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    Got some time tonight and searching for options its a jungle out there gogo
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    Dm me what you find. I can't watch titans anymore now that showbox shut down.
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    You guys have convinced me. Binged the first four episodes of Impulse. Love IT!!!!! So no spoilers!
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    Sorry I thought it was the whole season. And showbox just got shut down so that's out now too. I guess you'll have to get imaginative. If you know of anywhere to watch stuff let me know. I lost my ability to keep upon the cw shows.
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    I agree re not just about heroes... this has a slant coming from another angle that I'm appreciating it's discovery with...Heroes was awesome when it come out... was ground breaking...but this is just as interesting if not more Btw... just finished watching episode three... zomgod...theyre just as ruthless as from the movie gogo