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    So good old Steve managed to wipe the floor with most of Ancaria. Finished Hard, tried again to unlock the Elemental Lords round in the Arena and managed to kill the Lightning Lord at much cost (hurray!). Completed it. My joy wasn't to last though as I climbed one level when doing the Arena, so when I went after him again in the Swamp he had me, hard. So yeah, bye bye SB, rinse and restart. I don't have anything else to do in this difficulty level other than hunting for the Elemental jewels the Lords give, so I don't know, maybe I'll just leave it be and head to Nightmare. I have three complete sets, but none of those gives me the upper edge of having %LL. Still, solid build with a nasty handicap which I can circumvent most of the time. I'm curious if I can keep up with this handicap in Nightmare without LL though, it's supposed to be a big jump in mobs' stats and I can't tell if my damage output will be able to keep up. But hey, my SB is gone now so I shouldn't have much issues at early areas. I still had a few jump scares in the Arena, which tells me that this build could do better still. I'll see what I can find to improve it.
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    Make a dummy file (with no file extension) in the same directory, and name the file: nos2
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    Whoops...that post link was broken...fixed1
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    Late walk with the dogs and noticing the kids singing at the campfire at their tents above the hill. The German version of Amazing Grace is about a beautiful day, birds singing,.. Played at birthdays, wedding and not burials. Our #3 trains this song for solo performance with e-harp for music school. But she wsa only playing e-harp and singing the refrain. Don't know who was singing it, I think our niece. We promised to visit the kids for two weeks just for emergencies at their quick made local summer camp with friends and cousins Ein Schöner Tag A beautiful day was given to us such as there are not many filled from pure joy unclouded by worries With songs which the lark sings so the morning began the sun gave golden splendor the day it then began A beautiful day full of harmony is like a precious jewel it illuminates you and calls out to you “Today you should be happy.” And what destiny brings to you also, whatever may come always, it stays with you, the memory, about a beautiful day. https://lyricstranslate.com
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    Got a bunch of CDs in the mail today, so I'm busy with those. Got half of them ripped to FLAC, will do the rest later. My other order cleared customs today, so I should have that soon. I guess the order I received today took around 2.5 weeks, which is probably better than the 2+ months I've heard people getting from overseas orders.
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