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    I am still wishing to be a king. Even a small kingdom would be enough. As small as my house..... You need a democraty to create real tyrants. Kings are always in fear of a revolution and rule in a wise way to survive. But with a democraty you have tyrants who thinks all people are of his opinion. Spending a weekend trip with the family to a museum with midage culture and music or to a wellness hotel. Wife and 4 daughters vs me and my son, .... p.s. We two are the one for the wellness hotel to relax from the female tyranny who want to see brave nice on their fine horses ;)
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    When I was a child, we would take road trips around the U.S. And back then I always wondered, "why don't we built great big monuments and structures like the pyramids or giant castles?" All I ever saw were giant office buildings, just tall rectangles. The only awe inspiring stuff was natural, like mountains or forests or canyons. As an adult, it's much clearer to me. The pyramids were a fantastic waste of human blood and sweat and toil. They were immense tombs, for crying out loud. There's no gigantic monuments here because most of those ancient things existed for their own sake, or for the sake of some tyrant, or spiritual practice.
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    As well take care of that fever.. hot soup and rest! 😊 gogo
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    Probably best off going back to like star craft or war craft 3 for that short of a time. If you played magic the gathering they just released arena which is free. And for mobile empires and puzzles is fun but a bit pay 2 win. And it's long term. The daily stuff is short like you want but progress can take months.
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    Don't know if this will help... but. Heroes of Might and magic 5(Hammers of fate expansion) or 7(trail by fire expansion). You can choose for how long you want to play, and then easily save and continue the game when you want or have time. Don't starve is a survival game, and takes a bit of time to get used to what you are supposed to do... or that is what I thougt, but know I can play a map for a long time without dying or Starving, and you can save whenever you want... Depending on what OS you are running, I love The Lord Of the Rings The Battle for Middle Earth, 1 and 2(and the rise of the witch king expansion) both allow you to save when ever you want and continue at your convenience. I know they are old, but I still play them.
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    hmm, yah.. lol for a game thats like three years old, the graphics look VERY heavey but soooooooooo cool!! gogo
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    hereditary And... looks like everyone is right... this is pretty much the scariest thing around to watch right now.. Sounds, score, inventive concept... and, of course, our darling Toni Collette, just about one of the finest character actors around who is just able to get you to a place where you feel like you're being suffocated. Watch with friends gogo
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    Yes, with exact calculation you would divide by zero. Should have seen that was I typed was nonsense. Becoming a grandpa seems to have mental effects way in advance.
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