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    Mine Is like the normal one, but with a pumpkin inside. Do you like it?
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    This is the uncropped image. It's actually more like a metallic punk record than anything else. Its cartoonish look kinda negates its evil look I guess. It has a very "Treehouse of Horror" vibe to me.
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    Thank you for the hard work Flix.I can't wait to start I download it last night but was to late to play it.Now it's too early to play
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    Another beautiful day this almost mid fall ... 15 degrees with a hot sun... we have a Mountain that the city is based on...check out the glowy part of it at the back of the street: ggo
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    My second favorite skin...but probably the most complete...the time of costumery, candy and parties is here... have a safe and happy celebration y'all... I'm still looking for a costume for the work party gogo
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    Hello, first things first, I know this is an oddly specific request, however, since asking is cheap and neither time nor success is crucial on this (still it would be very convenient ;)), I will put it anyway: Does anybody has - maybe somewhere hidden in his always growing pile of data or on a old, dust covered hdd lying lonley in some dark corner - network traffic probe files which may randomly include sacred 2 lobby traffic and would be willing to share them (for wireshark, the filter to check for potential traffic would be "tcp.port == 6800" in files, if I remember right, from somewhere between october 2008 and april 2012) for analysis purposes? I am currently looking into the tincat3.dll and it seems like an actually not impossible, but still time-consuming task to reconstruct the packages sent. I am willing to try this, but also I am more or less only able to work on my rare free weekends on this, so this would take a long time and long time projects in my experience tend to fail. Further more, since the first Sacred - accoding to this thread - uses the older version tincat2.dll which seems quite similar, it would be likewise useful traffic as well, probably not only for me. However, because of it's age I assume the odds are even worse? Playing with friends on a VPN works nice & flawless, but is for sure not convenient enough for the majority of other players and I kinda miss the simplicity of the old lobby system - even if it never was that busy there, the people you met were always nice to play and talk with and you did not have to scare them away with technical client-side stuff like you are nowadays forced to...
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    The most glaring example of CA animation speed might be using Pelting Strikes with a dual-wield build and comparing it to using the BFG weapon. If your AS is at 150% (cap) for both instances you'll notice just how faster PS hits with the BFG. Yes it depends on the animation of each CA, and furthermore of each CA with each different weapon type. Some CAs will work better with specific weapon types, but to me that's part of the variety the game has, and only adds to how much we can explore while playing and enjoying Sacred 2. Another interesting example is using a dual-wield build with an Inquisitor and a Shadow Warrior, using a mage staff as your primary weapon, and then casting Ruthless Mutilation with the Inquisitor and Scything Sweep with the Shadow Warrior. Check it out, it's fun. I won't go as far as saying that AS isn't important in this game. In fact if you're using weapon hits and/or weapon-based CA hits your AS will be a major factor in increasing your DPS. Try casting a multi-hit weapon based CA (Pelting Strikes or Frenzied Rampage for example) with 100% AS and then with 150% AS. It's clearly not the same thing. That's why having a weapon skill is such a necessity when planning a build that's going to make use of weapon-based CAs, and even more if you intend to replace normal attacks with using mainly those CAs. Just my two cents, I hope they're helpful.
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    I'm glad you came to this realization. The other huge glaring thing is the massively increased damage, chance to hit, and other useful modifiers many weapon-based CA's have like Deep Wounds, Death Blow, etc. Not to mention, something I've been meaning to mention since this discussion started, many weapon-based CA's are multi-hit, hitting either numerous enemies at once, or several targets in succession. This being the case, even if weapon CA's aren't cancelable, I have always felt a certain smoothness and superior killing power when using weapon-based CA's vs. LMB attacks, especially with sufficient Regen per Hit.
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    New Release: Diablo 2 Fallen v12 Read change log HERE All posts/threads/files/supplemental materials are updated. Mod is also mirrored on Sacred 2 Nexus I'll be updating the Wiki at some point, probably after I finish latest EE release.
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    This is my favorite skin! My costume is the jack o'lantern I carved last Halloween.
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    To me that sounds like there are 2 solutions: 1. Wait for the next patch (I don't know any schedule for that - thus this does not work for some time) 2. Refresh the game (as it happens after switching chars, this would refer to a new start of the game - worst would be a restart of the PC) --- I can live with that. Final observation: it's good to know a reason.
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    @Flix When you say >resolved while in this last development cycle< you mean in EE and other projects you have been working on, right ? Have all of these fixes been applied, or are they waiting to be released ? Or are you talking about having theses fixes added to an ongoing CP version ? Thx for the work.
