mod requires Sacred 2 + Ice & Blood expansion with the latest patch (2.65.02) installed (or simply Sacred 2 Gold). This mod additionally requires that Community Patch 1.60 be installed. No previous versions or components of the old Enhanced Edition should be installed. No mods that alter scripts will be compatible with S2EE. This includes: Diablo 2 Fallen, Nude Mods, Boss Arena, Age of Heroes, Survival Mod, Llama's Mod, Wardust's Mods, Dimitrius's Patch Addendum Mods that are known to be compatible: Music Mods, Interface Mods, Main Menu Mods, Reduced Fog, Elite Textures (either official or the unofficial "trimmed" version), and simple texture mods like Eye mod or Grass mod. ================================================= Development (Enhanced Spells module): For detailed list of changes to combat arts (and Alternate Spells) , and for pictures and videos, and development info, visit this thread: ================================================= SuperSpawn Features: SuperSpawn multiplies the enemy spawn density across the map by a factor of 2-3x. Does not affect bosses or creatures spawned through quests. Respawn rate is not affected. Challenge Mode Features: Critical hit damage increased from 1.2x to 2x times damage. 20% increase of T-Energy damage against the player. Chance for T-Energy to mutate enemies increased by 25%. Max speed in the game quadrupled. The player isn't faster by default, but will benefit from more Run Speed +% gear. Enemies will move faster as well. Enemy aggro range tripled. Aggro range for white (much lower level than player) enemies doubled. Boss aggro range increased by about 10%. Range for clearing the fog of war on the map is tripled (results in more enemies). Cooldown for healing potions is doubled. Slightly lower chance to get runes. Respawn rate remains vanilla (does not use lowered respawn rate from base EE). Enemies gain greater damage from attributes. Overall intensity of enemies increased by 25%. Enemy weapon and spell damage and armor significantly increased (from about 40% on bronze to over 300% on Niobium). ================================================= Known Issues: Not all properties of a Combat Art update dynamically in the CA tooltip text. This is a pre-existing issue in the vanilla game as well. However rest assured that all properties of Combat Arts should be clearly described in the CA description text and will appear (if applicable) in the Sigma bonus overview and/or character overview. Sonic Vortex is missing the visual effect when mounted. No known solution. Dragon's Wrath cannot go into a combo. No known solution. If you find bugs, exploits, or other issues, don't forget to let me know so I can address them. ================================================= Thanks to: desm for translating the mod to French. Shadowflare85 for translating the mod to German. KrystianCzach243r for translating the mod to Polish. Nikoleagle and LordKomar for translating the mod to Russian. Deivix for translating the mod to Spanish. Pokolfajzat - for translating the mod to Hungarian. Pesmontis for importing and adjusting several models. dimitrius154 for doing programming work and other advice. SX255 for making the new Deathly Spears icon. Luthal for helping me work out how to handle summoned minions. Caledor for ideas on adjusting balance, skill effects, and the interface. Charon117 for making tools for cleaning & optimizing scripts. Ysendra for making new Daemon textures. Everyone who played the mod and posted feedback. Llama for making his CM Patch Mod and showing me the way into modding Sacred 2 spells.
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    Actually I think GME is a life saver in that respect, since you only need to unzip a mod to a "insert mod name" folder within the MODS folder it creates and then enable it. You just can't have more than one root, meaning the path will have to be something like "sacred 2\mods\mod name\mod files. If you add another layer of folders then GME can't see the mod in question. As for Elite Textures, it's just drag and drop in zip form since those are all zipped .pak files. If you take a cursory glance at the folder you'll see every other file is also zipped, so nothing out of the ordinary there. After that things get changed, either with Enhanced Edition or Addendum, both mods by the residents coders here. Both bring improvements on top of 1.60 but they also bring their own personal views about gear, game balance, skills' relations and more. There it's where the game deviates furthermore from vanilla, so if you're on a "purist" run at most you'll only want CM 1.60 and Elite Textures. And even then you'll have more than a few extra-vanilla things present. I guess that's that mate.
