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    Version v0160 Hotfix


    The Community Patch for the Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Ice & Blood PC game works with versions 2.65.1 and up: Current version is: 0160 Hotfix released December 18th, 2017. Currently supported Languages include: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, and Czech. If you want to help with localization for your language not mentioned above, feel free to contact us via: E-Mail =================================== Info below from DarkMatters.org by czevak What does the CM-Patch actually do? Marcuswob is mainly working on the questscripts. Main goal is to have a proper(!) questlog, and tweaking some quest-flow as we find it better/more consistent to play. Also reactivation of unused quests and complementing some unfinished new ones has been and will be done if possible. I am pretty much working on all of the other stuff. (Items, Bosses, Monsters, odds and ends...) This includes unlocking Stuff thats already finished, but did for some obscure reason not make it to the game. That's the easiest part. Completing unfinished items, some legendaries and uniques or the T-energy-sets (= wrappings of mutation. ) takes a lot more time. Also balancing of bosses, items and spells is time consuming and we need a big crew of beta testers! We already fixed and included in the Patch: Unlocking XMAS-Island, Fistweapons, Throwing Potions, New Sets for TG, SW and all other Chars, New Uniques, New Legendaries, New Quests, fixed the "Arkenmarks Refuge" Dungeon, Unlock Items can drop regularly, unavailable Shrinkheads can drop now and various other fixes and additions too numerous to mention all here. Just read a bit in the thread. Before you proceed to Download, there is some legal stuff to mention (you know how it is. ): DISCLAIMER - This is a private, non-profit patch for the amazing Sacred 2 community. Use it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage to chars, data or hardware, that (may) arise or issue from using this product. Old characters are NOT COMPATIBLE. For best results, you should create new characters when playing with the Community Patch. Expect broken quests and items if you use character created before CM 1.60. The ZIP includes two files: cm-enable.exe which is used for installing the CM-Patch, and cm-disable.exe which removes it and restores your previous version of Ice & Blood. =================================== Credits: Developers: Marcuswob, Czevak, LazyTomcat, Pesmontis, Silver Fox, Dimitrius154, Flix Thanks to all bug reporters, testers, and translators. Your contributions, discussion, and feedback helped make the patch what it is today. Special thanks to Mr. Norbyte for his tool which was vital in solving many animation problems. >>Downloadable 1.60 Change Log<< NOTE: It seems that CM Patch 1.60 has introduced a minor issue. Its description can be found in this post. This issue can be resolved by navigating to ...\Sacred 2 Gold\scripts\shared and editing spells.txt with Notepad++. In line 656 where it reads entry0 = {"et_mult_weapondamage", 1000, 0, 0, 9 }, replace 1000 with 1. Save and you're done. Be sure to back up the file prior to editing it. If you have any doubts about it please post in the comments section.
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    I recently got bored with my first character (more on that later) and am going to be restarting as something else entirely in the hopes that I can extend the life of the game some, but I also learned a lot in the process. I figured I might share some of my more interesting or "OOOHHH, *that's* why" moments in case they're useful to someone else, either starting a new Seraphim or to help optimize one in progress. Some caveats to be taken into consideration: 1) I played with Nexus' Survival Mod installed, and had Mooney's Challenge Mod installed on top of it. I don't know for sure which of all the changes took precedence over which others, but the end result was madness (including one point where I was taking on FIVE Bloodclaw werewolf bosses at once and some places where stepping into a crypt meant getting mobbed by 70+ ghosts all at once, actually stacked on top of each other 3-4 deep with a Banshee boss wailing on me for 17k a swat). The end note to be taken from this is that the character will probably survive anything that gets thrown at it, and will *eventually* (read: at high enough level) basically be immortal, short of those enemies that have Leech Percent. 2) I assumed from playing Sacred 1 (and hearing that Sacred 2 had 600+ quests) that the game would be fairly long if I tried to do everything, and I refused to do it five times over just to get to the saucy bits in Niobium. I started in Niobium at level 80 with no idea what I was doing, and learned from there. When I made mistakes and learned from them, I fixed them with the character editor within the bounds of a legitimate character. Soooo, to start things off I made a level 1 Seraphim and jacked up my experience bonus to something like 50x and gave myself some gold just to buy some basic gear from vendors as I leveled. I picked skills that seemed like they would fit the character I wanted well as I leveled, and every couple levels I bought some new trash to wear just so I could keep power leveling