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    And ... wer'e back! Man, that was sooooooooooooo stressful... o_O For a while the information we were getting was not at all satisfying. Sometimes the the magical tone of responses from humans just doesnt propery "click" the spidey senses... Finally it looks like their blog was running on a dif server and someone was able to maintain proper and timely information there, and through this we were able to update the community on on Facebook and Steam Channels so that "word" would be out that we were still in the fight, and I was at least able to get an Email out to Flix as my email "remembered" him ... on that note, is it okay if I add mod team here to my personal email group that I will create to keep you guys all in the loop during an outage? Good glory...we're back! gogo
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    Glad you could figure it out. Some other suggestions if you want to keep the ice theme: fxTypeSpell = "FX_GEN_FROSTAURA", or fxTypeSpell = "FX_SK_TODESKAELTE", There aren't any other FX that coat the player's body, except for Ancient Bark and its replacement version, both of which are way more intense and inappropriate for Crystal Skin.
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    Hi guys and gals, I'm glad the site's back online! I have a quick question - do you know if there's a mod (user-created, not a CA mod) that changes the visuals of crystal skin? I'm loving my Delphic-Ice elf atm but crystal skin is just too ugly - something like the Incandescent skin's visuals but in light blue would be much tolerable/cooler imo. I'm having a hard time believing that in 10 years no mod-capable individual has felt the same way. I googled about it but I couldn't find anything. If you know if such a mod existing, that'd be great. Edit: I'm absolutely not asking for someone to make such a mod now - that sounds like too much work for just me. Just, if you know of such a mod existing, let me know. Thanks!
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    I used the orange angosturo bitters to make an chocolate & orange marbled marshmallow that gets used for turn down snacks every now and then... usually when the whole hotel has turned over. I am fortunate enough now to have access to 2 electric mixers, so I can make the 2 marshmallows at the same time, have them ready at the same time, and then marble them in the tray once they have whisked down to a cool temperature. so far I have made Chocolate and Orange (the orange was plain white with the milk chocolate coloured (even though it was dark chocolate) colour. Rose and Vanilla (I used rose water for the rose and added some pink food colouring) and a plain white. Today I made a Spearmint and more normal/garden mint marbled marshmallow. I kept the spearmint white, to show off against the green (food colouring, very soft green) garden mint colour. I made this for the student that is training at the hotel at the moment. She is not to secure in pastry section, so I had her watching me the entire time while I made it, so that she can at least tell her lecturer how it was made. She has to prepare a 7 course meal for 9pax, and obviously show what she has learned there, She was very committed to every other section, but her passion is not in the sweet section, So I helped her a bit, since she has been as committed as you can get, and she has been trying very hard...
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    Now that's a buff that I won't have to hide. It fits with the Shadow Step animation too. I'm definitely taking her to niob.
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    Oh, I haven't stopped lurking. It's a great forum for a great game. I just rarely have anything to add or say. Even this has been said before, I just thought I'd repost it under a Crystal skin topic so maybe it reaches someone else too.
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    Yes!! This penultimate truth acknowledged...and very happy you have found some ideas for solution and went the distance and posted help for the community ... great having you post here again! gogo
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    I think I solved my problem, in a way. I'll share it here in case someone else is wondering what to do in the future (since, as we all know, this game will be played as long as the Earth is spinning ): I found this old thread where Broken*Days was looking to fix the same issue with Ancient Bark. I followed what he did and went to \Steam\steamapps\common\Sacred 2 Gold\scripts\shared and opened spells.txt There, I searched for this line for Crystal skin (high-school German helped a bit): mgr.defineSpell( "he_st_kristallhaut", { and underneath it I replaced this line: fxTypeSpell = "FX_HE_KRISTALLHAUT", with this line: fxTypeSpell = "FX_SK_WILLENSSTAERKE", This way I changed the visual effect of Crystal skin with the visual effect of Grim Resilience. It's not the solution I was looking for, so if anyone knows how I can create a new visual effect (such as a blue Incandescent skin effect), that'd be great. But even just this solution suits me fine.
