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    Uhhhh.... that flamethrower... I am not a pyromaniac... definitly not... but I love how that flamethrower looks. And the skeletal fortres... I love that green glow. It may be a silly reason but green is my favourite colour... the reason I love the Nether Allegiance despite their low efficiency. That said... if it is time to note a wish for S2EE 3, may I request a buff for the Reflective Emanation? Nether Allegiance gains Damage through Astral Lord Focus and (thanks to you) defense through Astral Lord Focus. Grim Resilience gets a HP and HP-regeneration buff from Tactics Lore. But Reflective Emanation... though it throws back incomming damage, that amounts to nothing against the normal damage output from the Shadow Warrior. Like the shiny green skeletons, against the Frenzied Rampage which melts down enemies in seconds, the damage is almost neglectable. Even with the Riposte mod from the Reflective Emanation, a tiny goblin can take 10 shots reflected back at himself and doesn't fall. In that time the Shadow Warrior slays down the whole rest of the goblin camp, cleans his weapons, runs two circles around that goblin and still have to kill it himself. So, is it possible to rise the reflected damage from Reflective Emanation? Maybe with Tactics Lore. Or more funny with Armor Lore, Constitution or Toughness.... the harder you are, the more it hurts those who hit you? With Blacksmithing maybe, because you add some spikes to your armor? :D By the way... any way to donate to you? That S2EE 3 looks like a reason for me to buy Sacred 2 all over again. Impressive determination, to improve this game after all this time.
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    Some notes on the Dryad models/textures: The Leafchain variant surfaces are not assigned to the 3 Crystal set itemtypes, so they all currently use the green chain. This effect could maybe use a rework, it looks especially strange on the face. The Dryad's skin is still present on the Christmas set textures, though the surface entries were altered. The result is non-changing skin on the torso and leg pieces. The Special set pelvis model has flickering, moving textures. Not sure why, but when swapping the original model back in the flickering ceases.
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    And... Bon Apetit... to all our Canadian Friends... Happy ThanksGiving! Yes...thats our Dahl and curried carrots... we're canadian with a bit of a twist My Aunt and Uncle love entertaining...she steamed the turkey with cranberry juice to give it a sweet zingy flavor!
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    @jonnyx Jonny! I didn't realise you'd taken DA offline, I looked back through it just 6 months ago but it was woefully dead So glad to see you, I'm a lurker here when I remember. Hope you're keeping well. I miss DA and the sif so much, those truly were the glory days.
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    In Sacred 2 Gold, you can disable bloom by setting render details to medium (or lower) in the graphic settings.
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