on stuff around the lumberjack camp and pirate cave. Somewhere along the way I got lucky and found a level 50 Nosferatu Fang amulet and kept that for well over 100 levels (more on that later). Whenever I hit the point in a difficulty that enemies stopped scaling with me, I hopped up a difficulty (unlocked with aforementioned character editor) and kept on keepin' on. At around level 80 (still in trashy gear) I got to the point where I could handle a few level 111 Niobium inquisitors and bandits, and the adventure started. I set my experience bonus at a mild 150% (so I could just forget Mentor potions altogether). Some thoughts I had, and when applicable, why they were wrong: 1) I was using Warding Energy without Warding Energy Lore, and I had 31 Revered Technology Focus (not Lore, Focus is cooldowns and Lore is damage, I wasn't using spells) for the 6 points to modify my Ward and Divine Protection. I figured having some projectile reflection and spellblock would be great for most fights, but without Warding Lore your shield never gets higher than about 4,400. It also *never* regenerates in combat (only the Temple Guardian can do that) so once it's gone, it's gone. It's also gone in 2-3 successful hits, negating any reflect it had, so depending on the rest of your build it's mostly useless. Later on in the game when enemies start throwing spells or spiders start spitting at you (neither reflected by your Ward nor by your Battle Stance) your Ward gets blown off instantly at the start of every combat. It *may* be useful if you stack tons of points into the Warding Lore skill, but I didn't. Any survivability I thought I was getting from my Ward was *actually* from Battle Stance's Close Combat Reflect. Later on I found I only used Divine Protection a handful of times, and dropped both Arts entirely. Eventually, any protection granted by Divine Protection can be made up for in the same amount of time with other means of survivability like Damage Mitigation and Leech (and massive Vitality). So Wards and Protection were a total bust. Without my Ward, I had no need of the Concentration skill either (allows 2 buffs, 3 at mastery). 2) The tooltips for Combat Arts and their modifications are woefully vague, misdirect you, or flatout lie. I mentioned Battle Stance in the above section, and it's here again. It's here because Battle Stance is a goddamn champion skill and you might not ever know it just from the tooltips. Eventually I started having very high survivability against certain types of enemies, and it took a LONG time and a visit to the Wiki to figure out why: Battle Stance's "small chance of Close Combat Reflection" is *not* a small chance. The chance to Reflect is actually 20% at Art level 1, 55% at level 50, and I assume it's at least 66% at level 100 (even with diminishing returns). That means with a few pieces of gear that also have reflect (or a triple-set of Gemmae, as it may be, the Community Patch sigil stone thingies that go in your relic holder) you can reach nearly 100% close combat reflect with your buff. The Drill modification only reduces cooldowns by 9% at level 50, but at level 100 the Flexibility mod will give you 20% (base) +20% evasion which will work with your reflect to reduce damage and the Aggression mod will give you a 100% damage boost, and it's eventually 300 to even 500% attack AND defense. Cooldowns be damned, the single biggest buff my character got was reading as many Battle Stance runes as I possibly could. 3) Dashing Alacrity is incredibly useless, or ridiculously amazing, depending on whether you mod your game. What the game doesn't tell you is that there is a cap on maximum speed increases, and it is very low: 50%. You spend the skillpoints mastering a weapon skill like Swords, and you've already hit the attack speed cap. All that speed on your weapon and bracers and buffs is garbage doing nothing. However, there's a simple line in your balance.txt, "Speedmax=1500", that you can change to fix the problem if you so desire. Some mods set it to 2500 (250% speed), but you can pick your own or stay vanilla. Just be aware of the limit if you don't change it to something reasonable... why would they allow a character to get hundreds of percent attack speed and then limit it to 50? Also keep in mind that regardless of Attack Speed %, weapons have different innate speed bases. Some one handers are faster than others, and two handers are slower than both of them. The faster 1h weapons are generally boosted by Dexterity while the slightly slower ones are boosted by Strength. If you have the CM patch installed, Lightsabers are the only weapons boosted by Willpower. If you use a Dexterity 1h and mod your max speed to 250%, with Dashing Alacrity at level 100+ (a lot of runes read, I know) with the Delay and Impatience mods both taken, your Alacrity will grant nearly 100% speed and have a duration longer than its own cooldown so it's perpetually active, and you will swing that sword like a blender on steroids. If you have even a small percent life leech, 1h+shield will even outdamage 2h weapons, or at least mine did... plus you get to use a shield, important for the next bit. 4) Unlike most other mods stacking against the player's favor (reflect being multiplicative, deathblow having diminishing returns, %damage being additive, etc) Damage