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    I LOVE Grand Marnier... one of my favourite liquers. It makes a particularly good orange souffle. The food will depend on the kind of beer. I Honestly do not know enough about beers to give a very educated lesson, but the general feeling is something meaty, burgers and sliders are a favourite of restaurants that serve a "double tasting portion" of a beer that has been paired with each slider, deep fried foods are also very common to be paired with beer. According to our chef lecturer that we had in High school, the bitterness in the beer breaks through the oil that remains on your palate...
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    Gaming isn't just gaming to me, it's a continued saga for my Sacred characters. The reason: after so many hours, I don't want to let my Sacred characters go. Like my seraphim, Natasha; I spent a lot of time with her, not just ingame, but making a backstory for her. It was easy to continue her story in Grim Dawn. But it wasn't easy transitioning my Temple Guardians into other games. I could do like a "after the destruction of the Great Machine, the gods granted the Temple guardian a human body", but that's too easy for me, too lazy. That's why I chose Fallout 4; I read about Curie; a machine that wants to transfer her mind and memories into a human body. Based on that, it's not too much of a stretch to transition my favorite temple Guardian, Gilbertitron, into Fallout 4. But then what? I have a mod that unites all factions, so Gilbertitron, now simply Gilbert, is sitting with his son, as peace is restored all across the Commonwealth. Cool, but then what? He carved his way through baddies to destroy the Machine, carved an even bloodier trail in the search for his son, it's time to give him peace. So, that's what I've been looking for, and stumbled across this: https://store.steampowered.com/app/464920/Surviving_Mars/ I am having SO much fun with this one. A lot of my customers think it's lame, as it doesn't have much of a tower defense aspect; no hostile Martians or xenomorphs charging you domes. While I respect that, if I wanted that, I would have gone with: https://store.steampowered.com/app/644930/They_Are_Billions/ or maybe https://store.steampowered.com/app/682530/MarZ_Tactical_Base_Defense/ But I didn't want that, I wanted a peaceful builder where I was attempting to turn Mars "green". So, that's what I've been doing. I have research domes slowly researching tech trees, farming domes where I'm watching geese run around, market sectors where I'm watching my colonists shop and visit the diner (one of them immediately visited the medical center afterwards, so I might have to talk to my chefs ), park domes where I'm watching colonists stroll around, exercise areas where people are doing what looks like calisthenics, GHG factories are slowly rising the temp, and I have about .02 percent of Mars sewn with grass and lichen. My only grumble so far is that it's so easy for me to lose myself in this one. My shop is closed today, so we got up at around 0700, ate breakfast, and wondered why my son was asking for lunch at 0800. I looked at the clock: whoops, it's not 0800, it's 1230.
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    Hey Gogo, after all that stress over the server issue, I think we should knock back a few cold ones. I wonder, can you think of something to eat that would go well with a few brews?
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    Super hot week...and some nights you gotta go full wino: gogo
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    Man, that was sooooooooooooo stressful... o_O For a while the information we were getting was not at all satisfying. Sometimes the the magical tone of responses from humans just doesn't properly "click" the spidey senses... Finally it looks like their blog was running on a dif server and someone was able to maintain proper and timely information there, and through this we were able to update the community on on Facebook and Steam Channels gogo
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    Hey guys! Sorry about this, we're on the chat with our hosters... they are saying that in the last 24 hours there was a huge jump in our site "processes" and so they've limited us because we're on shared hosting. We're chatting to see what has to be done with this, and we'll be back up blazing soon! gogo
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    I got the same message as Hooyaah twice on my phone, and I have also noticed there is some times that a topic loads very slowly or posting takes a while...
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    Indeed, good Sir Flix, this afternoon it's been dreadfully lethargic. I was getting used to the slowness replying to posts, but now it's terribly slow. I got this message just moments ago.
