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    I know it's a total clickbait title but I actually want to discuss something important. And everyone knows that Ancaria was always great anyway. Over the course of time and different iterations of community made patches and mods there has been a lot of content added to the vanilla version of the game, and this is something that hasn't been consensual as far as I can tell. No one questions the ability for CM 1.60 to make the game stable, so all the added content that comes with it is to be endured in order to fully enjoy the game in its full splendor. And yet there are always folks that think that vanilla it should be. Now with that in mind there is one thing that's been talked about over the course of time, which is to make more standardized CM version. As daunting of a task as that may seem at first the question I ask is this, is it really a necessity or just something for a selected few who complain about no vanilla no game?! That's my first point so I'll keep the rest of the conversation below. Now, we all know how easy it is to mod this game, just grab GSME and enable the module you want to load on top of the game. You want added content? Load the module with "cm items", which would need what, an already existing blueprint and drop.txt files? Come to think of it it shouldn't really be that difficult to make a "vanilla cm patch" with optional modules to be added like any other mod with extra items and stuff. Now, I'm not talking about eliminating restored content but making newly created content an optional module. It's pretty much incredible just how much variety CM 1.60 and even EE 2.1 bring to the game in terms of enemy skins and weapons, as well as rng loot skins. The point I'm trying to make is that those things should stay, if they're in the game files anyway why shouldn't they? The only thing that they add is a greater visual variety in the game, they don't add more items to drop pools. Now the big question is this, do you, the community, feel like this is an endeavour worth taking? Making a CM Patch that has all vanilla plus only restored content, with the option to side-load all the extra content created by the community? What do you all think abou this? We have the tools, I know there's will out there. But how about it being something people actually want? And that my friends, is the million dollar question. Thanks for reading and I hope that we can discuss this.
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    Too bad. I already bought a second hand HP Z420 for 380 Euro in decembre. Kids say it has nearly enough computer power to use it for playing with LEGO robots. 3 monitors connected and this free education software from Fraunhofer Institute. And I was mean and nasty. Instead of a gaming keyboard it has a medical one. You can wash and desinfect it.
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    Your question is answered here, in this thread: Auto zoom in on NPCs
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    A dog walk lunch Walking with the dogs early Sunday morning and collecting young herbs, deep frosted fruits still on bushes and mushrooms. We call them Winterpilze, winter mushrooms. The cultivated form sees no light and is grown in a special room with a special atmosphere and well known: enoki. I prefer the wild forms however. Tasty soup.
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    You are quite welcome, we are happy to have helped!
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    Hi there! I'm a new member of Darkmatters and a new player from Sacred (I play for two months) and I just finished the campaign at the "gold" level with my Battle Mage. I used several combact arts and I wanted to know which ones are best according to you. My favorites are: Fireball when the enemies are few; Fire spiral when they are many; Ice shards against dragons, giants and subkaris; Ghost meadow always on. Spiritual Healing is helpful
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    I wish to congratulate the work of the community on all this. I am new to darkmatters, and everything that has been achieved is impressive. Thank you..
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    I confirm the archive can now be extracted. Thanks.
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    ARPG maybe Diablo 1. Before then I played SSI gold box dungeons and dragons based RPGs. I played Legend of Zelda the first Nintendo game where you needed a memory cartridge and did not start from the very beginning Every. Single. Time. You. Played. The. Game.
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    I remember you mentioning such a thing, maybe this is a good way for recruiting troops for that endeavour?! Anyway the idea of being modular was as simple as not removing the added content which took so much work from everyone who did it. It'd be more like optional community made content, a sort of walk into the history of the CM Patch since it always introduced new content. I was reading the page on the Wiki and adding new stuff was always part of the spirit. Thus making "bug fixes alone + optional added content" was more in line with keeping the best of both worlds. Granted, I realize that if there are no new fixes introduced splitting the atom only to use its two parts seems like a waste of energy, but if there is space to press new fixes into the "lite" version then it would make sense to have the extra content as an optional module, since the main module (bug fixes, optimisations) could be changed furthermore without having to alter the rest of the pool of items made over the years. I don't know if that makes that much sense, or if there are still that many things to debug/optimise, but it's an interesting way to keep the work of so many people over nearly a decade still available while keeping the patch up-to-date. I'd very much prefer a CM 1.61/1.62 progression with the extra content on the side than a complete overhaul into 1.70/1.80. Vagner mentioned translating the game into Portuguese some time ago, and I admitted that it would be a daunting task to do so. But don't mind me asking, is there any work yet to be done in localisations? Just to be sure, just how much text is there to be translated? I'd probably be able to translate it and put into syntax, but then there's the question of PT-PT vs PT-BR. I know Vagner gets me.