Mitigation is additive and that is seriously OP on a Seraphim. I mentioned at one point a banshee boss (and even the Bloodclaw werewolves did it) hitting me for 17-20k a swat, and those were the first times I simply turned and RAN from something, not willing to lose my survival bonus "just to find out if I could do it". If you see a bonus that says "Damage Mitigation: Physical" and under it there are four other "Mitigation"s in different colors, that's "All-Channel" mitigation, or rather "reduces all incoming damage no matter where it's from, except enemies with leech". It's a mod that usually only shows up on torso and shoulder armor, and most sets have that bonus on both. It also shows up on the Glacial Defender shield at about 2/3 strength, and shows up on 3-4 different amulets at different strengths. It's also the main draw of the "Toughness" skill, which grants about 13% damage reduction at mastery and 27% when totally maxed out at level 200. All of these are important if you're playing a heavily-difficulty-modded game, with the Community Patch, especially as a Seraphim, because Seraphim have two extra items with Damage Mitigation that other classes don't get (I don't believe, anyway). On top of shoulder and torso items, Seraphim also have Endijian's Wings and Protective Hands as options, and Hands even come with extra Reflection stats. I didn't know for a long time you could socket those Damage Mitigation amulets into Gold sockets on gear either, further increasing their numbers. With Wings, Hands, Shoulders, Torso, and a Glacial shield, it's very easy to get 60-80% damage mitigation. Now that 150,000 damage oneshot is a very survivable 30K, and with as much reflect and evasion as you'll have, it won't be landing very often. With stacked Vitality and a couple percent leech, you'll likely outregen/leech any damage you do take. Also note that if you have terrible luck with getting set items to drop, Mitigation shows up on rare items as well, and the stat can even roll twice for double the effect. Watch for them! 5) Big muscles make for big damage! Except if you're already Whetting all your gear at the blacksmith, you're going to be doing so much damage that your strength really won't matter. You're already hitting for 8k anyway, with a onehander. If you need to hit something, a weapon or ring with -Opponent Chance to Evade has a much greater effect than any amount of +Attack anyway, so go with those (I was particularly fond of Sneaking Demon, das a sexy pigsticker). Eventually I needed survivability instead, and dropped all my points into Vitality, which paid off with a 50K lifespan in the end. Being able to take big hits and shrug them off with regen and leech is much more useful than a bunch more damage that ends up being mostly overkill. As a Seraphim, there's only so many things you can hit at once and only so fast you can hit, overkill damage wasn't helping clear speed nearly as much as not having to worry about dying and being able to slog through the pigpiles and hordes. Anyway, see a few posts down for my testing on strength and exactly how much damage you can get out of it, maybe useful for somebody. 6) Also, critical hits are garbage. Crits in basically every game ever are 150% or 200% damage, but in this one they're only 120%. You don't need to avoid them, and you don't particularly care about dealing them either. Double-Hits are boss though. See the following post as to why this was wrong. 7) Life Leech per Hit, and Leech Life from Opponents are two totally different stats, and neither works like one might expect (having played Diablo 2 and whatnot). The former deals a certain amount of damage per strike as unresistable damage and heals the player for said amount, say a flat +200 damage and +200 healing. It's a decent stat if you attack very quickly and have high defenses, it helps regenerate some of the incidental damage you take when there's no emergencies going on. The latter deals the same unresistable damage, yet the damage dealt is based on the target's *maximum life*, so the bigger the bad, the badder the blow (and the bigger the healing received). Late-game it's not uncommon to see 600-1000 leeched from weenies, 6-10K leeched from champions, and 50-100K life stolen from a Big Bad Boss, in a *single* hit. The mod usually appears only on 2h weapons (up to about 4%), but it also appears as a full-set bonus in some sets. Remember that crappy level 50 Nosferatu Fang I mentioned forever ago that I kept for a hundred levels? The set bonus for having both the amulet and the ring is 1.7% Leech Life, and that carried me through the darkest of times. At the very end I gave up some Mitigation for another set bonus with Leech % (Genesis Siderea), the Fang/Claw set, and a store-bought two-hander with 4% leech and deathblow (with stacked deathblow jewelry in it). It even procs twice on double-swings, just for extra insult to the injury! Killing bosses in a couple seconds is a bit overkill though, and gets boring, so maybe don't do this to the extent I did. 8) Build your character right, and because of how weak enemies tend to be and the like, the regeneration times on active Combat Arts don't even matter. I tried and tried to keep Art levels and regen times and such balanced, but even in doing so I never *used* them. I ended up not using Warding