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    I wonder if Schlehenfeuer (sloe fire) is known. It is from the same company which does Jägermeister. A liqueur from sloes harvested after the first frost. Our special house brand needs a lot of paperwork: alcohol tax for distillating. I do a fruit brandy with local fruits, harvest sloes after the first frost, sting them, some sugar and spices and fill it in a big bottle. Then I mount it in my wood turning machine and mix it for a day at very slow rotation. Very welcome birthday and x-mas presents ;) Less for myself since I drink no alcohol in weeks when working with explosives. You can see the MAST-Jägermeister company label on the bottle.
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    rings on her fingers and bells on her toes -> foot percussion Got some different from this Guthschmidt Fußpercussion - for the time I am not busy with the tuba.
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    Upcoming Amazon changes in D2F v12 The Amazon received a lot of love as this mod was developed, and as such she has remained one of the most well-tested, balanced, and stable characters in the mod. She may be my favorite D2F character to play. I can't find any flaws with her, so it just remains to rewrite her personal quests and add some more rewards, as I'm doing with all the characters in the upcoming release. Class quest "Missing Women" now drops Shaman's Mask as reward. This quest starts outside of Dyr-Laigh and involves a vengeful revenant who targets Amazons. Class quest "The Nature of the Angels" now drops Lycander's Aim as reward. This is the phase of the chain quest that takes place on Seraphim Island. Lycander was an angel in D2 lore so the Amazon is rewarded with a class-specific bow named after her out of respect. More about the Amazon's personal quest: Dryads are completely replaced with Amazons in D2F, not just the player character, but also the NPC's and the whole island of Dyr Lain. I made sure all the dialogue and journals reflect this. The Askari people have separate castes: the Amazons (warriors), the Oracles (priests and shamans), and the men. The Archon is the queen. The original Dryad chain quest was a somewhat disjointed set of adventures very loosely tied together with the theme of the Dryad learning about how all the different regions treat Mother Nature. This theme has been modified if not replaced outright with one of the Amazon leaving her island for the first time and living the kind of mercenary life she always heard about her sister Amazons living. People of the outside world know Amazons as fierce warriors and unparalleled hunters, so she's usually approached by various races to live up to that reputation. Gone is the preachy, fussy, "tree-hugging" Dryad of before, however as the patron deity of the Amazons is Helgrotha, who watched over and protected forest creatures, the Amazon still has a complex relationship with wildlife and hunting. Each phase of the quest gives insight in the lore of each race of Ancaria in a way that no other character's quest does. I really like the early phase that features her freeing some human slaves, only to repeatedly run into them again and again, each time seeing how the group progresses from slaves to poor outcasts to a self-sufficient group. I also fleshed out the Nur-Trak orc clan's background and the lore of the angels. The final phase of the quest involves either a jilted love interest (Light path) or former protege (Shadow Path) who decides to oppose the Amazon. These relationships and the quests overall are much more fleshed out and given some dramatic weight. The Shadow path final battle in particular should be much more challenging, as your protege Delia claims to have become your equal.
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    I used the orange angosturo bitters to make an chocolate & orange marbled marshmallow that gets used for turn down snacks every now and then... usually when the whole hotel has turned over. I am fortunate enough now to have access to 2 electric mixers, so I can make the 2 marshmallows at the same time, have them ready at the same time, and then marble them in the tray once they have whisked down to a cool temperature. so far I have made Chocolate and Orange (the orange was plain white with the milk chocolate coloured (even though it was dark chocolate) colour. Rose and Vanilla (I used rose water for the rose and added some pink food colouring) and a plain white. Today I made a Spearmint and more normal/garden mint marbled marshmallow. I kept the spearmint white, to show off against the green (food colouring, very soft green) garden mint colour. I made this for the student that is training at the hotel at the moment. She is not to secure in pastry section, so I had her watching me the entire time while I made it, so that she can at least tell her lecturer how it was made. She has to prepare a 7 course meal for 9pax, and obviously show what she has learned there, She was very committed to every other section, but her passion is not in the sweet section, So I helped her a bit, since she has been as committed as you can get, and she has been trying very hard...
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    Well, since I'm a Supporting Member now, what else could I do but help out. At least I hope it helped. And it actually was a nice experience. Also, I'm ten days late, sorry about that.