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    An extremely well-polished and well-designed mod. This goes for the items, the lore, the quests, the graphics, the fonts - but most specifically for the core gameplay elements: the combat arts and items/item stats. The new character classes (based on those from D2) are truly well-crafted, with much thought and love for both Sacred II and Diablo II put into it. The different aspects are very inviting to try different builds, for example, as a melee barbarian, the warcries aspect is truly inspiring. I'm having a thorough blast playing it, especially because I think the sacred II default combat-arts combinations arent that great. With this barbarian I'm playing now (hardcore), I buff myself with Shout (which has a nice 90s duration instead of some other 10s lame buffs in the original game), I use Leap Attack to jump into the fray, I whirlwind twice to hit everything around me, and I clean up the mess with Frenzy - which also nicely serves as a boss/ elite killer. I have so many usefull skills I want to max everything and the character feels more 'alive' than any other sacred 1 or 2 hero I ever played. 10/10 recommended must-have for every fan of the diablo/arpg genre. It takes the quite unique attractiveness factor of Sacred II (is it the humor? the scenery?) and spices it up with more and harder enemies, more varied gameplay, better designed character classes, and a ton of very well implemented Diablo lore. It's great
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    It's good to know that you are building your Survival Bonus back up now. Keep up the good work! The build advice that I mentioned actually comes from a High Elf Pyromancer build written here, Loco's Piromante (Ice & Blood), by Locologarto. Unfortunately, it's relatively easy to miss his note when following the build and select the modifications above it. Perhaps you can try the ones that add more power on your next build. I posted a Mystic Stormite build that somewhat loosely follows Loco's Pyromancer build, adjusted for a Mystic Stormite of course. Devastating Mystic Stormite Build
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    One of the most powerful Bosses in the game, Asmarael, Queen of the Spiders is not one to drop in on unprepared. Unless, of course, the one popping in for a visit is none other that Tarellethiel, the High Elf and slayer of bosses. Watch now, in resolutions up to and including 4k for the best viewing that suits your preference.
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    Thank you very much for your replies and time, gogoblender and Augmint! Much appreciated.
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    Oh the Spider Queen. I reckon you didn't read my comment on Steam about the Ice Hydra yet... I can definitely relate. The interesting thing in this game is that at higher levels resistances and damage types are much more important than they are made to be at the starting point. You should catch a video of user Hooyaah going against the Ice Lord with an Ice HE and you'll notice that even with hundreds of points in the skills it's hard to cause it damage because it's ice vs ice. And a Pyro HE is kind of limited to fire+physical so when a tough opponent is resistant to those you're in for trouble, and you either have a huge amount of DPS or you're screwed. Try killing the Forest Guardian on Dryad Island, it keeps casting full heal over and over again, and unless you can get its HP down fast enough you really can't kill it. That boss has been my go-to test for checking if my DPS is good or bad, if you can kill it it's good. But I agree that many mini-bosses are actually harder than the campaign bosses. Narnuil, Abishai, Ice Hydra, Forest Guardian, Spider Queen, and probably more that I don't have at the tip of my tongue are all very hard. Get frozen by Narnuil once and say good night. Drop the ball and let yourself be caught by the Abishai's traps and bye bye. Face any of the remaining three with a lower than godly DPS and it's sayonara baby. But then again, that's more to do with the actual game design that with CM Patch. Opinions may differ but I for one don't think the CM Patch is to blame for your death. PS: Do you happen to have Ancient Magic? Having it mastered should really help you cause more damage, even taking resistances into account. That skill breaks resistances on top of boosting spell damage.
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    Stumbled onto your post thanks for sharing The game actually looks pretty good, I would love to see a demo of some sorts. I am not a large fan of dropping money into a game for alpha/beta access. Also the lore piece on the website is quite limited. I'll keep an eye on it!
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    Superspawn increases the default spawn rate on different areas. If you check out the original spawn.txt and the one from the mod you'll see that most values are around double the amount of the original, which means that the number of enemies spawned on that region increase by the same reason. It's just a mode where you get a bigger mob density per area. That results in more kills and more XP, so more levels in lesser time.
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    Hello. It should just be a matter of deleting the replacement textures for that set. They are located in the pak folder of the mod, inside graphics14.zip\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim\sets\ Delete the folder within called "mystique". Custom skin colors may not work but otherwise the appearance of the set should be vanilla.