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    So, full 'story': Almost half a year ago now, as soon as this all started to look like 'it might just work...' (when cocomed posted his source code and Negative One his bugfixes), I made an initial offer on a domain trading platform to the owner of the original sacred2 lobby. I am used to simply buy any cheap, random domain which fits my purpose and is registered fast if I happen to need one. The occassion never occured to me that I felt compelled to go after a very specfic one already belonging to someone else. And well, nothing much of relevance happened for quite a while. But somehow, a few weeks ago, I got an email alert stating that my offer had been accepted. And today (or yesterday, appearently me typing this took too long :)), after going through a mindshattering slow process of waiting, reading, waiting, writing and constantly hoping for an answer or event to happen and please not abort the whole transfer to my registrar it is finally completed successfully. Yes! Why is this wonderful? Having control of the sacred2.net domain which is embedded by default into the games config files allows me to make a lobby instance way more accessible to the average player who does not know about the forums, obscure titled threads like this one or did not even want to mess with configfiles of his brand new game. But nethertheless 'out of the box' a clean sacred2 installation running without any modifications will be provided now with the emulated lobby the technically same way like with the original one back then. No one will be spared I know none of this is about lobby coding itself (after all, I am still in debt of at least some small promised & postponed improvements to the lobby ;)), but yet I think in the meanwhile getting some more players to actually know about this and giving those who just want to play together a nice playground will have it's purpose, too. It would be kind of a waste to just tinker on this in some dark forums corner with only a few enthusiasts experimenting with it while it could be already out there doing it's job good enough for most ;) For those who are already using my s2cm domain, nothing changes, because sacred2.net redirects now to the same servers. Whoever has a mod installed, which is the only minor nuisance remaining, might still need that additional file for the OpenNet button. But that is the only client side hassle remaining at all now and I guess if the modders see this working reliable enough they might be willing to enable the multiplayer buttons in their next releases by default again if asked kindly. The opening post has been updated, title and thread tags, too, to make it a bit more appealing to actual players and easier to find for them. After all, since you have already been so nice to pin this, it might catch a few eyes more that way. Seems like this also has reset thread following, whoops. As far as I have been able to gather the list of subdomains, eu.sacred2.net:6800 es.sacred2.net:6810 ru.sacred2.net:6820 ee.sacred2.net:6850 us.sacred2.net:6900 should be all combinations of ports and domain this needs to cover to work for everyone. Please write me if some country specific url is missing. I will try to do a few minor improvements, especially to documentation soon, but aside from that, I will probably just play for a while and will meet you all on the servers, I suppose... ;)
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    I watched a guy streaming this mod yesterday. He was playing a seraphim on silver level, and had developed her Rotating Blades of Light. He also had developed the spell that replaced Lightning Bolt. Rotating Blades of Light was doing well over 1,500 damage per tick. The Lightning Bolt was doing about 1,500 damage spread among *all four* damage types. But he never got to test the Lightning Bolt much, because all enemies were instantly dying to the Rotating Blades of Light. This was not good, and he was kind of in disbelief about how bad it was. It was very boring to just run around all over the game with enemies instantly dying, and insane amounts of high grade loot dropping. So, he went to several dragons. (Restarted new games importing his seraphim, traveled straight to each dragon.) Despite his Rotating Blades of Light and Lightning Bolts trivializing *every other enemy*, which enabled him to travel freely and unmolested straight to these dragons, the dragons were impossible. Their resistances were inflated so high, he could barely scratch them, while their damage was inflated so high, they could one-shot kill him with a single claw swipe. He tried the two blue dragons in the ice elf area, and the green dragon in the southeastern swamps. All were impossible. That means it would be impossible to ever finish silver level and move to gold, because the red dragon guarding the Element of Fire is a required fight. (I know the white dragon guarding the Element of Air can be skipped, as can the undead dragon in the desert by refusing to help the orcs.) I would be very interested in hearing other impressions of the balance of this mod. Has anyone beaten a dragon, and how did you do it? Has anyone moved on to higher than silver difficulty? Are other people or classes besides seraphim having the issue of becoming overpowered against every regular enemy in the game (they drop instantly)? I would not want to play a seraphim having the experience this guy was having, not if 99 percent of the game was boringly easy, and the dragon fights were unwinnable.
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    Not to worry. I wasn't sure how "official" the stewardship was, seems all is well. Your efforts are certainly stellar, I'm sure he would be proud to see how his creation has inspired such a massive overhaul to the game's graphics. Just a piece of unsolicited advice from one modder to another: work on whatever you enjoy the most first, and save the tedious stuff for last. Working on the most interesting/pleasurable stuff is easier and goes by quickly, and it will assist in pushing through some of the "mire" at the end if you have a nice foundation of completed work supporting you.
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    New version: Just a picture updated. Thread moved out of Beta. Minor swaps. The Modmerge Launcher got uploaded to Darkmatters and Nexus. And with this I declare the project closed until further notice. Thanks to everybody who supported this project, and to Darkmatters for hosting these people and the forum to hold their discussions. Have the best time in your life ! I love you all <3
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    Oh that is really cool Dax! Take whatever images you need to make it easier
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    Yeah I love the battles! I was also sad when I found out there wouldn't be a turn based option which I had thought that they had said they were originally going to have. I think it was probably that when they said classic mode I assumed that meant the classic game as in turn based, but it turned out that classic mode was pretty lame. Basically in that mode even the character you are currently controlling will automatically fight and that way you can just focus on deciding what spells/items/abilities etc. you are going to have them all use as they are able. That was boring though and it is super easy to keep fighting and just glance at the ability gauges periodically to tell when you can do moves and the pull up that menu that slows it way down so you can safely make your choices. Also, FYI, Tifa is super fun to play as in battle so don't forget to swap control between characters and test out each ones play style to decide which you prefer to control. Have you started playing yet? What do you think? Another awesome old game (PS2) that was really cheap on the Playstation Store not long ago is Rogue Galaxy which has been enhanced, I am so excited to play that one again too! And if anyone wants to relive the original FF7 it has a digitally enhanced digital version on the Playstation Store for only $7.99 on sale right now, I also got that one!
