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    I came to the forums just to thank you for your work on this fantastic game. I am so eagerly anticipating the release of this sub mod for the Enhanced Edition. I love lore friendly additions like this and the custom art adds so much flavor to an already rich world. Please keep up the great work it is much appreciated. Thank you.
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    So the day has finally come and I've logged in to Sacred 2 again. Been running v14 with the usual Inferno+Superspawn combo, I like the challenge and spawn density. First run was kind of sketchy, I still had many of the DS2 key mapping and gameplay in my head, got to level 5 and began again. Kind of a false start and then a proper run. Anyway, it's going well and all but there's something I'm finding a bit strange coming in from v12, or even from vanilla. Bonuses to individual skills are pretty high from the start, I could purchase relics with a +3 bonus to general skills around level 7 or so? I'm now at level 12 and I'm just buying gear based on the individual skill bonuses to be honest, and I don't even have Bargaining/Trading in my build. This is what it looks like with and without gear: So is this normal, as in an intentional behaviour of the game now? And if so why? Other than that I haven't had much mishaps or issues. Smite sometimes doesn't cause a leap but rather a run to the opponent from my Paladin when I cast it in a combo with either Vengeance or Zeal. I don't think I've seen that happen when cast alone, probably an issue with being in the combo, so most likely it has little if anything to do with the mod. Sometimes combos can be like that in vanilla. So all in all positive experience so far, I've been playing it really slow as I'm coming in from a totally different game. Seriously though, the amount of times I've pressed the space bar for pause only to realise it doesn't work!
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    Thanks for the update... much appreciation for sharing your game's progress, Thorium! gogo
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    Also South African here. Hi!
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    We have had masks mandatory here in South Africa since end of March/beginning of April. at first some people thought nothing about it, till they realized they are not allowed to enter supermarkets, malls, pharmacies, any where else where you need to buy "essentials". South Africa has now moved to stage 4 of lock down, so a few more kind of stores are allowed to open, restaurant and bars/clubs, as well as wine farms are still closed... we are not allowed to drive very far from home and you need Government approval to go to work. Our work at least applied for all of us that was asked to stay on, only 5 staff in a kitchen that usually has like +-18 people on a shift... we are only preparing food for the Shop to sell, baking fresh breads everyday, a few desserts and candies, ice creams, cookies, biscuits, rusks, and freezer to oven meals, some savoury snacks and easy meals, pies, etc. Obviously food is not allowed to be consumed on the premises. they must go home to eat there or go and sit in the car to eat the purchased food...
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