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    On my L162 Seraphim: Sitting at +795.3% Shield Energy (has another +71.3% listed below in the sigma, not sure why it gets listed twice with different values), well over 100 in Warding Energy Lore due to the various +skills modifiers in my gear, several things like Testa's Band in slots (plus a very nice yellow amulet that gave me a shield recharge bonus and additional % warding energy), over 70 runes eaten for Warding Energy, and with very highly stacked Wisdom + Vitality + Constitution, I am sitting at 67k health & 869k shield. I ignore putting any stat points into things like Str and Int entirely and rely on a very low cooldown Pelting Strikes for the vast majority of my damage output. Currently dual-wielding a Sneaking Demon and Sanguine Runeblade (and that 6.7s per hit regen from the Sanguine Runeblade combined with Pelting Strikes is sooooooooo good). All of my stat points go into Wis, Dex (all of the stuff like Ancrid's Blade or the two swords I currently use all rely on Dex vs Str), Vit, any leftovers into Stamina. Mind you, stuff can still bypass shields entirely and directly damage your health, but with this character, as a test, I have gone AFK for 10 minutes at the desert dragon boss and it never dropped my health or shields below 90%. I repeated this test six more times on a ten minute timer at the same boss and it's always at 90% remaining or above when I come back. Methinks I need a mod to make Niobium three times the difficulty ;)
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    9:30 am, Time for some sleeping. We did a big easterfire on hill top with our volunteer firefighters. Didn't do fire wheels just a big fire this year. Forests were too dry. So I did a fire watch during night to have the fire burned out without risk, Relatives from town areas came to watch and for my famous field kitchen cooking ;)
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    It sounds like a busy, yet enjoyable day. It's so much more fun when there are children around, enjoying their excitement and happy faces. Hey and if one get an upset stomach after lunch there's the added bonus of having that ant acid!
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    Yes, the stats on the new items were designed to "fill in the gaps" of the vanilla selection. They were meant to provide modifiers that were lacking on certain item types, or to support builds that were not catered to before. Without it you're stuck with basically 1 armor set per aspect, and a weapon selection that pretty much favors either 1h melee or 2h ranged. I'd never go back myself, but I like to help people enjoy the game the way they want.
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    OK here it is: @Androdion @Hooyaah I decided to do this based mainly on your feedback, so I'd appreciate if you give it a try.
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    Just as a side note, this crap is getting seriously out of control. My Seraphim is now level 114, and has 13,623 life... and 364K shield. Apparently it doesn't even matter that Mitigation is OP because shields are OP too. It became so unbalanced that I figured "why not go for 100% absorption?" and grabbed a lower-level Star Meadow wings and a Testa's Band ring I had in the stash. I can facetank two Bloodclaw bosses at once and only lose a third of my shield (takes a lot of Soul Hammers to kill those bastidges). On that note, after I finally decided to play without Leech %, I found my Sereish Steel of Thunder JUST TO TAUNT ME
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    Do people mind frickken-9-year-necros around here, as long as the post is useful? I was looking for the answer to this myself and found this topic, and since I'm currently screwing around with a no-mitigation-no-leech seraphim (who uses willpower, lightsabers, and Warding Lore with the Warding Energy buff) I figured I might be of some use (not to the dude with the question, they've probably died of old age by now, but anyone else who might have the same one and see it). I couldn't find this information on the wiki either for when I was making the character, so I just *hoped* I'd be alright, so far it's worked. Given all my points in Strength and 420 Willpower, I have 71,510 Energy Shield. If I move all 178 points I have over into Willpower for a total of 640 (there's some survival bonus in there) I have a total of 93,437 Energy Shield. That's 21,927 more shield, or 99.66 more Shield per Willpower at level 109. Keep in mind that's with mastered Warding Lore for 150% someodd more and the Art Mods that give extra percentages to max shields, so I don't know the absolute base amount per point and I'd never be able to figure out the hundred-character-formula for how it works anyway (Algebra II was a LONG time ago). As an interesting side note, my total shield goes up by another 87,192 to 180K someodd (EDIT: with Divine Protection. This sentence didn't make any sense at all before). With as hard as I remember some bosses hitting, it'll definitely be necessary on a no-mitigation-no-leech run. How does the Temple Guardian compare, with their supposed regen-in-combat? Never tried one. My last seraphim had no points in Warding Lore and specced for reflection mods and Vitality, and I remember her level being in the hundreds (with 200 warding runes read) and having something like 5,000 shield, which was totally useless. Normal enemies blew it off in two spells... so investing in your Energy Shield will definitely make a huge difference. Anyway, if people hate these necros yell at me and I won't do it again. IT'S NOT NECROMANCY IF INFORMATION NEVER DIES
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