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    I was reflecting on just how many Christmases I have spent on these forums, it's like a second home in a way. There have been Christmases where the only good thing going on in my life was that I had a really cool Sacred 2 mod project that I was working on and posting about, and there have been Christmases (like this one) where my life is so full of friends and family and activities that I feel like I barely have time to swing by here and check in. I'm very grateful this community exists. Merry Christmas DarkMatters. P.S. Here is my mother's Christmas tree cake with chocolate frosting. It's ok to be a little jealous.
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    Hi that as a developer of Sacred I have to ask here is amazing. Well, but why? As part of an article, I ask if there are any active players on freeVPN or other solutions that are still playing Sacred. What options are currently available via VPN or even other options? Hamachi is not anymore. So did you find other options?
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    I truly can't remember the last time I heard something so beautiful. Once I great while I will hear a song that hits all the right notes in me. When I got to the part at the 4 minute mark, I literally had tears on my cheeks (sitting at work no less). This whole channel is amazing. It's a family of singers, and they tackle mostly Tolkien's poems.
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    I know! both me and Schot had a hoot watching the video... the transformation firstly took me by surprise as I hadnt seen it before, and then seeing all the deeking and running, good tension, and camerawork on the part of the player ... quite exciting...that player had a good flee/fight reaction in progress gogo
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    Long post ahead, so those who don't want to read, better move to another topic now...................... To start with, I discovered - to my horror, I must admit - that my HE was still wearing some of her Silver items, including a level 39 - most likely because of the socketted ammy or ring - piece. That's kinda asking for the problems I ran into. So it looks the death of my HE was more my own fault as in lacking the right equipment and perhaps being a bit too overconvident after so easily killing the campaign bosses, as it was to the CM patch. @Hooyaah , Thx for the tips. Unfortunately at my current level, Meteor Strike has already been improved, so I won't be able to use the ones you suggested. The improvements I choose were based upon one of the builds I found here; but I also discovered some of the names of the improvements have been changed at some point; which also may have been a reason or a cause for the problems. Anyway, the things I choose were Skull Smash, Smoldering Boulder and Copious Shower. It's listed in the screenshot as well, so no reason to explain why. For Grand Ivigoration I choose the same things you reccommended, although I'm not certain I've got enough points for a full spec yet. I am pretty sure I haven't been able to spec Expulse Magic yet, but your list was the same I had in mind - again, based upon that old topic - so at least I'm certain I took the right choices there. Makes me wonder if my build is based upon an old one you created a long time ago. As for DPS, I'm able to rain down 12 meteors doing 2.4K dmg each at a 1.4s interval. That's over 20K dmg a second; which should've been enough to deal with her. Unless my calculations are off somewhere? @gogoblender Have you seen that this player actually had the time to move his mousepointer away from the spiderqueen to click at a healthpotion? And not once, but multiple times? @Flix: Yeah, that leech option most NPC have is sometimes maddeing. Especially since they got it at both the physical - as in melee and ranged attacks - as the spell attacks; while as a player you only have it for your physical attacks. I do understand why the dev's took it out, knowing how my BM was able to survive a mob starting with 1% HP left, and then casting one or two fire spirals to use the 25-30% socketted LL to heal up. But at the same time, it meant that you go from overpowered in one game into underpowered in the sequel. And now you mention it, that LL could very well been the reason my char got killed. Like I said in my first post, she got hit twice in a row by some super spell or something. I had been able to heal up after previous attacks from her; which didn't take out more as 1/3rd of her health. However, if she did two of those spells, burning through all of my resistances and have LL on top of that; yes, that may be enough for her to kill my HE with two shots. Still, not something I'm happy about though. Anyway, one of the reasons I wasn't happy with the death was the way it happened, but also because of the loss. I had build up a nice amount of SB, making me fighting monsters 11 levels above me. After that death and all monsters at my level, I have been one-shotting them for quite some time. And since SB is based upon my actuall combat time and not - as in S:UW - upon the time you are near monsters, one-shotting monsters doesn't help much in building it up again. There were times I relied to other spells to fight monsters, just to increase the actually fighting time. But it eventually paid off and I'm facing monsters 6 levels above me again. I noticed that even that can be a pain, when encountering Mazzagon's Female bodyguards who were almost shredding me because of their setup. Which is a totem cast from one and rooting you from the other; as well as some other Dryad spells and, again, their spells having LL. Those two things combined can be deadly, so I used my Expulse Magic / meteor shower combo to deal with them until the point they gave up their casting and "simply" switched to melee. After that it was just spamming meteors until they went down. Compared to them the endboss of that quest was a walk in the park with your partner, while eating icecream and enjoying the sun. More important, with those 6 level's because of the SB and my char being level 97 atm, dropped items are getting better as well. I'm not where I should be, but I'm getting to where I used to be, including getting more difficult monsters over time. Still, I got the feeling that the previous two minibosses will be a lot harder as the Facetteleon. Especially since the latter doesn't move around as much and is partially ice / magic based and thus no match to an overdose of fire / physical damage. I hope. Thorin
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    Crud, I completely intended to do this, I just get so busy and 5 months went by. I'll do my best to see if I can get to it this week.