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    Incoming bug dump. These are the bug fixes and other patch-worthy material I've resolved while in this last development cycle. It seems any project aimed at fixing bugs would want to address these. Brigand Camp (hash 3463412580) is in fact a Lumberjack Camp. Hunting Knife Fix- The reward for killing the Giant Boar (quest "S_HE_N_nn-Jaegerlager 3v4",) is a junk-quality dagger, useless even at low levels. The devs scripted a dagger specifically for use as a quest reward but it is not used (id = 2450, name = "quest_jadgmesser",). Blue Damage +X% Bonus (name = "sb_off_dam_any_rel_forge",) seems intended for use in the "Whet" Blacksmith Art but isn't used. Instead the rare-tier yellow Damage +X% item modifier is used. Chestplate of Fury (hash 1244408948) is actually a helm. Should be renamed to something else to avoid confusion with the set's chest armor. I chose "Crown of Fury." Gold "Life leeched per hit" modifier ("uni_def_heal_on_hit") is actually quite weaker than the yellow version ("sb_off_lifeleech"), despite being more rare and having higher requirements to spawn. I replaced it with the yellow version on all items. An alternative would be to power up the base values to be worthy of a gold modifier. Thraconians have textures with grey, black, and red hair/stubble. Their randomized facial hair also uses these three colors but they're distributed without any regard to matching the colors. So many have grey stubble with black beard, black hair with red beard, etc. My solution was to make separate blueprints for the red, black, and grey beards instead of having them all lumped under a single one. From there they got separate weaponpool entries, and from there they could be distributed to the proper equipsets for each type (by providence the leaders are all grey haired, the ranged red haired, the warriors black). Hitboxes for some enemies are unusually large, making it diffcult to maneuver around them. I've decreased the bounding box values for the itemtypes that use the following models: models/npc/monsters/dragon-small/v_dragon-small models/npc/monsters/giant-bat/v_riesenfledermaus models/npc/monsters/riesenratte/v_riesenratte-v1 models/npc/monsters/ent-a/h_entA models/npc/monsters/ent-b/h_entB Marigold Fields - it's a major plot point that the marigolds drive away the evil of the Undead in the Swamp, but when you go there the fields are swarming with skeletons. I replaced them with Forest Spirits in spawn.txt but any swamp creature (bats, rats, turtles) would do. Draconic Dragonfly/Dracolin - generally speaking, the color schemes of the Blood Forest and the Crystal Plane are red and white, respectively. So it's odd to see a pristine white Dragonfly in the Blood Forest and a red glowing-eyed Dracolin in the Crystal Plane. I've swapped the two creatures' itemtypes in their creature entries, but note that I also changed all of them to "SUBFAM_LIFE_DRAGON". If you wanted to preserve the Blood Forest variants as "SUBFAM_LIFE_DEMON" (vanilla) you want to instead change their surface ID's in their itemtype entries. Swampbelly Toads (quest "S_MA_1a_G_nn-Ein Festmahl") are turtles in vanilla, despite the fact that a quest toad was scripted and not used ("Atmo_MA_toad_green_quest"). All taskcreature targets for this quest should be updated with this creature. I also increased its size so it's more visible. Leaping Plants make jet engine sounds when they jump. CA is "enemy_gen_battlejump". I believe the sound is assigned due to this line: eiStateName = "cSMBFJump". Audio files location: fx\spells\junglemonster\rammsprung. I think this was introduced in early version of the CM Patch because at point the plants didn't even leap. My solution was to replace the audio files with custom ones, but other existing sounds could be substituted. Or possibly the eiStateName could be changed. Kill Grand Inquisitor on the light path. The necessary change in questscripts.txt to allow Shadow Path character to kill Nimonuil has been present for a while, but not for Light Path characters. Would be under quest.setScript( 1669, Dark Seraphim - all the dialogues and journal entries indicate that the final battle is to take place in the Swamp, but instead the game has you travel back to Tyr Lysia to the cave where you fought her before. I made a new taskcreature using the creature id = 643, placed her the cave underneath Hesheth ( position = { 53,30,-1 , 844.000,1937.000,0.000 , 90.000 }, ) and made her the kill target of quest "S_MA_7d_SR_nn-Classquest Seraphim" Enemy regen penalty "et_debuff_CA_regen" on Dragon Mage's Mind Strike doesn't work on enemies. Could be replaced with Open Wounds, Death Blow, or any number of other appropriate modifiers. Divine Protection deactivates Warding Energy when it expires. Against expectations this doesn't seem to be tied to SpellClass. Even when changing the SpellClass ID's to non-Energy shield related ones, entry "se_te_notschild" will always deactivate "se_te_energieschild" when its duration expires. Aside from this being very irritating having to recast the Energy Shield buff constantly, I admit I have a vested interest in seeing this fixed because it affects the replacements for these two spells in D2F (Holy Freeze gets deactivated by Holy Shield when it runs out).
