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    Something you could give a try http://pctalk.info/Games/Sacred2/Wolfes.Lair/SacredUnderworld/Pages/GameBasics-KeyboardHotkeys.html Those who have an ALT + TAB issue, you can: - go to Settings - uncheck "Full-screen" Now you can jump to any window and go back to the game without actually minimizing it, which often causes the game to crash. btw Wolfes Lair has more info on Sacred than Dark Matters. Just a heads up - Forum is no longer available
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    My bad. You are correct about Soaring daemon and hard hit sharing the same properties. From the Death from Above guide "Use whatver weapons fit the build best at the moment. If you think Regeneration Times are too high, use something with Regeneration Special Moves +xx% bonus or Physical Regeneration +x or Soaring Demon/Hard Hit +x (that increases Soaring Demon, CA increases by Bonus add a little less to Regeneration Time)" Keep in mind I haven't played with the Daemon for quite a few months. I did briefly look on the wiki to check but it didn't mention it under soaring daemons description. There are alot of ways to increase damage with the build I linked to. Weapon Lore/Soaring daemon/HH/Infernal power/Base damage on weapon/Strength/Call of death/ Infernal power is > HH or soaring daemon in that it doesn't add to descents regen. Never went looking for HH bonuses when I played tbh. Once I got Aarnums sword things were breezy. You are correct in that there are alot of mechanics not fully understood - one example was mental regen from items not boosting spell damage. Wasn't discovered for a long time. As for Sacred 2 - there is more micro managing IMO with things like buffs and regen. In Sacred you can find mid level items with no sockets with great bonuses including % regen special move. It is easier to jump back into Sacred if you haven't played for a while in comparison to sacred 2. Much easier to find set items in Sacred 2 as well and if you play single player you can share a chest unlike Sacred. EDIT - the mechanics are similar but you need to know what mods to take and how important focus skills are to regen. It has deeper mechanics than the first Sacred for sure. Sorry to hear about the lag. I had a few issues when I first installed Sacred 2 with PhysX.
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    Daemons don't have hard hit - the combat art you are referring to after using soaring daemon is descent. The only hard hit type attack the daemon has is assail whilst in battle daemon form (its quite slow from what I remember) EDIT - was wrong HH gives a bonus to Soaring daemons descent damage. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Daemon_Combat_Arts When you use soaring demon there is a regen time before you can use descent. So any right clicks you use when the combat art is greyed out are just gonna be normal attacks. I think you just mixed up descent as hard hit. Going from memory Ctrl + right click just does a special attack without targeting anything. From your other thread - "Regarding combos: Are the regen times changed or removed between moves in the combos? If not, what point do you drink the potion that quarters them? Before, during or after activating it?" There is no change to regen between combos - it comes after. Casting speed is the same. Drink yellow potions AFTER combos. Merchants - items get reset when you go another merchant (not smith or runemaster), or use a portal. You can get 2 merchants side to side at Braverock and Porto vallum. This is good when using trading to buy good items. "What is the percentage gain on bonuses from slotted runes in silver/gold slots in sacred gold?" for runes - nothing. A vampire rune socketed for +3% lifeleech will do the same at any difficulty. But the blacksmith enhances increase by diifficulty level. e.g Attack/defence bonus is much higher in niobium than say silver. Portals - yes there are a few small portals that just teleport you to another part of the game. The main portals will show you other locations. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Underworld_Map_of_Ancaria
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    You have the Sacred Wiki wich will be surely useful http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Underworld
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    He scored more -> Hartblei They produce nice tilt-shift objectives. By rotating the lenses a few degree away from being parallel to the chip you can do nice pictures. My sister does photos for an insurance company after accidents, house fires, ... She uses equipment like this.
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    This was my fav Sacred fansite in the day, still is. Great info and screenshots that a lot of others don't have.
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