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    Dual Wield Exalted Warrior/Revered Technology Seraphim Hello everyone! For those who still play this game nowadays, in the following lines I will share my personal Sacred 2 guide for one of my favorite characters, the Seraphim. As the title say, we will mainly be using combat arts from the Exalted Warrior aspect and a few from the Revered Technology aspect, mainly the energy shield. So, let's begin! 1. Skill build Level 2 - Tactics Lore (keep this close to your character level) - One of the most important skills for our Seraphim since it increases the damage dealt by weapons and the critical chance as well! (you should put at least 1 point in Tactics Lore per level up or if you want, 2 points every 2 level ups so you can master it at level 75). Level 3 - Exalted Warrior Focus (at least 75 points for mastery) - Probably our second most important skill after Tactics Lore due to the regeneration and penalty decrease for the Exalted Warrior combat arts. Master it at level 75. Level 5 - Armor Lore (keep it around half of your character's level) - Great skill due to the regeneration reduction of our combat arts as well as penalty diminish from the equipment. Try to have the penalty limit around 15-20 levels higher than your character level (for example, a level 60 Seraphim should have no penalty for gear level 75-80). This is because we will mainly be using set or unique items that mostly comes with a way higher level than our character, especially if they're dropped from bosses. Level 8 - Dual Wield (you can keep this at half of your character's level) - Good skill for a bit of attack and attack speed boost. The penalty limit threshold should be the same as Armor Lore's, you should be able to use weapons up to 15-20 levels more than yours without penalties. Level 12 - Revered Technology Focus (at least 75 points for mastery; you can keep it 1/2 of your character's level) - We'll learn the Focus skill first for the regeneration time decrease as well as penalty threshold. Very important skill in our build. Level 18 - Revered Technology Lore (you can keep this 1/3 of your character's level since we will be using Flaring Nova more for crowd control rather than damage and also the energy shield benefits more from Warding Energy Lore rather than from Revered Technology Lore) Level 25 - Constitution (keep it around 1/3 of your level until later levels, when it can be 1/2) - More health is always good to have. Level 35 - Concentration (don't put too many points in this since we are using it mostly for the second buff) - At this point of the game we should be able to have some regeneration reduction equipment (or at least some gear with regeneration reduction from buffs), so the regeneration increase from the second buff shouldn't be a major problem. Level 50 - Warding Energy Lore (put as many points as you need; you can keep the ratio from Constitution as well, 1/3 of your character's level on Silver difficulty and then at higher difficulties you can keep it 1/2 or even 2/3, if you like a more 'tanky' approach) - Improves your energy shield and indirectly, your health, since it strengthens your survivability in battle. Level 65 - Toughness (don't spend too much time on this, just keep it 1/3 of your character's level or even 1/4) - Just for a little more resistance against every damage type. 1.1 Skill mastery order (personal preference) 1st mastery - Tactics Lore (for more critical hit chance) 2nd mastery - Exalted Warrior Focus (for further regeneration and penalty decrease for Pelting Strikes, Dashing Alacrity and Battle Stance buff) 3rd mastery - Revered Technology Focus (for further regeneration and penalty decrease for Flaring Nova and Warding Energy buff) 4th mastery - Dual Wield (to grant the chance to inflict double hits with your weapons) 5th mastery - Armor Lore (for further regeneration penalty decrease) 6th mastery - Warding Energy Lore (for even more faster shield regeneration) 7th mastery - Revered Technology Lore (for more Flaring Nova damage; it improves the energy shield as well) 8th mastery - Constitution (to be able to regenerate health while in combat) 9th mastery - Toughness (for further increased resistance against all damage types) 10th mastery - Concentration (only for 3 active buffs at the same time; we kept Concentration at 10th mastery because we don't have a single point in Celestial Magic aspect Lore or Focus skills so we don't have a third fully modified buff to use) 2. Combat arts and buffs Exalted Warrior Aspect 1. Pelting Strikes - Our main combat art to use. The ideal regeneration time should be around 3 seconds (if you have gear with regeneration per hit bonuses of 1 or 1,5 seconds then you can have a regeneration of even 4,5 seconds). Keep it equal or lower level to the penalty threshold of Exalted Warrior Focus. 2. Dashing Alacrity - Very important combat art due to increased move speed and attack speed bonuses. Use it for long distance runs or before boss fights and watch them shred with Pelting Strikes. 