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    I am not aware of any way to play the actual song by Blind Guardian in the game but to actually accept and play through the quest in Sloeford. There is a partial instrumental version of the music that plays for a period during the idle portion of the start screen. If anyone knows how to get it to play in other parts of the game, such as during battle, then that would be Flix. I would like to know how to allow a character to use their pool of random and responsive game chat in order to incorporate both components of "good alignment" and that of "bad alignment." Or, simply mixing a portion of one to another, allowing an increase in different responses during the game. Surely, there must be ways to adjust soundprofile.txt in order to achieve this as well along with a number of other things.
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    That's how I used to keep up on the cw shows before on-demand.
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    Seems Rimworld is a down trimmed Dwarffortress Less complex, but better UI. It is a bit unfair to use the 'carefully prepared mod'. Skills and traits can be given by using a points system. My colonists start tough with a good immune system. Then I let them start slightly poisoned, suffering from light heat stroke, hungry. This give bonus points and I put them mainly in medicine. So all the bad stuff is removed in the first virtual hour. Then I do a two person hunting. One uses the starting knife to stab an animal. If he doesn't kill it he runs circles around my sniper... Of cause I bought the jogging trait with the bonus points for the melee one, and carefully aiming for the sniper. And if Rimworld is too easy: there are mods for bad mood at low hygiene (you have to build toilets, baths, ...). A mod to make compost for fertilizing fields.... Of cause there are mods to ease the game. But luckily there are ones which make it more complex too
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    It is worth noting that Saint Libertine's Blessing grants a significant boost to Faster Increase of Survival Bonus. This makes this set even more alluring!
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    You are welcome, indeed, DanteColtz, I am just pleased to know that your access to the land of Ancaria has been achieved and that now a new hero has arrived to aid the denizens there, making their world a better place!
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    Welcome to DarkMatters, DanteColtz. Let's see how quickly we can get you into the land of Ancaria, slaying Kobolds, and leveling up! It seems that members more often report startup problems with the Steam version. I play Sacred 2 Gold purchased from GOG and never have had any issues. I was wondering if you have already added the latest patch, as that seems to clear up problems from the start. If you don't mind, I'd like to point you to the thread below, so that I don't have to post, yet again, the same responses that may solve your issue. If you are still at a loss for the right solution please reply here. Also, it would be very helpful if you would post what ultimately worked for you in this thread as a blessed service to anyone who requires assistance in the future and may benefit from a resolution. Thank you in advance, sir! Sacred 2 not starting up!
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    3840*2160 -> mathematics You could open a console and type in a screenshot command. Then you could a variable for magnification. So when playing on an old 1200*800 screen you could do do a multiplyer of 2 for 2400*1600. Found it: ss for screenshot as a console command.
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    Flix should be more available to answer your questions after the holidays. In the meantime, Ivan, the only information that I could find to answer your question is in The Diablo 2 Fallen Items Thread. However, it doesn't mention much regarding the armor available with the Diablo 2 Mod. Because I play only Sacred 2 Gold with the latest patch I am relatively unfamiliar with the Diablo 2 mod. I hope that you find the answer that you are seeking soon.
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    Эта модификация поддерживается только на французском и английском языках. (This Modification is only supported in French and English.)
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    Hmmm, a get out of hell card. Funny, but is it legal? The card reads until needed or SOLD. Receiving money for indulgence is not legal in several countries. It would be totally legal if the owner of the site can proof that he was sent by the devil and the money goes to hell and not to a church. There would be no legal place on earth for a court to do a law suite against a crime that will happen in future and in hell. At least I think so
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    Now that you mention it, I did find a stash over the summer that I put up in 2016 and forgot about.