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    Wonder Woman View File Hi legends, Wonder Woman has arrived to kick some butt. For now only the Battle Mage can have this skin but the Seraphim in the future will receive this as well with the other Amazon based textures. About the evil mage skins I STILL did not find any trace of their animations so it will take time. Have fun Submitter VilyaTheWhite Submitted 06/08/2020 Category Sacred Mods d
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    Ascaron superheroes! You're on a role, ,Martin... Underworld is alive! gogo
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    Alright, thanks, everyone! I'll just start over with a shadow warrior.
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    The godpower has a great damage potential with life leech alone able to kill a boss at high levels. But there is a big IF... Only at casting everything in range will be tried to put a vine on. So no damage on summons created after the cast. Or beasts running in the affect area. Could live with this. But IF the opponent has root resistance he may resist the vine and with the vine all the damage pulses. So be warned if you fight trees and such in Hellfire Arena. Think it is balanced as it is now, but people should know that a vine can not only be resisted with CA-block/reflect but also with root -block/reflect. note to myself: if the vine is reflected, will the caster have all these nice x% life leech pulses? ;) Think I may create a thread about the godpowers if I can force some slaves to test different priest ideas.
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    As a kid I refused to eat Rosenkohl (rose cabbage, brussel sprouts) before X-mas. The first frosts made the Brussel sprouts sweet. If you don't harvest the sprouts and the plant survives ít will have nice blossoms the next year. We used the resulting seeds for new plants. If the Brussel sprouts are sweet my grandma mixed raisins, walnuts, apples, sweet potato wedges, sweet cream and the sprouts for the sweet note in a pan and then garlic, onions and European barberries for the contrast. Are barberries commonly used for anything else than Brussel Sprouts? We have some bushes of them. My main use is for fruit wine, marinating and roasting them with sugar for caramel effect and used in salades. It was funny I opened the German site for Berberitze , clicked on English for translation and it named it barberry. And the english site had this picture: Brussel Sprouts with barberries ...
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    Welcome to the forums Alexander! I'm sorry about your aversion to spiders...I had/have... okay ill admit it .. DO still have a terrible fear of the things...but looks like we're stick with them ;cry: gogo
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    Hello and welcome. All mounts for the Inquisitor, even custom ones from mods, are all spiders, sorry. If you have Community Patch 1.60 you can used buffs from horseback, so mounted combat on Horses is actually a viable option.
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    Hello there @Starling @MetaL , one question, is there a way to use this mod's WIDESCREEN and resolution features without the rebalance changes? I really like the mod but I want to make a playthrough of the game just for nostalgia pourposes and I would love to mantain the balance as I remembered. Is this posible at all? Thanks in advance.
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    🕸️ Welcome to the forum... 🕷️ 🕸️ The spider is the slowest of all mounts, in the original it couldn't be used in caves, so we played often without a mount. But mounts are an amulet of life saving. You have 2 seconds to teleport to savety when your mount dies. So I can understand your problem. The spider 🕷️, I know when Sacred2 came out someone mentioned that the Shroud Spider🕸️ has a body made from three segments, which is typical for insects. But it has 8 legs which is against the 6 for insects. I think it is a big mutated tick🕷️. A blood and life sucking tick🕷️ fits better to the inquisitor than a spider🕷️. I like spiders. And I hate it when they would be abused by Inquisitors or Necromancers 🕷️ At least where I live ticks are by a factor of a million more dangerous than spiders: Meningitis, Lyme Borreliosis, q feaver, ... Actually I know more Akarophobes than Arachnophobes. 🕸️ Spiders are cute. I hope videos like this help a bit against your arachnophobia. Probably a good idea to buy a Lucas Spider for my granddaughter instead a teddy ;)
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    I see this helm in Titan Quest game and sorry for double post
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