3. Battle Stance (buff) - Our main buff that we'll be using. Provides a decent amount of damage, attack and defense boost. Revered Technology Aspect 1. Flaring Nova - Very good combat art when facing groups of enemies. Don't keep an eye out on the regeneration because we won't gonna be spamming this like Pelting Strikes. A regeneration of under 7-8 seconds should work. 2. Warding Energy (buff) - Our secondary buff after Battle Stance. Don't take it at early levels since it will increase the regeneration of Pelting Strikes and Flaring Nova too much and we won't gonna be using it against rats and brigands anyway. Level 30 should be enough to start read Warding Energy runes. *OPTIONAL* - 3. Divine Protection - You can use it during boss fights after your Warding Energy shield got depleted for some more protection. (be careful because it will deactivate your Warding Energy buff when the duration ends; I don't know if this is now patched or not) Celestial Magic Aspect (Optional) 1. Hallowed Restoration - Just a good healing effect after fights if you want to spare some health potions. 3. Combat arts and buffs modifications Pelting Strikes Succession - chance for double hits (20%) Focus - require less energy (20%) Precision - increases the chance to land critical hits (9.9% + 0,1% per level of Pelting Strikes) Dashing Alacrity Bloodlust - further increases attack speed (10% + 0,3% per level of Dashing Alacrity) Delay - increases the duration of Dashing Alacrity (with 50%) Impatience - reduces the cooldown of Dashing Alacrity (with 33,3%) Battle Stance (buff) Premonition - further increases attack value (12,5% + 2,5% per level of Battle Stance) Drill - reduces the energy cost to maintain Battle Stance (not sure how much to be honest but it's always good to have) Retaliation - small chance to reflect close combat damage (20% chance, increases slightly per level of Battle Stance) Flaring Nova Impulse - sends out 2 pulses, but reduces strength (around 30% damage reduction) Stun - chance to stun enemies within range (19,8% + 0,2% per level of Flaring Nova) Laggard - slows the targets down (25% + 0,5% per level of Flaring Nova) Warding Energy Field Force - strengthens the energy field and absorbs more damage until it is exhausted (50% increase from base value) Field Force - improves the energy field and absorbs more damage until it is exhausted (50% increase from base value) Resource - reduces the energy cost to maintain the shield (50% + 0,5% reduction per level of Warding Energy) Divine Protection Dampen - absorbs more damage (10% + 0,1% per level of Divine Protection) Uplifted Force - improves the energy shield (33,3% increase) Improved Reflection - chance to reflect projectile damage (50% + 1% per level of Divine Protection) 4. Weapons and equipment 4.1 Weapons by the level 50 mark you should have a different slot for each damage type (Physical, Magical, Fire, Ice and Poison) I personally use Poison damage weapons for the main slot (upgraded with Poison Fangs) due to Poison secondary effect (damage over type), which is a personal preference of mine - you can use any damage type as a main, it's pure preferential you can either use swords or hafted weapons, but don't combine them in the same weapon slot (like a dual wielding a sword and an axe) always keep the weapon with the higher damage on your right hand because it's the first hand we attack with and combat arts like Pelting Strikes or Soul Hammer will deal more damage this way best modifiers and effects to use on your weapons: +X% damage to the same damage your weapon has, Regeneration per hit (1-1,5 seconds should be more than enough), Lifeleech, Critical hit chance, Double hit chance, +X% Attack, +X to Attack or +X to Exalted Warrior aspect for greedier players, Experience per kill and Chance to find valuables are good too, but don't imprison yourself just in these or you'll suffer later in the game (tip available for both weapons and equipment) 4.2 Equipment I personally prefer Niokaste's Blade Dance set due to bonuses to Exalted Warrior aspect best modifiers and effects you can use on your equipment: +X% or +X Armor, +X% or +X to Defense, Regeneration per hit, Regeneration decrease to Combat Arts or to Exalted Warrior aspect, Lifeleech, +X% shield absorption, Spell resistance or +to all skills jewelry is pure preferential, I personally use +Damage, +Attack, Lifeleech or Regeneration per hit rings and +Armor, +Attack and Defense, +to all skills or Damage mitigation amulets (you can socket some of these modifiers in your weapons and equipment as well) 4.3 Relics use each set of relics for every resistance needed (I personally use the main set with mixed relics and the other ones with Poison resistance relics, Fire resistance relics and Ice resistance relics) unique or set relics (from the Community Patch) are the best ones, so keep every one of these you find until you find better ones 5. Attributes at early levels (1-25), you should put points into both Strength (for some melee damage and attack boost) and Stamina (for some regeneration decrease until we find proper equipment) in a 50-50 ratio (60-40 or 40-60 ratio can work