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    Sweet thanks! Is there a benefit to playing without Expert Touch? For the Dryad I'm making now I use (eventually) 3 buffs 1 from each tree, and the build wants me to take NatureWeaver Focus & Lore + Cabalistic Voodoo Focus. I get why I would need at least 1 of each of those but why 2 in Nature when it a Capricious build to begin with, other 2 are only for buffs with enough points to augment the buffs and the summon from the Shrunken Head? I think I downloaded that build awhile ago, found a DW Pole-Arm build and turned it into a Sword build with The Catalyst and The Iron Knight so far. Will try for a no weapons build when I get used to the Sacred 2 Mechanics. This is the guide I'm semi-following: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:A_guide_to_the_little_melee_bosskilling_dryad_-_Duel_Wield_dryad_in_action
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    Upcoming Paladin Changes in v12: As with the other characters, I've been spending time leveling Paladins from scratch, with self-found gear. No cheats or save editing or free gear. This way I really get a feel for imbalances and bugs. Vengeance: Fixed an animation bug that caused the Paladin to lay sideways in the saddle when mounted and using 2h swords. This is yet another animation vanilla issue that our awesome bug reporters caught. Smite: Increased base regeneration time. This is a great skill, and it was a little too easy to spam it. Now it's still low, but closer to the other CA's in this aspect. Charge: No longer causes Stun without taking Overwhelm modification. Stun chance from Overwhelm increased to 50%. Tooltip no longer mentions breaking existing roots as this was non-functioning. I actually don't think the "Break Existing Roots" thing works at all, on any CA. May be a broken modifier that could be fixed in the game code. Holy Bolt: Increased damage. In original D2, this skill only worked against Undead, but of course there were only 3 monster types: Undead, Demons, and Beasts. Sacred 2 has dozens of monster types, so this skill got a boost to be decently useful against any monster type, and EXTRA powerful against Undead and Demons (and T-Mutants with a mod). Fist of the Heavens: Increased damage. This CA is meant to be a nuke, now it performs as such. Conversion: Duration and minion attack speed now scale with CA level. Because it's important to have a reason to read more runes. Holy Shield: Percent of damage diverted to shield starts at 70% instead of 80%. Having the percent too high at low levels meant the shield took so much damage it often got depleted too quickly. About the Paladin's personal quests: The Paladin is now fully differentiated from the angels (Seraphim and Archangels), and all the dialogue, quest logs, and lore reflect this now. The Paladin and her order are human men and women who fight with holy powers, while the angels are... well, angels. They are faceless and mysterious immortals, and despite being ethereal creatures of light, most have a cool attitude at best towards the other races of Ancaria. Paladins on the other hand are grounded in their mortality and are therefore compassionate and have a keen sense of justice. The Paladin's personal quest is still much the same at its core. The Dark Seraphim is still the main antagonist, but her origin is much better fleshed out, and tied in with D2 lore of the Sin War and Necromancy. Side note: If you play the Barbarian you will also learn even more about these events through his own class quest. I have also corrected what I believe to be an oversight, if not a bug, in the vanilla game, where you are sent to the Swamp to bring the Dark Seraphim out of hiding there, but then you have to go all the way back to Tyr Lysia to kill her in the same cave where you drove her out in the beginning of the quest. This makes no sense! Therefore the Dark Seraphim final battle now takes place in the Swamp underneath Hesheth, as the dialogues and quest logs suggest it should. She is also now equipped with a dangerous poisonous weapon that I meant for her to have all along. Class quest "Whoops" now drops Herald of Zakarum as reward. This is that quest that is an homage to the Sacred 1 quest "Seraphim Rescue" (now a human Paladin like the player). Class quest "The Hunt III" now drops Endijian's Javelin as reward (upon reporting to Sophia). I wanted each of these loooong character chain quests to also have a "midway" reward, so Sophia outfits you with an angelic weapon now.
