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    Welcome back! You seem to have a workable plan and I think that you will notice a dramatic difference when your skills are mastered. You will want to keep pumping points into the other skills to get an many mastered as possible. It's not nearly as effective to pump points into an already mastered skill than to master others. it's just as effective to boost already mastered skills with the All Skills+x% modifier. Just do some shopping or download and use these.
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    Tradition says that Easter Monday has never rain. Kids do competitions with easter eggs: throwing as far as possible without having then damaged, two Kids banging their eggs together and the one which egg remains intact wins, ...
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    Ayup... that’s how our day be going.. out with the family in Los Cabos ... happy Easter folks ❤️ Gogo
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    you had a sunny pasquetta? come on, who's gonna believe that (barbecue under the rain for me, as per tradition)
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    In Italy it doesn't rain for about three months: farmers are getting angry! Ravenna has beautiful monuments, but the city is not so good. I prefer Rome and Florence!
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    We have a terrible weather too: 25C, no clouds. So daughters lay in gras with boyfriends and relax. I look up and pray for rain ;) Plants, trees, rivers want rain too. Even with 2 month continous raining frp, now on the ground water level would still be behind the average. Ravenna: Harbour town in Roman time but when we visited it we had to walk 10 kilometres to reach the beach. Beach is getting more and more away from the town because of all the sand which is moved there by the currents I think. We once had an Au Pair girl from Ravenna and promised to visit her. She showed our art loving second some very nice mosaics.
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    ... now I'm going on with my work in SacredWiki !
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