too) after level 25 you can occasionally start putting points into Vitality (for more health) and Willpower (for a little bit more Warding Energy shield power) after level 50, when you will gain 2 attribute points to spend, ONE should always go into Strength and the other one either into Vitality, Willpower or Stamina (into Stamina only if you really need to); if you feel you don't need either Vitality, Willpower or Stamina then you can up both points into Strength after level 150, when you will gain 3 attribute points to spend, TWO should always go into Strength and the other one either into Vitality or Willpower, based on your personal preference; if you feel you don't need either Vitality or Willpower then you can up all three points into Strength 6. Play style Expert Touch option is pure preferential (I personally have it ON since I am using a lot of Regeneration per hit modifiers) control large groups of mobs via Flaring Nova (remember that we send 2 pulses from the modification, so, it's an increased chance to either stun or slow down the annoying enemies) slay champion type enemies with Pelting Strikes (3 or 4 hits should pretty much wipe them) use Dashing Alacrity to chase down fleeing enemies, ranged fighters or mages who tend to run away at distance in battles before entering boss battles, don't forget to switch to the relics set that offer the needed resistance (example, Fire relics against Carnach) cast Dashing Alacrity before boss battles as well and spam Pelting Strikes until they die (Pelting Strikes will hit faster due to increased attack speed from Dashing Alacrity modification) after your Warding Energy shield gets depleted during a boss fight (or you get debuffed by certain bosses like The Harpy Queen or The White Griffin) cast Divine Protection shield to protect yourself best unique mount you can use: Exalted Warrior Sabertooth Tiger (-33,3% regeneration decrease to Exalted Warrior aspect) collect every dropped items from mobs (even the common ones), you will need lots of gold for constantly upgrading our weapons and gear 7. Pros and cons Pros extremely powerful against both single targets and groups fast and easy boss killing huge amounts of damage dealt in small periods of time both offensive and defensive build extremely tanky type of Seraphim Cons some players may find it boring and repetitive low versatility since it requires a certain play style very dependent on Battle Stance and Warding Energy buffs pure melee style can be a bit weak and slow without Dashing Alacrity and Pelting Strikes combat arts As a final word, I really hope this guide will help you in developing a really strong and fun to play type of Seraphim. Good luck and have fun wiping the lands of Ancaria!
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    @Flix @gogoblender Yeah,the harder part is where could I collect all those artistic portraits. The only place I know is deviant art.(I'm by no means an artist.) If you could lead me to places with more of those headshots, I might as well train one from scratch. The only other option I have is to scrap from google or use bing's image api, though those images are often not of very high quality. Current generative nets aren't perfect, so you could expect some really funny generations, actually I roll my own architecture, so much of the flaws of stylegan2 or stargan2 could be avoided. I guess some portion of those generated images are actually useable, so Flix could use them in his MODs without concerns for 'copy left' infringement. They are more 'original' based on your own interpretation. There are some techniques to give image depth and make it look 3D, yet again, it's not like they always work so well, but I guess some pictures might look really good. There some one shot motion transfering tricks being used constantly in deepfakes, so we could animate the portrait a bit and make it smile or cry, blinking eyes and the alike. I'm not really sure how much time I could actually spend on this project, so no release date promise. Data cleaning is notoriously time consuming, but hey I think this is a cool initiative!!
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    That's why I never mention quest.txt tampering.
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    Although that is not possible, you may, with the use of character editor, create a replica of your character with the same name, same level and experience, and with no assigned skill and attribute points. You could then assign the skills and attributes the same way and start the game over from the beginning with no completed quests. Weapons, runes, jewelry, and armor could be downloaded from the download section to complete your ensemble and voila! Your wish is granted!
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    Here it is for those who can't live without the leaves in the wind. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LmLP41cfUhxPmcAM0K10Yl-eTV2trweu (I don't experience crashes and it was an outrageous choice to remove them without even concertation even if it was made with good intentions.)
