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    After reinstalling, everything seemed to have worked without any tweaking. Only difference was I still retained my PhysX 9.13.0604 Legacy installed from the Sacred II Gold I've installed and it immediately worked right after installation and after installing CM patch 160. I appreciate the support Hooyaah, cheers!
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    Pepper -> szechuan The pepper that I finds adds the most to a dish... I mean, pepper in general just seems to add that little bit that it needs for seasoning when more is required... but then the difference between just normal pepper, and szechuan pepper... it does add a bit more character. Pink peppercorns are also delicious and I find, adds a very small hint of sweet spiciness...
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    My cat -> Blendling We live in an area with European wildcats. Our troll cat (norwegian wood cat) Ronja fell in love with such a wild cat and the result was Wibke. Blendling is the German name for mixes between house-cats and wildcats. Wild cats are the only cats you can't tame. Luckily the behaviour of a mix is closer to the one of the mother. But still, if you try to lift her you risk your life, or at least an eye You have to wait till she decides to jump on your knee and don't try to hold her. And you should wear THICK jeans. No mice and rats (not the house rats, the bigger brown ones) in the barn anymore.