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    You may want to double check my work in the post linked below, but I believe the "doublehit_attack_ca" that we made for CM 1.60 is multiplying the attack damage way too much, basically making it like an extra hard hit/multi-hit attack where there should just be a standard-damage double hit.
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    My day's going very well! It's my first day as DarkMatters member, I ate pizza for dinner, it's Sunday, ecc...
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    Well, you could purchase this with YOUR money, Chattius.
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    Pink -> Going to California Vengaboys - We're Going to Ibiza!
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    "For the maker!"... I missed adding that bro. As soon as I have some time, I'll do a tutorial on that. You can write to me in Spanish by private any other doubt. You only have to add two more groups. I think the maximum is 6, if you put more, the game is iced when you open the blacksmith.
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    Refer to the above for guidance from Lussbhel on how he's used the Sacred 2 Item Editor to modify the items you see on the Shadow Warrior in the pictures with the download.
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    High Elf - Mystic Stormite View File Hello everyone! As I promised, the frosty high elf character will be uploaded! Tested repeatedly up to 150 levels! Some important data about the character: nearly 50% survival bonus, 150% run speed , 67.3% map discovered, nearly 4000 magic strength, over 100,000 killed enemies, 11 days of play! etc. Her filling his abilities fast enough in 2-3 seconds, which can also be folded out of the clothes + focusing elixir use! Lots of Bonuses Complex! The 5 levels of difficulty were played, but I left the character directly in the main enemy (Act X)! The martial arts craft is not yet fully blown out (under further test)! The character's box contains sets for your own use and other collected items for other High Elfs (Fire, Arcane)! Personally, this magician came to me (Frost)! Her skills were tested at level 200, and I used the Energy Storm for a while instead of the Smoke Shape (it can be effective against certain enemies)! There's a lot of stuff in the co-owned box (set items, lots of weapons, jewelery and 1-2 pvp equipment)! I think I have written about what I was thinking about. I did not modify the gold of the character, the set elements were earlier (except for Frost Gems boots) I did not use any fraud and only used the files of Darkmatters.org and the Character Editor! I hope there will be some people who try this character known to everyone in this format! Thanks for the opportunity to upload, I hope the admins of the server keep their good habits and maintain the forum for further important information and downloads! I wish you all a successful Sacred 2 game! Path: I welcome negative criticism if I did not do something well, and the positive thoughts can come calmly! What's the Next Character? Submitter kokoka Submitted 02/18/2019 Category Ice & Blood High Elf Builds  
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    ta Dah... my first attempt at Thai Red curry chicken noodles... pretty yum yum... that bottled sauce does miracles gogo
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    Version 1.0.0


    ================ Introduction: ================ * This is a collection of skins from all the versions of Sacred 2. Any skin can be installed over any version of the game. Pictures are included as a visual reference. ================ Installation: ================ * Install the Generic Mod Enabler to the Sacred 2 root folder (for example C:/Sacred 2) -get it at http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/Generic-Mod-Enabler.shtml * Move the GUI folders into the MODS folder created by the Generic Mod Enabler in the Sacred 2 folder. * Choose only one skin to install at a time. Hit "Enable Selected Mod." * Disable before switching to a different skin. * Install order shouldn't matter, these skins should override any others, but if you want to be sure that these skins will override all other mods, then install these skins last.