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    It's been a while since I've updated this, some reasons being that I saw a new update of my favourite mod was coming along hehehe ... also, took the opportunity to play other games->" I had absolutely NOTHING to do with that guy's death, no sir!! ... By the way, what happened to the poor dude? Crushed by a candelabra? Though luck!! ... and yes, I am not the only with the codebar tattoo on the neck, it's all the rage right now" .... hehehe Anyways: While I try starting a new seraph with the aforementioned knowledge, I wasn't able to resist playing Ezraelle again. Gotta prove she's niobum worthy after all ... and it is turning out more and more that she actually is !!! Heck, even the shield skill is actually pulling a LOT of weigh ... certainly far more than I first expected. Now, some lessons were learned among the way, and the most important is this: Remember in what of my last post when I talked about using different weapon and trying to leverage them to my advantage? Turned out that I am starting to understand of it might work to do exactly this So, here's how it's working so far .... First thing to note is that for a lot of them, it's actually the number of socketable items that is one of the prime thing to look for. Slot #1: For a good while, I had all the +view range on this. I am now in the process of replacing it with a +%magic find shield+weapons duo ... with the max socketable rings and amulet types of course. This is mostly used when I know the monsters are easy for my char (and it is starting to become more and more the case but I digress ... I especially like some areas to use it, like orcs ones and grunwald ... the drop is quite good there ). Slot #2: The "defensive" slot. Basically, a combination of "there is a disturbance in the force" (or a lightsaber with good defensive type properties like +%dmg mitigation all channels) combined with an appropriate shield for the zone I am currently in. By default, if you don't know what to put in sockets, the best is a combination of appropriate armor amulets+ "defense" blacksmith runes ... The combination can increase your defensives capabilities and armor values by A LOT. Switch to this if you expect to take damage. Slot #3: This is the opposite of slot #2, the "offensive" slot. Currently, it is equipped with "Darth Maul" double lightsaber. Incredibly effective at dealing a ton of damage, especially with Archangel's wrath. Incredibly destructive against many champions but most especially bosses!! The latter are now falling MUCH MORE quickly since I started using this slot. hehehe. Slot #4: The "basic crow control" slot. I use it as the "default" slot. It uses windu's mace as a weapon for the +to combat skills and+to combat art range among other things. I do like to put "+to weakness chance" as damage modifier socket (same for some of the other slot). it basically help a ton when dealing with a tons of more regular monsters and champions. It allows me to spam those pillars and crowd controls much faster. I am still deciding which sockets are best for this, though something along the lines of more +to all skills and +to casting speed. slot #5: The "boost CA" slot. I am using this mainly for casting buffs and temporary buff (the "dashing divine shield" combo). A lot of the points in my buffs come from this. It helps a TON ... and seems especially useful to boost my Sublime guardian. Speaking of buffs, I am now mainly focusing on those 3 -> 6 is sublime guardian (for easier recast when she dies), 7 is for "combat stance" and 8 is for "cleansing brillance" (to slow down the opposition). Now, to use those slots, it works mainly like this: When starting the game, use #5 to cast buff quickly including the combo #5 (dashing+divine shield). Switch to #4 when dealing with a lot of monsters. Use #2 when fighting though damage dealers monsters but mostly bosses! (to avoid getting one shotted and massively reduce their damage). When you manage to stun the boss due to either flaring nova or assailing somersault, quickly switch to #3 to wail on the bosses and pile up the archangel's wrath on him. Once he "wakes up" go back to #2. Use #1 when in zones where you relatively safe to farm items and there you go. My (future) Archangel's seraphim took a massive boost to her fighting capabilities since I've started using this. I'll write later today about sets (I am still in the process of determining which to use and switched back and forth but megacarlwen's mutation set is starting to get more and more importance, same for impression of sophia and sopor aethernis); Ah ... and the other reason I was not so present lately is because I am getting often the visit from an ambassador from a not-so-far country ... gotta go and make her discover my country by the way ... she is sooo cute. So I hope you understand why I prefer spending time with that female hehehe) ... I can't resist posting an image by the way. See you soon ;)
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    Every update is a pleasure to watch! Great work! PS Catbit->company Keksbit->daughter?
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    A good choice of skills and modifiers can transform this mild mannered waif into the deadliest of all classes. After the huge nerfs to +all skills and deathblow, the challenge, after the release of Ice and Blood, was to create a purely magical build with no weapon lores or weapon combat arts that would be able to hammer down guardians while weathering their devastating assaults. I had been looking for published guides with tested builds to come out at DarkMatters ever since the release of Ice and Blood. The challenge was there, and surely people by now must have come up with ways to work around the changes. I had seen many guides in our guides section for all the early versions of game...but dang, Ice and Blood is tough... who knows how a guide that has more than 100 skills in it coming from plus all skills jewelry can be created anymore ...and, as well, with the huge nerf to buffs... The question became... could players now create with all the re-balancing, builds just as powerful if not more powerful than before, along pure magic lines? No Weapon Lores. No weapon Combat Arts. No Tactics Lore ...just a plain old Purely Magical build. I'd never played a High Elf before, was always so into Dryad builds, but just lately the attraction of a pure magic build, along with it's challenge became so compelling, it was even beginning to look like a welcome distraction from RPH, and CTH ^^ And after about a month of playing, re-playing, and