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    You all know the term "splash damage" from the gaming world, and my recent experience with Dungeon Siege 2 has made me consider its possible usefulness in Sacred 2. I'm not talking directly about Area of Effect spells but more about weapon effects or CAs that make you hit several enemies at once, thus providing "splash damage". The name of the modifier in Sacred 2 is "chance to hit additional opponents". So, to break it down more easily: Are there any weapon-based CAs other than the hybrid Magic Coup on the High Elf that allow this from the start or with a modifier (in this case Stray Damage)? In terms of weapons, are the only ones able to do this effect pole arms and throwing potions? And is the modifier regulated by the proper weapon lore skill? Which spell-based CAs do you think are the best in terms of this effect? For instance the High Elf's Ancestral Fireball can also be modded like that. Are there any others? Do you think this modifier is powerful enough to be an important part, if not the basis, of a build in Sacred 2? My main idea about this came from D2F v.12, when we were discussing Paladin builds. And the idea of using a pole arm Paladin tank with Holy Freeze and an emphasis on slowing down approaching mobs and hitting them all with splash damage and successive hits never left the back of my skull. What do you think of it, feasible or too centred on a single aspect to be efficient?
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    This thread is intended to assist anyone who would appreciate a quick guide on how to patch Sacred 2 Gold in order to get their best possible gaming experience from this vast, visually rich, immersive, and enthralling RPG. There are convenient clickable links throughout this post which are highlighted in bright silver for your convenience. If you still find yourself looking for answers to any question or questions not covered in this post, you are welcome to ask them below for assistance. First, be certain that if the game has been previously installed on your PC. Uninstall the game and remove any leftover files. I must stress that this must be a "clean installation." Also, remove any previous save files as you will want to start a new character. Otherwise, their will doubtlessly be some bugged quests and certain other annoying glitches. Only ones chest files should be fine to retain and use. Second, I highly recommend installing Sacred 2 Gold and then launching the game once to the start screen where you will the the Seraphim (default player character) appear unless you still have a previous saved character that you did not delete. Do not select a character yet. If the game launched, then go no further but to exit the game and proceed to the next step. Third, download the Community Patch 160 here. Open the cm-patch0160 zip folder and click on cm-enable.exe and wait until you see the Ready to Patch screen display. This may take several moments (that may seem to last a lifetime). Now, click the Start button and it will automatically locate the Sacred 2 root folder and the installer will complete the latest patch. Wait until it completes the patch and then click Next and then Finish. This patch was very important for you to have installed. It fixes the game so that it should not crash, which is just one blessing among a host of other bug fixes and enhancements most surely to be to any player's delight. If you want the game to remain as close as possible to the "vanilla version," like an improved and patched version of Ice & Blood or Sacred 2 Gold, you should stop here. However, if you do not want the Community Items (jewelry, armor, and weapons) to drop in the game, then you will need to skip to the Fifth step, where you may add any desired Mods; here you will want to add the "Vanilla Drops" for CM Patch 160. If you choose to stop there, after the Vanilla Drops installation, the Community Items may be downloaded and used in the game but they will not drop as quest rewards or as loot. Fourth, you may be adding, at your own discretion, either the Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition or the Community Patch Addendum, the two are mutually exclusive. We will be enabling either by using the Generic Mod Enabler in this step to add either one or the other. Flix's quote: "Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition - about 50% fixes, 40% quality of life changes, 10% "just cause I felt like it" changes (art, etc.)." (If you want the Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition which fixes some issues that could not be fully agreed to by the Mod Team) you will want to add the Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition. (Or, you may instead wish to add The Community Patch Optional Addendum, which also addresses some issues in a manner that was not fully agreed to by the Mod Team. If you prefer the Community Patch Optional Addendum, please skip to the Fifth step, below.) If you do not wish to add either the Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition or the Community Patch Optional Addendum you may skip to the Sixth Step to add some new cool music or Seventh step and add any other desired Mods. Continuing with this, the Forth step, proceed to install the Generic Mod Enabler available here. Follow the directions for adding Mods in the seventh step below, skipping step five. Congratulations, unless you want to add more mods or the optional music file, you are done here and you may go directly to the game and have fun. Fifth, if you wish to add the Community Patch Addendum instead of the Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition, this step is for you. If you want to find out more about it please visit the topic in the link. To proceed to install the Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition, Follow the directions for adding Mods in the seventh step located below. Congratulations, unless you want to add more mods or optional music files, you are done here and may go directly to the eighth step. Sixth, this step if for you if you wish to add the cool new music file. You may wish (I strongly advise) to retain a separate copy of the musichq2 folder located in the pak folder located inside the Sacred 2 root folder, in case you find later that you prefer the original music and wish to change back. Now, to add the new background music file just drop 139_bg_highelves_day5.ogg into the zip folder, musichq2, which is located in the pak folder. Unless you wish to add any additional Mods you may skip to the Eighth step. Seventh, to add any Mods, you are best advised to download and employ the GME. For adding any Mods, like the Community Patch Optional Addendum, you are strongly advised to use the GME. However, for the the Elite Trimmed Textures, you may, unless you have a low-end rig, want to unzip the file directly into the pak folder because it's highly unlikely that you would prefer to return to lower quality image resolutions. You may download the GME here. To install any Mods follow the procedure to follow. Place and then extract the Generic Mod Enabler (GME) jsgme_2.6.0 zip file inside the Sacred 2 root folder and run it by extracting it in the Sacred 2 root folder and then run the GME once by clicking on jsme_setup.exe. Please, direct it to install to the Sacred 2 root folder. When it is has completed its task you may then close it and look inside the Sacred 2 root folder for the MODS folder the GME made. Now, place any of the mods zip folders inside the MODS folder For the GME to work, you must "Extract here" inside the MODS folder, each of them one by one. You should now see a separate folder for each mod by name. Open the GME again and any mod that you wish to activate click on it to select it and then activate it by using the > and the mods description will move to the activated section. The reverse process of clicking/highlighting the Mod and using the < will disable the Mod in question. Eighth, so that the graphics circle for collection of loot matches the actual area of acquisition you will want to open the options.txt file and chance the values on this following line as indicated: Options.txt needs only this line changed: autoCollectRadius = 230 Congratulations to you are in order. I sincerely hope that you have found this guide useful and that you enjoy Sacred 2 Gold as close as possible to the way you prefer to play it.