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    Sorry for the delay! I've been super pressed for time lately so I can't go through and pull out all the entries for you, but I can tell you how to find them easily: use the Wiki to look at the spell descriptions and modifications, and then you can search for them in the decoded text file I sent you. For example, you can see the descriptions of Levin Array on its page: "Several streaks of lightning will shoot forward, inflicting damage on all opponents within a cone-shaped area in front of the Inquisitor" Search for some or all of that description in the text file. You can do the same for modifications. Like if you searched "Elongation -" it would take you to the entry: 2367041004 Elongation - Increases the range of the lightning streaks. which is the line you'd want to edit. If you want to change a spell name, you may want to do a "replace all" function because spell names are listed multiple times, for example once for the rune, once again for the spell interface, etc. You can use S2rw to encode the text file after you made changes. Check this topic where I describe how to use it. If you have trouble, you can also send it to me after you made your changes and I'll encode it for you. As for making a creature grant 0 XP, I don't think it can be done. :/ My best guess is the line "dangerclass = 1," in the creatures.txt entry might have something to do with it.
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    I feel like I could write a truly monolithic post about the history and scope of Sacred 2 modding at this point, as I've been up to my ears in it for 3 years now. But I'll keep it short and expand it if necessary. The language in the Sacred 2 scripts is easy to understand, as is the structure of the game folders. I don't have any training or experience in programming and I learned to feel very at ease with them after a few months (at first it was a tad nightmarish though). There is a List of Mods and Modding Guides on the Wiki. Although the modding tutorials might be somewhat limited in scope compared to the actual mods. I'll link some actual mods below because I learned by example (and from some tutors like Pesmontis, Silver Fox, Czevak and Marcuswob). There are no tools to make editing these things easier, with the exception of the program s2rw.exe which decodes the game texts, and can re-encode them after editing. If the lack of an easy-to-use modding toolset is a deal-breaker, it's probably not worth continuing on. Item editing - totally possible, as the Community Patch and the Community Items Mod (now integrated into the the former) bear out. All existing items can be tweaked, you can add new items and sets, even new types can be added. Creature editing - again totally possible. The best examples are probably Diablo 2 Fallen and Elite Mounts. Change old creatures, add new attacks and enemy spells, add brand new monsters and bosses, etc. Spell editing - very easy to do once you understand spells.txt. Llama's Mod, Enhanced Spells, Age of Heroes, Diablo 2 Fallen all change spells. Balance editing - almost entirely done in a single, easy to understand script: balance.txt. You can get some dramatic changes from editing it (Modifying balance.txt). Quest editing is possible. Old quests can be changed, new quests can be added. New quests can have new quest-givers, quest items, quest targets (enemies), new rewards, quest text, even voiced audio (maybe), the whole package basically. It's only been done by the CM Patch authors though, as quest scripts are dreadfully complicated. Marcus and czevak have had success with them though, and seem to understand those scripts quite well. So far I've tweaked some existing quests but failed to add new ones. Map editing seems to be off the table. Making new regions, new dungeons, hell even new buildings or world objects like statues or portals, has been completely impossible for me, and I've not seen it done by any modders that came before me. Then of course there are more simple mods like texture editing, model swaps, music changes, camera changes, which you mentioned above. Stripping down the females remains the most popular mod ~sigh~ I wish Sacred 2 had come with a modding toolset like so many other games. But I have to remember it was mainly meant to be an online game, and that means no cheating. Even mentioning mods was banned on the official forums. Now though, as you say, I think many game developers realize modding increases the attraction and extends the life of games. Pesmontis is still active and about. He has helped me tremendously with Diablo 2 Fallen. Most other modders have generally chilled out or retired. I'll be happy to discuss it further with you though, if you have any questions.