or Divine Protection (former stopped being useful, latter was never really useful), I never used my Kybele god button for heals, Somersault is junk, Pelting Strikes was so slow and ungainly that I kept trying to use it but found it outclassed by autoattacks... The only useful Arts I had were Soul Hammer, and only when using a 2h against huge enemies, and Dashing Alacrity after I modded files to increase max attack speed (it would have otherwise been as useless as the rest). Because Dashing Alacrity's biggest "can't use this yet" problem is a *cooldown* and not *regeneration time*, even massive regeneration penalties don't make any difference to my character, so having a totally maxed out overburdening Battle Stance didn't matter. Once I got things figured out, my most effective combat strategy went like this: Log in, turn on Battle Stance, recast Dashing Alacrity as necessary (about once every 45 seconds), autoattack the whole game to death. So before the end, I'll share how my Seraphim ended up (for a look at the end result of what I learned). Stats: All points in Vitality, every last one of them. End result is some pretty beastly regen and 52k HP. Skills: Tactics Lore 75 for damage, Exalted Warrior Focus 75 (you won't need the mod points, but it raises the level without penalty for better Alacrity and Battle Stance), Swords 75 for attack speed and unlocking Double Hits Armor Lore 75, Shield Lore 75 (unlocks 20%-someodd chance to block, and Shield Lore adds to ALL of your defense while wielding a shield, not just the shield's defense, it's a lot better than the game makes it sound), Constitution 75 (for in-combat life regen), Combat Reflexes 75 (the evade vs critical really helps if your game's modded for 200% crit damage), Spell Resistance 75 (again, mostly for a modded game where crits are actually dangerous, but spells will still be your weakest defense by far so you might as well shore it up some), Toughness 75 (for the almighty Damage Mitigation). I dumped all remaining points into Toughness and Swords (more Mitigation, more Double Hits). Of course you can always swap Swords for Poles, Dual Wield, whatever. Can always drop Shields, but with my setup I was always using one anyway so I added it. That leaves 1-2 skills of your choice. If you're actually using combat arts or Warding, Concentration will help (or be necessary)... I used Bargaining myself, a lot of the gear I wore for a long time came from shophopping for jewelry and swords. Eeeeveeenntualllyyyy after a lot of farming ghosts for jewelry (they only seem to drop jewelry and gemmae, making finding extra Clepidide's and such easier) and the like trying to make myself immortal just to see if it could be done (and you can definitely come close with just a few pieces of gear) I did a little testing with aggroing triple-size screens of enemies (which is dozens and dozens of them) and just standing there, and looking at some numbers and such. I had 90% damage mitigation, over 90% reflect close, over 60% reflect projectile, 40% someodd reflect spells, and 52k HP (could have gotten more life and more regen by dumping into Constitution, but I wanted Swords instead for the damage). I had enough defense and extra evasion and block and such that even if things didn't reflect, they didn't hit me anyway. It was basically only spells that even made numbers show up. This is about the point I got really, really bored with my Seraphim. Pros, Cons, Quality of Life, random musings... 1) Character is very strong, even with simple autoattacks, and very durable with halfway decent gear. This allows you to dick around in combat as much as you want and simply enjoy the quests without too much worry about watching colored bars or accidentally dying to something random. If something has a chance at all of killing you, you'll know before you even see it (because of the huge BOSS health bar that shows up when they approach). 2) If you want to play around with utility spells and combat arts, the character's strong enough that being very inefficient with your arts won't cause the character to fail. If you feel like using Warding for lore reasons or spamming Flaring Nova on big groups of enemies (with no skills to support it, making it a terrible choice), you still can. Being a little overpowered makes for flexibility, and flexibility helps cure boredom. Maybe you actually LIKE Pelting Strikes (where I found it totally useless) and you want to spam it... go ahead! 3) Recreating my old seraphim and the first thing that came to mind once I got geared again (took until level 104 to get everything to drop, and the Lycan ring was the last piece, bleh) was HOLY CRAP I HATE Chance to Fear Opponent Away. It's a stat that rolls randomly on most pieces of gear and comes on set items as well, particularly the Lycan ring of the leech set I use. It's counterproductive at best and infuriating at worst, so here's how you deal with that crap: Open up your Blueprints.txt with a fancier-than-Notepad text editor like Notepad++ (Notepad won't work, trying to use Notepad will only break your game) and find the line "bonusgroup1 = {883,1250,1,9,0}," under item blueprint ID 4027, item "set_ring_nail" (this is the Lycan ring). Change this bonus to "{871,500,1,9,0}". This will change the obnoxious-as-all-hell Fear property to a harmless little