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    When I exploring map, I encountered this strange village. what's the point of this village? all npcs have white dot.
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    Sage -> cream We have a penne pasta dish with a sage cream sauce on the favourites menu. You can also add grilled chicken breast, roast vegetable, or ham and muschrooms with rocket to the dish...
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    fly you fools! -> advice I read in an online blog years ago, that Gandalf was actually giving them advice and telling them that they should seek the eagles and fly on them... but in his very Gandalf way of doing it and talking in Riddles...
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    Welcome to the forum Long ago that I played the original german version. In this version I remember white dots as possible quest givers and purple ones as finished quests
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    I'm heart broken Therion, Schot put a lot of effort into the testing, and him and I were both able to launch our toons into the server. I'll see if I can get him to find out what happened to the topic gogo
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    Love the work Ysendra! It's awesome hearing that you got so inspired by the community here from way back... The Daemon was actually one of my top three favorites, and I love the eye you have for her colors... Thank you for gifting this to the community, with the great write up. As Flix mentionned, its unfortunate that the images didnt come through in the first post but if you want you can still edit and upload the images if you want to complete your Oeuvre Welcome to DarkMatters! gogo
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    Looks fantastic! She really does look like Maleficent in the black. And the faerie colors remind me of Magdha from Diablo 3. Too bad the images didn't work embedded in the description. On the file page, you can try going to "File Actions" --> "Edit Details" and take out the empty space. You can also upload the pictures by clicking "Click here if you would like to upload a new version of the file or screenshot" at the bottom of that page.
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    Yea it's the story of how the u.s. govt started the federal behavioral analysis department and profiling serial killers. The prison interviews and the guidelines etc. I didn't watch the whole thing, my gf did.
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    This is a tutorial video intended for internal team training. But I thought it may be nice for some people to get some infos about the development of LifeLeech, especially for people who think about joining the team. So here you go: Warning, very technical and dry. ^^