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    Interesting topic. Really made me stop and examine what jewelry I use and why. I organize each character's stash like this: I'm a big fan of +All Skils jewelry. I guess it's a holdover from playing Diablo 2, where it was a rare, godly modifier, and Stones of Jordan were currency for trading. In terms of what my Sacred 2 characters actually wear in their ring/amulet slots, it's mostly blue/yellow jewelry with +All Skills and whatever best additional modifiers I can find (listed below). I collect -% Regen Penalty from Buffs amulets because it's a great alternative to using Buff Suits (which are a headache). I keep a weapon and shield with high number of sockets in the far right weapon slot (usually Rancuil's Dark Flame or Excalibran, which have this modifier natively), and pack them full of -% Regen Penalty from Buffs amulets. I use these weapons only for casting buffs. "Useful Rings and Amulets" are mostly blues at lower levels, and uniques & yellows at higher levels. The modifiers these pieces have that make them valuable to me are: Defensive: Damage over Time: All Types -X% Very difficult to protect against this, and in Ice and Blood it can take huge chunks out of your hitpoints. Very important. Stacks with diminishing returns, it will never reach 100% Opponent's Chance to Wound/Weaken/Burn,etc. -X% The secondary effects can be bad, particularly Freeze and curses that Weaken. Stacks with diminishing returns, it will never reach 100% Damage Mitigation: All Types +X% Very powerful against flat damage from all attacks. Stacks without diminishing returns, allowing for 100%. This is OP, and due to a bug, but good news for the player, as it can make them invincible to most attacks. All Combat Arts +X or Aspect +X Full upgrade to Combat Arts with only half the penalty. I value these because I never socket runes (probably should, just don't). Regeneration Time -X% this is always nice but as there are many ways to lower regen time it's not a priority with jewelry Max Hitpoints +X more hitpoints, live longer Armor +X% and Defensive Value are less important as there are many other sources of improving these values. The exception is Artamark's Star, which gives flat armor values to all damage types. I rarely wear it but I always make sure to have at least one socketed in armor or a shield. At higher levels I tend to prefer Chance to Evade +X% to Defense Value. Offensive: Damage +X% (Either all types or specific to the main element the character uses) Opponent's Chance to Evade -X% (Melee Only) Far superior to just boosting Attack Rating. Chance Opponent Cannot Evade Attack +X% (Melee Only) Same as above, far superior to just boosting Attack Rating. Regeneration per Hit (Melee Only) As noted in my pic above, these get their own row in my stash, because they're so valuable. In Ice and Blood, regeneration time for a melee really doesn't matter so long as you have enough regen per hit gear on. With this modifier, it's fairly simple to make it so that melee Combat Arts are instantly ready and recharged, so spam away. Opponent Level for Death Blow (melee only) Deal much higher damage. Before Ice and Blood, this worked with spells, now it only works with melee hits. I should probably make more use of the two Life Leech modifiers, since they're additional damage that enemies can't resist but I simply don't use/find them that often. In keeping with the modifiers I've listed above, these are the uniques I use most often: Amulets: Lord Wayne's Wild Rage - provides +all skills and +combat arts Darwagon's Circlet - damage mitigation and chance to evade Artamark's Star - flat armor and defense values Tanit's Collar - damage mitigation and armor lore Manadth's Fetish - damage over time -x% and opponent's defense value -x% Gem of Life - max hitpoints and vitality Vedan's Nemesis - opponent's chance to wound/weaken, etc. -x% and chance to reflect close combat Rings: Inquisition Token - opponent's chance to evade -x% and chance for open wounds Band of Dominion - damage +x% and opponent's physical armor -x% Ring of Twines - damage over time -x% and block chance: root. great for the swamp Kybele's Tear - max hitpoints and stamina Haldorian's Signet - opponent's chance to wound/weaken, etc. -x% and chance to evade Nyarlothotep's Creeping Madness - opponent level for deathblow and chance that opponents cannot evade attacks Finally, pretty much all jewelry that's Legendary or part of a Set is bound to be useful. There are 5 Legendary pieces of jewelry (11 with CM Patch), and they're all great. The CM Patch also adds a number of sets with powerful jewelry. EDIT: This topic reminds of the psychedelic textures for the rings and amulets I found in the game folders. You really only see these textures when the item is dropped on the ground, surprising they went into so much detail for them:
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    Well, the hardest part of this is probably the finding the correct images to edit...provided you know what you are doing when it comes to editing them. Firstly, winrar is necessary to browse through the zipfiles the textures are in, notepad++ is a much better program to open the various textfiles with than normal notepad, DXTBmp is what I used to open the .dds (texture) files and a program to edit the textures with such as gimp. First I guess you want to decide what exactly you plan on editing, armour/weapon, set/legendary/unique. Everything is contained in the blueprints.txt file which is located in install directory as follows: <main Sacred 2 install directory>\scripts\server\blueprint.txt Then, you need to find your item. Alot of them have german names, alot of them have semi useful descriptive names. Set items are usually named with a variation of set_<class>_<setname>_<item type>, but can be labled as miniset instead of set. For alot of the stuff added in the Ice and Blood expansion, its named rather lazily, the dragon mage minisets are given with numbers instead of names and itemtypes, and the normal sets have the setname abbreviated to two letters. Also, the unique armour added in the expansion is named like so: armor_unique_le_dr_09 Where I assume dr is the classname (so dr = dryad), le would be some abbreviation of the set name and the number is some identifier of the order in which they were created. Anyway, finding specifically what you are looking for can be tough, I usually search through the text document with the find function for a few different key words depending what it is I'm looking for. Set items, usually I will search for set_, unique items I will search for unique_. Legendaries...can be labled as legendaries or uniques, set items can be labled as legendaries, which means that it can get confusing looking for specific items. But taking the niokastes set as an example we would open up blueprints.txt and search for set_sera until we found mention of some seraphim sets. The first hit we get is for "set_sera_technik_arm". Now, my german is pretty crappy, but technik makes me assume this is the revered technology set, so we keep searching for something different. The next piece is "set_sera_kampf_hand"...kampf...don't know that word, so plug it into google translate and see what it tells us. And we get kampf = fight. Sounds like the niokastes set to me, thats the only melee set of the 3 main ones. Now scroll down in blueprints.txt until you get to the line "itemtypes = {<number>,}," in this items blueprint id. The number, in this case 1402, corresponds to the id number in the itemtype.txt file which is located at: <main Sacred 2 install directory>\scripts\shared\itemtype.txt This is the file which tells you the location of the files you want to edit are. Open it up and search for the number we found previously, 1402. This should bring you to just below the itemtype info for what is hopefully niokaste's gloves. Once there, all we need is is the name under the model0Data section which is: models/heroes/seraphim/sets/angeldust/c_sera-angeldust-gloves.GR2 The location of the model file for this set piece. Now you may ask, why do we want to find the model file, and the answer is...we dont But, the location of the texture that is applied to this model file is very similarly named. All of the textures, sounds, models and such are located in the PAK folder in zipfiles in the main install directory. <main Sacred 2 install directory>\pak All item/weapon/effect textures along with their model files will be found in the files graphics01.zip through to graphics19.zip (there will be more of these if you have the elite graphics installed I think). You won't be able to open graphics19.zip as it is encrypted through the securom copy protection the game uses, meaning no editing of the stuff added in Ice and Blood as far as I am aware. Anyway, now most textures (including all items) have a medium and low quality texture file, plus a high quality one if elite graphics are installed, meaning there will be two textures for the model we have found. These will be located in very similar directory structures to the model, the only difference being the model directory gets replaced with "mq/maps" and "lq/maps" and there will be 3 texture files for each quality for the model file, each effecting different aspects ingame. Medium Quality (mq) textures are located in zip files graphics02, 03, 11, 12. Low Quality (lq) are in files graphics04, 11, 12 Models are in graphics05, 06, 07, 10, 11, 12. Sets are found in (mq) graphics02.zip\mq\maps\heroes and are then sorted by class name, lq ones are found in graphics04.zip\mq\maps\heroes. If you know exactly what you are looking for instead of searching though the text files above you can jump straight to this step and browse through the class folders until you find the set you are after simply by opening the files and recognising which set they are from. The names themselves are useless when it comes to recognising the sets. Anyway, we know from our model file that we are after the angeldust seraphim set, so open up the mq location, graphics02.zip\mq\maps\heroes and navigate to the seraphim folder and then the angeldust set folder. And here are all the files we need to make niokaste's set look exactly like we always wanted. Each piece is conveniently named for where it is equipped and any piece which has "-var#" or "-v#" at the end of its name means it is a variation of the texture that can be found on randomly generated