meeting up with some great peeps on the servers who's support and advice regarding ice elf builds (Thank you Claudius and Cheese!) , the build is now at level 122 and the tale is ready to be told. Me and Schot just cranked out this video very late last night and just finished some of his special touches on it. I think, more than anything, this video shows just how much of a pounder an ice elf is. With speakers set to high, I really hope we've done a good job of capturing for you the genius and sheer exhilaration of this game. Secret Agent Ice Elf HC Closed Net EU - Level 1-130 P L A Y L O U D Download this build! Brought up and raised in the HC EU servers amongst the company of friends and clan. Mighty Schot, who has his own every unique HE build was there always, as great advisor to bequeath me with the wisdom of his many months of HE building, only necessitating for me to do the rebuild of this High Elf a mere six times, with only one reaching level 60 before an error in her mods was discovered. ^^ The build has been tested till level 122, is simple, makes sense and only uses one er...trick . I only ever play in Platinum now against Guardians because I can still kill faster than in Niobium, and I am certain this accounts for the larger number of drops I get which, I believe, tells me I have a better chance of getting Legendaries...for now If I'm grinding, I usually do it in Niobium now, which I find myself doing less and less now because the thrill of Guardians farming is too much for me to turn away from. (Spunky... argh!) Who is the Secret Agent Build for? It's easy on mechanics, has natural synergy with the choices outlined...all you do is basically socket damage and defense...and yer on your way to Guardians land. This is for players who want that shot at getting Legendaries, which is what it was originally built for...here's your chance! Where does the Secret Agent hunt? So far I use it mostly in the jungle, swamp (olms and spiders) , turtles on Dryad island...just about anywhere. The secret agent build is very robust, it masters Constitution as it's fourth skill and that's where it's real strength in being able to attract mobs and make them melt away begins to show. Until the Constitution was mastered for me, I always had the feeling that it was a bit squishy and so never let too many things get too close to me. Constitution mastery changed all that and gave me some confidence at an early stage, whereas usually, with past builds, Constitution was always the last thing I sought to master. How does the Secret Agent destroy mobs? It's funny. I had thought that shards was going to be the way to do it...but pressing that button over and over gets tiring very fast. I had set up a combo of thorns and frost flare, and it seemed...okay... All of a sudden a good two thirds into the build where I am now with it, Nimbus started to look good...if only to save my fingers from some soreness. I began casting Nimbus before casting frost flare. Nimbus is very cool. <I>It's damage scales up faster and is more powerful than flare</I>. It's an Area of Effect while Frost Flare is a Multi Hit. That means that with Flare, the CA is actively looking to target enemies...while with Nimbus it only targets an area...which means that anything that is in or passes through to get to you...no matter where you are or where are running get hit and begin to melt from the storm's damage. About two thirds of the way into the build I began using a nice combo that works wonderfully. Nimbus, Flare and Thorns. Raging Nimbus Frost Flare Glacial Thorns The first two actually stack... the storm creates, if I need it to, a barrier that puts the dot on invading enemies and just a split second later, my flare stacks on top of the nimbus, usually criticals, with my thorns going off as the third part, then quickly picking off everything in the crowd. All of this happening in 0.7 seconds... and yes...the entire combo can stack. Sometimes I just bring in as many enemies as I can gather and then sit in one place clicking over and over again while this wonderful, mini storm roils across my screen, enemies all running into it and dying. Satisfying. How does the secret agent take out The Guardians? The cool part... what it's all about ... The Guardians. If you saw the movie ( Schot is the master there...his tech wizardry knows no bounds...and in a matter of just a night, his fingers tapping nimbly over the keyboard, the marriage tween video and music was done. ) The Combat Arts against the Guardians as you can see is all Thorns... Thorns was modded very precisely so that it was primarily ONLY Boss killer...but don't worry, Thorns damage is so huge, you will have plenty left over for mobbing. I had to redo this build twice just for that alone to make sure the mods were correct, with Schot being responsible for the first one Focus for that CA is kind of tough, even a bit hairy if you get nervous, but when hit sweet, there is just nothing like it in the game. Here's how you mod it: Frost, devastation, fusillade I am sure that many will have their own versions and for different reasons. But I had just wanted to make the most powerful blast powerful, and had tried out two variations with this one winning... it follows what I believe to the the Ascaron Dev's basic gaming philophy...always build in variety... and that's why I think my hand was "guided" into not taking any of the thorn mods twice. The first three guardians are push overs. They have a lot of health points...it's just that fourth one that's the hassle. His Hp are HUGE. And he hits hard. I found that after I had taken out the first three easy, having to sock it out with him head to head got to be pretty creepy at times (He's the poison one). Answer? Cascading Shroud (Hence the name Secret Agent ^^) It's got to be one of the most powerful Combat Arts in the game. What other CA turns you invisible and lets you perform attacks at the same time undetected? That's the CA you saw in action in the video where the toon is running through the halls. It's also that blue shimmer that goes on just before the last guardian is brought down. Here's how you mod it: Faint, inconspicuous, steam Cast it and you get about thirty seconds of basically being invulnerable. For me, the strategy was to build as strong a build as possible to basically weather a few hits from the less stronger 3 guardians only while my firepower chopped them up... this doesn't work too well on the last guardian though, so that's when I cast Cascade...and problem solved, I could then just sit back and lazily take time with him...as long as it took less then