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    there is another new "addon" for TQ: Ragnarök only for the Annoversary Version. Out now on Steam (I am expecting it also on GoG). 19,99 €, probably still on promotion for 14,99€
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    Quantum and Photon https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/11/14/introducing-firefox-quantum/ Anyone else try this? I was a big fan years ago, but then Chrome came in and it was so fast, plus all that bulilt in support for emails, notifications and my calendar... this new firefox is SO FAST THOUGH gogo
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    Not being one to fear an extreme challenge, our fair and comely High Elf maiden Aramelith set straight out to prove her mettle and face the black of heart, wicked, and abysmal Abishai Of Dissension. Hastening her way ever faster, she resolved task after task, toiling and striving relentlessly, pressing ever closer to her goal. Now, finally reaching the Abishai Stronghold, she dismounts her trusty Rime Dragon and hurls herself toward the unspeakable evil, single-minded and resolute in her bid to destroy it forever.
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    Thanks for the heads up gogo. I might give it a try. My PC and O/S is kinda archaic though.
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    Ha, love the bridge part where the dragon mount seems like it's actually flying!
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    Level 49, Bronze campaign finished, all quests completed, map fully explored(82%); Developed according to pre-established build, use only unique and set items.