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    Oh the Spider Queen. I reckon you didn't read my comment on Steam about the Ice Hydra yet... I can definitely relate. The interesting thing in this game is that at higher levels resistances and damage types are much more important than they are made to be at the starting point. You should catch a video of user Hooyaah going against the Ice Lord with an Ice HE and you'll notice that even with hundreds of points in the skills it's hard to cause it damage because it's ice vs ice. And a Pyro HE is kind of limited to fire+physical so when a tough opponent is resistant to those you're in for trouble, and you either have a huge amount of DPS or you're screwed. Try killing the Forest Guardian on Dryad Island, it keeps casting full heal over and over again, and unless you can get its HP down fast enough you really can't kill it. That boss has been my go-to test for checking if my DPS is good or bad, if you can kill it it's good. But I agree that many mini-bosses are actually harder than the campaign bosses. Narnuil, Abishai, Ice Hydra, Forest Guardian, Spider Queen, and probably more that I don't have at the tip of my tongue are all very hard. Get frozen by Narnuil once and say good night. Drop the ball and let yourself be caught by the Abishai's traps and bye bye. Face any of the remaining three with a lower than godly DPS and it's sayonara baby. But then again, that's more to do with the actual game design that with CM Patch. Opinions may differ but I for one don't think the CM Patch is to blame for your death. PS: Do you happen to have Ancient Magic? Having it mastered should really help you cause more damage, even taking resistances into account. That skill breaks resistances on top of boosting spell damage.
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    One of the most powerful Bosses in the game, Asmarael, Queen of the Spiders is not one to drop in on unprepared. Unless, of course, the one popping in for a visit is none other that Tarellethiel, the High Elf and slayer of bosses. Watch now, in resolutions up to and including 4k for the best viewing that suits your preference.
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    Asmarael is crazy hard, mainly due the fact she has lots of life leech % on her attacks and spells. I toned these down significantly in CM 1.60, so imagine how brutal it was for us playing previous releases. I'm not sure what the design philosophy behind her original power and the spells created for her, other than "wouldn't it be cool if...?" I just know if I was going to enjoy the game, she needed a nerf, so I implemented those in CM 1.60. I have to say though, I am a fan of optional side-quest bosses being more difficult than main campaign bosses. If you can't beat a campaign boss, you can't progress with the game. I think of Asmarael as a challenge boss tucked away in an optional side quest that doesn't hinder the player if they can't conquer it.
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    Stumbled onto your post thanks for sharing The game actually looks pretty good, I would love to see a demo of some sorts. I am not a large fan of dropping money into a game for alpha/beta access. Also the lore piece on the website is quite limited. I'll keep an eye on it!