Survival bonus, and suddenly combat is roughly 12.92% less annoying as long as you avoid Fear on your other gear. 4) Gear gets kinda boring, and looting things can feel pointless. This wasn't nearly as much of an issue on my Glacial elf, whose gear varied quite a bit and constantly. I used the Armguards, Legguards, Shoulders from the Niokaste set, with their damages, skills, and attack speed bonuses (and 3-piece set bonus) they're good enough that no one or two pieces is worth replacing with rares. I used the entire Genesis Siderea set for the leech bonus, so none of those items change. I use the Tooth and Nail amulet and ring for more leech, leaving my only variable item as a *single* rare ring, usually with -Opponent Chance to Evade and Damage or Flat Physical Damage (shows up as a little yellow bar and amount, like 32-32). Basically, besides shopping for a new ring once in a while, my gear never changes once I fill a slot, and all I ever do is upgrade a level 90 item to a level 105 item, 105 to 120, etc, ad infinitum. This makes 99.99% of all items that drop totally useless, including tons of copies of the same gear I'm already wearing, at exactly the same level. If you're a loothound and play the game for that, you'll have to find a way to mix things up a bit. 5) Just as a point of interest because I learned it recently... I usually use a 1h and shield or a 2h with Leech % (and preferably Deathblow as a second stat, if I can get it), because 1h swords can't roll Leech %... but there *is* a single 1h sword with Leech %. It didn't show up on the wiki page for "sources of Leech %", so I missed its existence entirely. The problem is that it's only in the Community Patch and it's legendary, so good luck getting it to drop. I've not seen it yet, my elusive Sereish Steel of Thunder, my precious. I must have my precious... Anyway, figured I'd share and maybe some people could learn a few things from my mistakes and my journeys through the Wiki
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    Here is an early Christmas present to get you into the holiday spirit. This has always been one of my favorite songs to play on guitar.
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    This song is called Lucidity. This one is improvisation. Instead of recording one of my dozens of old compositions (I've been too hard on myself for mistakes and tone issues), I decided to just record a fresh jam today. And this song just poured out. I hope you enjoy. Sometimes songs just seem to fall into your lap, and if you're lucky you record them while they're fresh on your mind. This tune just came flowing out this lazy Sunday afternoon as I was playing on the couch. This piece doesn't have any of the polish or precision of a rehearsed composition, it is raw and in a way more genuine. Maybe someday I will develop it into a more fleshed out song.
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    I know it's a total clickbait title but I actually want to discuss something important. And everyone knows that Ancaria was always great anyway. Over the course of time and different iterations of community made patches and mods there has been a lot of content added to the vanilla version of the game, and this is something that hasn't been consensual as far as I can tell. No one questions the ability for CM 1.60 to make the game stable, so all the added content that comes with it is to be endured in order to fully enjoy the game in its full splendor. And yet there are always folks that think that vanilla it should be. Now with that in mind there is one thing that's been talked about over the course of time, which is to make more standardized CM version. As daunting of a task as that may seem at first the question I ask is this, is it really a necessity or just something for a selected few who complain about no vanilla no game?! That's my first point so I'll keep the rest of the conversation below. Now, we all know how easy it is to mod this game, just grab GSME and enable the module you want to load on top of the game. You want added content? Load the module with "cm items", which would need what, an already existing blueprint and drop.txt files? Come to think of it it shouldn't really be that difficult to make a "vanilla cm patch" with optional modules to be added like any other mod with extra items and stuff. Now, I'm not talking about eliminating restored content but making newly created content an optional module. It's pretty much incredible just how much variety CM 1.60 and even EE 2.1 bring to the game in terms of enemy skins and weapons, as well as rng loot skins. The point I'm trying to make is that those things should stay, if they're in the game files anyway why shouldn't they? The only thing that they add is a greater visual variety in the game, they don't add more items to drop pools. Now the big question is this, do you, the community, feel like this is an endeavour worth taking? Making a CM Patch that has all vanilla plus only restored content, with the option to side-load all the extra content created by the community? What do you all think abou this? We have the tools, I know there's will out there. But how about it being something people actually want? And that my friends, is the million dollar question. Thanks for reading and I hope that we can discuss this.
