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    To start now or not that is the question.I guess old characters won't be the working right consider the class quest changed? PS:What happened to v12 or did you miss math just Joking loving this mod
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    Yeah v12 is the next one. I would say it will probably be ok if you move the character up to a new difficulty after installing the mod. Otherwise, yeah the quests will likely be screwed up.
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    rare -> exports Nice movie from finland. A mining company finds a deep frozen Santa. It had a reason he was deep frozen, He is the living EVIL ;)
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    I've had success in making more complicated quests that involve retrieving quest items as well as killing monsters. So the new lineup of quests in the next release will include (at least): "Tools of the Trade." See Charsi in the Griffinborough military camp to begin. "The Tomb of Tal Rasha." See Prince Jerhyn in Khorum to begin. "The Lord of Terror." See Tyrael in the Girvym caverns to begin. "The Warlord of Blood." Read the Steel Tome in Khormynth's Refuge to begin. "Lachdanan." Find Lachdanan south of the Field of Eternal Pain to begin. "Lam Esen's Tome." See Alkor on the Aerendyr dockside to begin. I'm still working on getting quests to chain together. If this works I'll also be able to add a trio of quests culminating in the Mephisto battle (Gidbinn + Council Members + Lord of Hatred). I'm also toying around with a way to add in the D2 rescue mission "Prison of Ice." I believe I will also try to throw in two more simple D1 quests for good measure - more details later. It will be the mod's 5 year anniversary this New Year's Eve. I released the first version December 31 2014. Where has the time gone...