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    Thought so. Guess when I come back to Sacred 2 I know what I'll be running. This Paladin build should fare well in the Hellfire Arena.
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    Gogo, that Star Trek "trivia" was a joke. Apparently, a bad one or you would have "got it." My apologies, I was the doofus who made it up. anaconda => constrictor
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    Yeah, a pity, though, that TG's, Dryad's and Seraphim's pets are somewhat dull. I mean that they all are a simple replica of the master hero, and, while I am looking at the battlefield, I sometimes feel myself drunk - in a state of the diplopia In case of TG you will find yourself fighting hard over a mod choice, since Lost Fusion is filled with yummy CAs already. Plus, a TG copy is casting Primal Mutation, which is already present in TG's arsenal, I, personally, would prefer the return of fiery ember CA due to its unique animation and possibility to have separate fire/ice debuff (positronic overload makes primal mutation very unappealing )
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    Borg => assimilation (A little-known trivia "fact" is that Jeri Ryan, the actress who played the character, Borg "Seven of Nine," in Star Trek, Voyager, went on to marry the grandson of famed actor Ernest Borgnine.)
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    A former classmate runs a restaurant. Sadly it is a countryside one on a road mainly for walking trips with no visitors at these times. He is currently working on his old wooden patchwork house to fulfill the newest health laws about restaurants. Some long time orders couldn't be cancelled and his cooling room is still full from old orders. So he asked me if I would be interested in t-bone steaks from the Chianina breed of cattle for more or less the price he paid at the farmer. It is an anciant breed used for heavy work, so VERY large t-bones... Totally different to our local breed which was a variant of celtic cows, breeded for working and feeding in dense forests. The classical way to do it seems to be Bistecca alla fiorentina (foto). But I want to try at least two of them sour marinated doing a variant of a local recipe for working horse meat for the religious day next week. And two the classical recipe for this sunday. So two left for sunday in a week. Any of you already prepared bistecca alla fiorentina or has knowledge about preparing steaks this big? They are 9 days cooled just above freezing in no oxygen environment.
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    Hello Androdion! I can give you some feedback if we are talking about D2F, don't remember much about vanilla sacred tho. If you are looking for splash damage and variety of CAs your best bet is the sorceress, nearly all of her CAs have or can be modded to do splash damage (the exception being enchant and energy shield, even teleport can be modded to do splash damage), and yes it is a viable build, I have a level 89 sorceress mainly focused on splash damage and CAs regeneration and barely get scratched cause anything in my general vicinity gets repeatedly blasted right away. About melee CAs I'm not really sure, does CAs that do single attacks on multiple enemies count? I had a dexterity based dual wield melee amazon and could dish out some serious pain with multiple arrow/strafe and elemental arrow (both can be used with melee weapons) in a somewhat wide area around her and barely get hit cause of high defense rating/evade.
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    You know, I was already going through a dozen open tabs on GOG and a dozen more open windows on Steam when I tried setting compatibility settings for XP on kain2.exe, the main executable for Soul Reaver 1, only to find out that the game already comes configured like that. And for some reason I double-clicked the exe on the folder, as some games don't like the Steam client I thought the same could happen with the GOG client as well. Do you want to have a good laugh then?! Not only did the game run at first try from double-clicking the exe in its folder but it also let me choose both hardware acceleration and resolution higher than 640*480. And somehow now I can run it directly from the GOG client as well. I went the paranoid route, rebooted my system and tried running all games again from the GOG client. All are working. Go figure! Bottom line, four games for less than 1€ a piece. I wouldn't be surprised if I'll eventually hit some bugs during gameplay but whatever, that's a problem for another time. Now if only I could get my hands on a physical PC copy of Blood Omen 1 at a decent price...
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    Flix thanks you!! Yes even last night our hosts were doing it upgrades to all their servers and we panicked until we woke up this morning.. all sound, secure and fast! Thanks for creating even more for the fans during all this... appreciation! gogo:
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    Thanks a bunch Flix and congrats! Will try that ASAP.
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