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    Have you tried downloading the dll which shows in the error :) Something similar happened to me the first time I installed the sacred of steam ... I looked for the dll and threw it in the system folder from nvidia and it worked... This is drive or incompatible drive.
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    Speaking of making tutorials since I also mentioned increasing the font size: I found 2 topics here already about either replacing the fonts altogether or changing the size. I believe Flix provided a fonts.xml with edited values to increase said font size some time ago. But ultimately the user who asked about it couldn't get it to work, saying he can no longer move or interact ingame with the edited file in place. I found that odd because I had no such issues when I changed the values equally myself. I extracted the "Fonts" folder from "skin-xml.zip", placed it in "Sacred 2 Gold/pak" and there edited the "Fonts.xml" by increasing each value by 2. One thing to note though is if the increase in size is too high some names or descriptions might no longer be displayed correctly and appear to be cut off. <Font Name="DEBUG"> <FontGroup>TextFontGroup</FontGroup> <Size>18</Size> <Flags>ANTIALIASED, OUTLINE</Flags> <Sharpen>true</Sharpen> </Font> In my case I changed the value 18 to 20 and did so for every other entry. Either way I found the difference substantial enough to make a few comparison screenshots and post them here. I apologize if someone already made a post about it or uploaded a working fonts.xml at some point. Each screenshot shows a few elements like the inventory or item- and ability preview. From left to right: Vanilla>2pt increase>4pt increase.
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    I was out in the backyard carving amethyst runestones for a client when boy scouts came looking to sell popcorn. Every year , man. Unfortunately, this is my "tighten the wallet" time of year, so I had to decline. Again. I heard one kid tell the other one as they were walking away "see, I told you that the redneck crystal wizard guy never buys popcorn." LOL!!!!! Redneck crystal wizard guy, man no one's ever called me that before! Evidently, this is the face of a "redneck crystal wizard". And I thought it was going to be a bland day! https://postimg.cc/qz3DXRrm
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    "Progression is so slow and the game is so big that you have to play for hundreds of hours to complete all difficulties and move to another class/build." This is exactly the reason why I love these games. The piddly little games that you complete in a couple of dozen hours put me off no end. If a game is worth playing it is worth taking time to enjoy. I can't understand these people who seem to want to rush to endgame as fast as they can, almost as if they can't wait for the game to be finished with so they can rush on to something else. For me Titan Quest was boring as hell, it was like being on rails with no option except to follow the alloted course. I have about 700 hours into Sacred 1 and I am still finding things I have not seen before. Morrowind I am well over a 1000 hours and have not finished the Bloodmoon expansion in that game, hell I have hardly started that part! I suppose my playstyle is exactly what Ascaron was aiming for when they developed Sacred, players who wanted a massive gaming experience that would keep them enthralled for hundreds of hours just playing a single character class and with the knowledge that they had it all to look forward to again with another 7 unique character classes, each of which would supply a different playing experience. I really got my money's worth with the Sacred games, unlike a lot of modern, supposedly AAA titles which cost ten times as much and are over and finished with in a fraction of the time. Sacred provided quality gaming, and didn't try to hide mundane gaming with pretty graphics as so many games do these days.
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    Too bad. I already bought a second hand HP Z420 for 380 Euro in decembre. Kids say it has nearly enough computer power to use it for playing with LEGO robots. 3 monitors connected and this free education software from Fraunhofer Institute. And I was mean and nasty. Instead of a gaming keyboard it has a medical one. You can wash and desinfect it.
