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    After being absent from Sacred 2 for quite some time, I recently picked the game up again. One of the reasons why I abandonned it, was because I had 3 characters at near same levels running in the same area in Gold. And trust me, when seeing the same part of sand for the third time when leveling another character, things do get boring. Anyway, I decided to focus at my pyromancer HE for now, as she's also my shopper and therefore would be able to support the other characters later on. I knew I had three quests open, as at the time of starting them, the bosses were overpowered. Yet, after running around counting grains of sa.... erhm, collecting XP, I decided to face one of them: Holos, that minotaur. Didn't take me long to kill him, most likely because I had gained one level and used the five skill points to boost her pyromancer lore focus, concentration and armour, as well as the "fun skill" bargaining. And I think casting meteors at a 1.5s interval, while the 12 meteors do 2.3K dmg each, helps a lot. Even if the HE is at level 94 and Holos was at level 103 because of SB. Did more exploring and had fun wiping out the wherewolf army at the Twitty Tister, despite it was a challenge as you're very outnumbered by champions. So I continued, ended up to the spot where I had to kill the Garganthropod, went in, brought it down to about 50% health, retreated because it spawned those t-mutation scorps; which do lots of magic dmg and thus weaken you for other damage types; killed the offspring, went back in, removed the other 50% health and killed the three new offspring as well. And all while drinking 5-6 health potions maximum. So.... of to the jungle it was. Didn't have many problems there, although the panther champs were able to forcing me hitting space every once in a while. Went in to see Krall; who was at the time 11 levels above me (105 vs my 94), killed him with using two potions and the few things after that managed to get me to level 95. To finish the area I had two (or three) more quests to do. One was the spider queen, the other one the boathouse and clearing the islands connected to that. So I went into the dungeon, killed the champ spiders spawning there with a single meteor strike (still at 1.4s regen, but now doing 2.4K dmg), talked to the spiderqueen and decided to kill her, instead of the seraphim giving you the final quest. Not smart, perhaps, considering my HE does the shadow path; not to mention I know that bitch is tough; but I never expected to happen what happened now. Turns out the spider queen is FAR stronger as the campaign bosses. She was level 106, compared to my HE's level 95; but still. She's able to heal up to full health as soon as she's down to 70% health, unless you're able to hit her hard enough to get below that. And around 30% health she's got this dreadfull healing spell as well. She's also able to debuf you, making you a lot more vunerable to her spells, plus that she's doing 4 kinds of damage, making you pretty vunerable to one kind as you can only fit 3 orbs in the sockets. And on top of that she's also able to summon multiple kinds of spiders. Plus, I'm pretty sure she got something like WIDD, seeing what happened next. I was able to survive all of that, until I got her down to 25%. At that point she hit me with a magic spell killing 70+% of my health, followed by a similar spell doing the same amount of damage the moment I hit my space bar. The end result was a dead HE in that dungeon and me cursing in all the languages I know. After the respawning - thank the Sacred gods I was playing softcore!!! - I finished that boathouse quest; explored the island, killed the earth lord with some difficulty as he wasn't vunerable to fire and physic dmg was low at him (makes sense, since he's got high phys resistance), but wasn't happy at all. Main reason: I lost over 50 Survival bonus, also means all spawns are now at my level or one level above me. It also means I'm getting basically crap items right now (my level, instead of 11 levels above me), XP is crap because all is at a similar level and the entire challenge because of the SB is gone. And that made me wonder; why is it, that mini-bosses in the CM have become far stronger as the campaign bosses? If it's for "fun", then I don't see the fun of it. This game is suposed to be a challenge, but with minibosses having higher resistances and doing more damage as campaign bosses, the balance and fun is gone. I had fun killing the wherewolf army at the Twitty Tister. I had fun killing the Garganthropod and Klar the Flying Demon. I had fun killing Holos and the Earth Lord, I had fun when kiling the Harpy Queen and I even had fun when I didn't pay attention and 6 of those large green scorpion champions tried to kill me (and almost succeeded) and I even had fun killing another boss I aparently had forgotten. I didn't have fun when encountering the overpowered spider queen. Any opponent should be able to down - fast or slow, that doesn't matter - if it's confronted with a hail of 12 meteors doing 2.4-2.5K in damage each and which is cast every 1.4 seconds. Yet, that spiderqueen doesn't and in fact only seems to get stronger. So here's my request / comment: Perhaps it's time to check mini-bosses to make sure they won't be overpowered compared to the main campaign bosses. The latter should be hard, not the former. Especially now there are more mods to make the game harder for those who want it, it may be time to keep the CM patch for what it is, to make sure the community gets their share of fun, not just a group of players who like challenges. As right as it is, that spider queen isn't a challenge, but a certain way to have your char commit suicide. Thorin PS: yes, even a day later I'm still piffed off about this. So imange how I was like yesterday. Edit: this is what happens when I encounter a poison lord (who's got more phys resistance as poison resistance) And the dmg my meteors do: And don't start about being underpowered, as the level 96 champ turtles go down with 1-2 meteor strikes.
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    The only thing I can think of is for you to do some quests in Mascarell or Timberton that could give you some weapons, gold,XP,or runes, or just go to silver. Hope that helps
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    Sacred 2 all-def Seraphine with all runes spent for bfg and some for pelting strikes. Sacred 1 I’m experimenting with an unarmed gladiator build... well I beat up the DeMordrey dragon pretty easily. Fist of the gods are good for enemies who like running away, otherwise assault or whatever the name is. Points in strength, skills: constitution, armor and unarmed for now. Sadly, the BeeEffGee build isn’t that usefull like in Sacred 2, but there’s always a shard mage... until something hits him ONCE and he perishes. It’s fun on lower lewels, though.
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    Crud, I completely intended to do this, I just get so busy and 5 months went by. I'll do my best to see if I can get to it this week.
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    Hello! I absolutely love Blind Guardian so I was thrilled when they were brought on board for Sacred 2. Like Hooyaah, I'm not quite sure what you want. If you have videos disabled in the options, then the concert won't play at the climax of the Blind Guardian quest, if that's what you meant. If you want the song playing during the campaign, well I hate to say there's not a standalone audio track of the song packaged with the game, aside from the instrumental number in the credits. The song in the concert is part of a video file. I would probably just play the track in an audio player while you're playing the game?
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    I am not aware of any way to play the actual song by Blind Guardian in the game but to actually accept and play through the quest in Sloeford. There is a partial instrumental version of the music that plays for a period during the idle portion of the start screen. If anyone knows how to get it to play in other parts of the game, such as during battle, then that would be Flix. I would like to know how to allow a character to use their pool of random and responsive game chat in order to incorporate both components of "good alignment" and that of "bad alignment." Or, simply mixing a portion of one to another, allowing an increase in different responses during the game. Surely, there must be ways to adjust soundprofile.txt in order to achieve this as well along with a number of other things.
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    That's how I used to keep up on the cw shows before on-demand.
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    great Job Must have been a whole lot of work making this, and one can see the results (unless one is blind...). After a few minutes reading the CA descriptions, it is easy to forget I'm playing a mod. definitely deserves 5/5