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    Hey Nick. It's the first option, the gloves have that specific enchantment. You can only socket damage type modifiers in weapons. ;)
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    About the gloves with conversion damage: am I looking for a specific pair of gloves with an enchantment that says "conversion damage to..." or do I need to look out for a ring or necklace to socket into the gloves? May I receive an example of what I'm looking for? Thanks for the attention.
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    yeah I wasn't sure what the blue quests where and I found out the huntress of light gives xp bonuses and I started rushing this quest. and I have not killed the carnach. I didn't know the carnach area meant the boss there.
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    You have to complete the main quest up to that point to take that mini-portal. You could try going through the tunnel that connects the Desert to the Swamp, that might be unlocked. Another option would be to load the character in a Multiplayer game, use the portal at the Island of Many Roads to take you to the Swamp and grab a portal there. Then you can load your character back into a singleplayer game and continue the quest. The portal in the Swamp would still be unlocked.
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    Knight -> Chess I wonder if he would have been a Knight if the Queen would have read this songtext: Scrambled Eggs (Yesterday Parody) Songtext [Featuring: Paul McCartney] Scrambled eggs Oh my baby how I love your legs Not as much as I love scrambled eggs Oh we should eat some scrambled eggs Waffle fries Oh my darling how I love your thighs Not as much as I love waffle fries Oh have you tried the waffle fries They are So damn good that they should be illegal They're like Regular fries but they're shaped like a waffle Chicken wings... "Chicken wings? No, no, no... Vegetarian, no chicken wings." "Oh, I forgot, it was actually..." Tofu wings Oh my baby when I hear you sing All I think about is tofu wings Oh did you bring the tofu wings There's a Place I know where I go for kick-ass wings We could Even get a side of onion rings Scrambled eggs Oh my baby how I love your legs Not as much as I love scrambled eggs Oh let's go get some scrambled eggs
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    17 Degrees,,, t shirts while it lasts! gogo
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    Sounds like you are at the portal near Mer-Kil. Did you kill the Carnach? http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Main_Campaign_Quests http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:The_Oldest_of_the_Immortal_-_Shadow_Campaign EDIT - Level 13 is a really low level to be at the dragon sea island. Are you are doing the seraphim class quest but haven't done much of the main campaign quest? http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:The_Beginning_of_the_End
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    I have been playing Sacred consistently since it's release in SP, but I just now got into trying the Wood Elf and was playing around with Spider Arrow out of curiosity and after a short while I was not only laughing my head off watching the effects of the spiders and their prey, I started crying from all the laughter. It was toxically hilarious and I found myself literally ROTFLMAO, worried my character would die because I couldn't stop laughing so hard. It's so fun to even now find something so entertaining in this wonderful game.
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    I played age of mithology with the cd version for billions of hours, and some months ago I bought it on steam. I didn't have problems, but I saw some steam topics on that bug. It seems that it's an issues of drivers, compatibility, or directX. I use the win7 compatibility mode. Also, sometimes bugs disappear if you uninstall akd reinstall the game (but its quite annoying to do so).
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    If there are any problems with summons they should be fixed in v12. Though I didn't change anything, I've been playing with them quite a bit and can't find any flaws. Everything is on schedule to release v12 this weekend. The French translation is done. All that remains is to pack all the loose mod files and do one final run of testing with the finished product.
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    I appreciate you taking a close look at this and I think your analysis in your latest posts is convincing enough to have me try to incorporate the recent changes in to my mods. Thanks.
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    Hey, I know she has the "Enchant" spellm, thats the reason I wanted to play her as a weapon user. I only miss a combat art, where she uses her weapon - like in the original game her "Magic Coup" or sth. like this, but its not a big deal - still awesome ;) The Summons I Have Problem with : Necromancer :"Clay Golem" , "Raise Skeleton" and "Skeletal Mage". Only the "Skeletal Mage" is attacking, not moving either as the other two, but for now it can attack. Druid: "Dire Wolf" and "Grizzly" Amazon: "Valkyrie" For some reason the "Shadow Master"-summoned by the assassin works fine - so it moves, attacks and use spells. From the above mentioned summons only the "Skeletal Mage" attacks, but it dont move, so I need to walk long enugh, till it spawns nearby. I hope im understandable ^^ Greetings