items, so editing these will have no effect on the appearance of the set, ignore anything with this little extra in the filename. You will notice that for each item in the set it will have 3-4 texture files associated with it. The file ending with _d.dds or _dx.dds or _do.dds is the main texture file and details exactly what everything looks like ingame, its the main one to edit. The file ending with _n.dds effects how the game deals with depth on items allowing details to looks indented or outdented (?..raised is maybe a better word) and the file ending in _sg.dds affects the lighting of your texture - Making the alpha channel on this white results in the edited area glowing, whereas black gets rid of any glow. There are some variations on what effects files have for different items. For example the niokastes skirt at the back, editing the alpha channel of the _d.dds file allows you to edit how much of the skirt is seen, black areas are not rendered which is what allowed me to make the skirt above look more like a net than a skirt. Other textures, such as the lucretis set for the shadow warrior have black regions on the _d.dds texture which are where the t-energy pulse effects are added. Detail can be added to this and in the alpha channel of this file these regions will be white to allow the full effect to shine through, darkening this region means the t-energy pulse will become less and less bright until it cannot be seen at all, only the details on the main part of the texture. Everything else...you will need to play around with for yourself, Im still learning when things will cause effects, what effects they will cause...and so on. Anyway, back to editing the textures, first you want to extract them from their zip folders, select all the files you want to change, in this case I extracted everything that wasn't a variation on the set. After selecting everything you want, click on the extract to button in winrar. On the popup, in the destination path, remove the name of the zip file you are extracting from and the \ immediately preceding it and the file will be extracted to the correct folder that the game will expect it to be in (delete the highlighted text as shown in the picture and then click ok). After this, navigate to the location of the extracted files and edit to your hearts content. If everything was done correctly they should have been extracted to the following location: ]<main Sacred 2 install directory>\pak\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim\sets\angeldust Open up your game and you should see the new effects when you equip the skinned item as the game (or windows) is smart enough to load the extracted textures in preference to those in the zip files. If you make any changes while the game is open you can press CTRL+F1 to refresh the game and force it to reload the textures that you have edited since opening the game. If you either delete a _sg.dds file from your extracted folder or extract a new one while the game is open it will crash for some reason so try to have everything extracted before you open the game. I think thats about it, here are a few pics to show you the different effects you can have when you change different parts of the .dds files. Also, when I talk about alpha channels I mean the alpha channel displayed in DXTBmp in the top right corner and by main image I mean the image displayed in the center of the window. Also, if you do edit anything, edit the medium quality textures, the low quality textures are the same as the medium quality ones, they are simply rescaled to half the dimensions, so save the mq ones, then resize to half size to get the lq ones. Changing the Lucretis Set T-energy effect. As shown by these pictures the brightness of the T-energy glow on the set piece can be decreased by darkening the _d.dds files alpha channel in the correct areas, and by adding colour to the original texture you can make the pulse appear over the top of other glows or colours. Editing the alpha channel for the pelvisskirt file for the angeldust set allows the removal of areas. Only the white areas in this alpha region are displayed ingame. I hope thats what you were after King Angel and it wasn't to long winded, if anything is poorly worded or doesnt make sense just ask. @Schot...so far, as all I've done has been done with a mouse I don't really have to precision or skill to use any sort of brushes very much, I've used them for little touch ups on really small, less noticable details. Instead, most of what I've been doing hasn't really required much/any skill. All I've been doing is recolouring selected regions through changing the colour balance in GIMP. It keeps all the necessary details, but just puts them in other colours. I have been trying to work on adding stuff to armour like glowing text or symbols, but so far I haven't quite got the control Im looking for with a mouse. Having said that there are a bunch of cool changes that I've gotten through such basic means. Colour inversion: Changing saraki's helmet to a red glow from green: And the changes I made to niokaste's, the darker colour was achieved by desaturating the stuff I wanted darker. So yeah...thats my probably unneccessarily long post on this...