thirty seconds Is this a bug.. is it supposed to be like this ? I don't know... but... no more updates to the game from Ascaron anymore! wheeeeeeeeeee As well..there is always an ambush waiting for you when you teleport in to the monolith. Make sure your finger is vigorously tapping the button that turns on Cascading so that as you arrive it is turning on. No more ambushes. What does the Secret Agent socket for damage? I will, later this week, take pix of my equipment, but here's a rough run down: + All Combat Arts Ice Damage ( the element + All Skills, + Mystic Stormite Aspect, Whet (From Smiths), Any combinations of all of the above... + All Skill and Ice Damage together are lovely Make sure you don't use too much of one kind of one damage. It's important to always keep experimenting by switching up your damage to make sure you have the best mix. Sacred does not reward too much of one kind of anything in anyone's build. Take care, when you find something that you think could be interesting to try it out in your armor to see if you can get a better yield. At points in my build.. +All Combat Arts is great, then at other times, Whet, at other times, Ice Damage. As your build changes with skills and new armor pieces so will your damage have to reflect that. It's tiring, but this is the game What does the Secret Agent use for Armor? lol, another long answer.. I will post more during the week, or to questions if peeps ask...it's mostly the Faladels set ( which I think is horrible by the way ) I switch out the chest for the vestments of innocence ...three sockets, extraordinary resistances plus nice mh ^^ As well, after meeting up with Spunky one night I was playing in Niobium with him with this build when she was at level 116. I changed my plan against those Guardians' huge hitting damage...switched my faladels' helmet to the Age of Innocence helmet... again another three sockets...but this time with a lot of hard defense levels. The hard defense levels, combined with the hard resistance offered by the age of Innocence chest with the helm socketed with three armor/defense smith runes which act as multipliers against the chest and helm are extraordinary...I can put on close to 25000 extra armor, most of it coming from physical which help buffer niobium guardians nicely now...but...at the cost of all the damage coming from the faladels' helm ^^ Secret Agent Specs Attribute choices: 100 % Intelligence Skills: Mystic Stormite Focus Mystic Stormite Lore Concentration Delphic Arcania Focus Constitution Delphic Arcania Lore Combat Discipline Armor Lore Ancient Magic Spell Resistance I kept Mystic Lore and Focus and Delphic Focus leveling together.... by level 75 mastery was upon teh three of them. The next mastery for me was Constitution. The next mastery, Armor Lore, the next Ancient Magic (Damage just zoomed when that one came in! ) I'm now on the way to mastering Delphic Arcania Lore ( all that hp regen from different sources all stacking and getting faster!), then will master Combat Discipline and finally Spell Resistance. Concentration - Just one point For the buffs: Grand Invigoration Mystic Stormite Expertise, Life Energy, Resilience Crystal Skin Glacial Mirror, Feel cold, Frosty Breeze There is good synergy tween feel cold and frosty breeze...this also has synergy with the frost from thorns... HUGE damage increase. I always cast my buffs from a +All Skills suit. I am currently using (because I'm lazy and don't feel like putting together an entire suit ) only three pieces as my "suit" ... Helm, chest and greaves from Adornments of the Ancestors set... Around gold level I could get a boost of about 15 levels using this trick. Make sure you don't miss out on this. It's a free boost and every bit counts when taking out Guardians. gogo p.s. After a few hours writing, I've come to realize that I've forgotten how long it takes to write builds! I also realize, that it's not just the stats, but the meta of builds that we all crave. And that that is also the part of the build that takes the longest to write. I will add some more tomorrow , as it arrives... this is the autobiography of a small life. One in Ancaria, the secret Agent. Her tale is not yet finished
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    You have to use carts because the store is only allowed to have a certain amount of customers a time. So they limit the number of carts to this amount. At least here in germany. Some sorts of visors are allowed here. More comfortable than a mask for people who have to sell stuff and forced to wear a face protection whole day. A sort of baseball cap to lower the airflow to the head and a light shawl which covers the lower part of the visor... We are used to our selfmade 3D-printed masks. Have a lot of breathing room before the mouse and nose. My wife is preferring the ones with a transparent part. She was used to smile to patients when all was okay and with a normal mask nobody sees the smile. She says it is important for some patients to notice face expressions of the docs to calm down. You could also visit a store for halloween costumes and buy something like this and terrify people when walking on the street...
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    Yes, of course. Ysendra left (temporary hopefully) a while ago and I catched her the last day she was here. Back then, I had only some loading screens ready and asked her via PM if we shall combine our projects. Ysendra was ok with it, as long she gets credited properly. I do it frequently here, and of course I will give credits too as as soon the whole thing gets released. (Grrr! My english is terrible!) I would say that the GUI itself has not changed much, I just made some minor corrections here and there, polished it a little bit. The enhancements I posted all the time do not affect Ysendras work at all. The projects you see here, are the Dark GUI, Ysendras original was slightly modified and greatly enhanced, and the first side project, the Vampire plugin. Shields, horses, bridles and some other things I am working on currently, have of course nothing to do with a GUI mod. But they are meant to play nice with Ysendras GUI mod which I have refined a tiny bit. Regard it as two puzzle pieces that fit together.
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    Flix thanks you!! Yes even last night our hosts were doing it upgrades to all their servers and we panicked until we woke up this morning.. all sound, secure and fast! Thanks for creating even more for the fans during all this... appreciation! gogo:
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