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    I have great respect and appreciation for all the work here Flix. Years and years after the release of this game, you're a model of fan ardor and dedication in building what must be one of the greatest mod to a game made. The sheer effort and commitment is just astonishing. Thank you for everything you and your team has put together for thecommunity gogo
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    I have great respect and appreciation for all the work here Flix. Years and years after the release of this game, you're a model of fan ardor and dedication in building what must be one of the greatest mod to a game made. The sheer effort and commitment is just astonishing. Thank you for everything you and your team has put together for thecommunity gogo
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    Necromancer Upcoming Changes in v12 I've been spending some quality time with the Necromancer for the next release, not just logging briefly in to test, but actually leveling a Necromancer from scratch up to level 100, playing through every quest and fighting every enemy. That way I really learn how he performs overall. Poison & Bone aspect: all four damaging spells in this aspect have increased base damage and better damage scaling. This is the Necromancer's only real damage-dealing aspect. It got a much needed boost. Corpse Explosion in particular should be devastating once you get the regen time down. Lower Resist: improved damage. This curse and Dim Vision had token damage but given that they're single target I gave them a boost. Dim Vision: improved damage Decrepify: Bronze mod "Forgetful" replaced with "Expose" which reduces the opponent's evade chance. The reason is because penalizing combat art regeneration times has no effect on enemy NPC's. Raise Skeleton: now summons only one skeleton by default. Bronze mod "Balm" is changed to "Skeletal Mastery" which summons an additional skeleton. Skeletal Mage: Improved stats and damage on base mages so that the gold mod choice isn't such a no-brainer. The choice is now heavy damage single target spells vs. area of effect spells. Clay Golem: several sounds (footsteps, attacks, idle sounds) are reworked to be less intrusive. He was using the Gar'Colossus's sound profile which resulted in deafening stomps every time he moved. Also, the basic Clay Golem gets a retexture to look more brown and earthy. More about the Class Quests: The Necromancer's class-specific quests are rewritten to make sense with the Necromancer as the protagonist. It is still the same story at its core - the character dealing with his surprise daughter, Shirka Alana, and the treachery inherent in working with the Inquisition, but the details are different. Character dialogues and motivations are fleshed out and generally make more sense. D2 Lore is worked in whenever possible, and the distinction between Necromancers (the priests of Rathma) and Inquisitors (nominally priests of the Light, who have been corrupted) is made more clear. Finally, there are more rewards sprinkled over the course of the chain quest as it plays out: Class quest "All or Nothing" drops Blackhand Key as reward. Class quest "Shirka With the Dragons" drops Boneflame as reward.
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    Yes, with the AddOn with DragonMages and RpH finally working I did my Sohei build. Going melee to recharge high level spells quickly. Think my Sohei was the first character who showed the true power of RpH. But it was a try out and test character. It worked nicely and my hardcore Dragon Mage who reached 200 is based on the results I got. The final hardcore Mentalist was like a butterfly. As a caterpillar it wasn't mobile and needed RpH to make the spells working. But around level 100 it transformed into a butterfly. No need for recharging hits, riding in wide circles like a cowboy to bring the enemies together like caddle and then firing area attacks spells into them. The Sohei The pure Mentalist build played in Hardcore A video I uploaded to Darkmatters to show how the Mentalist played at High Level and optimized equipment. A link to the download section: RpH allowed crazy build like weaponless KungFu dyads:
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    Well it is winter in South Africa now, and I took my Fiance to the airport yesterday so that he can keep on working on the cruise ships... in the bahamas... sunshine, warm weather, sunshine, shorts, sunshine, tshirts, sunshine, sandals and more sunshine.... I would be LOVING that. He is not too excited. It is very cold and raining a lot in the Western Cape, even though I am very grateful, considering we need the rain, I do miss the summer heat... I hope you are all doing well!
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    Well, since I'm a Supporting Member now, what else could I do but help out. At least I hope it helped. And it actually was a nice experience. Also, I'm ten days late, sorry about that.