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    Your question is answered here, in this thread: Auto zoom in on NPCs
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    Version 1.0.0


    Regards, Elven text of the Sacred logo added to the texture of the shield: Amazonian_shield_d Installation: Copy the mq folder to the path C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Deep Silver \ Sacred 2 Gold Edition \ pak
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    This person had the same "failure" in execution ... https://steamcommunity.com/app/225640/discussions/0/864974880617697404/
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    Granted, I liked Sinister. But Sinister wasn't scary to me, Sinister cheesed me off. As a single man, you better believe I'd be splicing film reels together. It's a good thing I didn't live in a horror movie as a single man, because I'd have been dead in the first fifteen minutes. "Hey, there's a glowing rock, I'm gunna take this bugger home!", "hey, there's this weird thing at a rummage sale, oh this has my name ALL over it!!", "oops, sorry I opened the gate to the seventh level of hell, everyone, there were glowing runes I found, and you can't not touch glowing runes!". But his character isn't a single man. In the beginning, I understand, he's trying to provide for his family the best way he can, I totally get that. But it becomes obvious that the road he's going on is hazardous to the health of his family. It's not that he doesn't recognize it, it's the fact that he purposely gambles his family's safety for the chance to satisfy his curiosity. And there's ego stuff, blah blah blah. And I understand that that's the point, that's one of the underlying themes, but still,I both love and am cheezed at that film for that reason
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    Most definitely a long time coming Delta! You're a perfect fit. Welcome aboard and hope you had an awesome Birthday!
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    I've had this bug in some previous versions of my mods, because I had assigned the dragons spells that had missing/incorrect animations. I think/hope I squashed all such bugs. Are you using any mods?
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    Welcome to the team Theuns! Pleasure to have you in the ranks. And a very happy birthday too, I hope you didn't have to work!
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    I'm also used to it, but you never get used to it per se. All the added rush, noise, work volume... "It's like father, always in a rush, never have any time..." Oh and the week after Christmas is when season sales begin, so it doesn't really stop until mid-January or so. But I guess that my girlfriend has enough Christmas love to compensate for the Grinch in me, ha ha. Case in point, she made me decorate the tree!
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    Quick update, finally dropped this S.O.B. Thanks for all the help guys! I was level 26 and used that "Good Address" for gear and the two Sloeford quests for XP grinding. However a bit of research turned up two big things that made a huge difference. First, was reading that Battle Extension has a passive double hit built in. So I put it in a combo with Dedicated Blow and set as my "1" attack. As long as the was my selected CA even my left click attacks would double hit. Obviously this was a huge uptick in DPS. Second, I was using the wrong mount. I've always chosen the mount that lowers regen for my main CA tree. I didn't ever notice that the neutral one contains a huge (%29.5) bonus to shield regen. This was a key survival factor. With those two things plus fighting on the platforms and 30 or so potions he went down. Again, thanks for the help!
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    Bravo, it's magnificent! This is proof that sometimes it's most important to forget "trying to be technically flawless" and just play the music. Be the inspired conduit and let the piece be the source that speaks through you.
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    I've played Sacred 2 for years, until I beat the game with every character using every aspect mastery. The bad part is I was playing on a laptop which only let me play for ten minutes at time before either ctd or complete freeze. Ten little minutes at a time isn't enough to experiment really with anything. I couldn't really get a feel for point allocation or anything, or even explore. What it boiled down to was me downloading set items and going off of character guides. Which meant that none of the characters I made felt like mine, they were just photocopies. CTD also meant that I'd also lose any map progress, so you can imagine the frantic beeline I'd make to the next town/quest. And a ton of other frustrations you can imagine with being only able to play in ten minute little spurts. A desktop changed ALL that. I never knew how much fun shopping was on this game. Before, standard sets were just the garbage I wore before leveling enough for set items. Now, I have at least a week's worth of shopping to make matching standard sets. I also would have never guessed that standard sets could be just as rad as the set items. I just slaughtered the White Griffin with an A.S focus Inquisitor clothed in just his grey Blood Poison set. A desktop made all the difference in the world, it's like a whole new game for me!
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    Points I'd add after finishing a completionist Silver playthrough yesterday (without DLCs). 1) The attention to detail. The world is extremely detailed, there are tremendous amounts of nice looking animations (with the CM fixes), so many voice lines dependent on where you are, who you kill, so many footstep sounds depending on the surface and if it's raining or not, random NPC conversations and so much more. This all combines into a world that I like to return to. 2) The static map. Instead of some RNG map built from pre made blocks, the handcrafted and HUGE world of Ancaria has character with clear landmarks unlike many games in this genre. 3) Survival bonus and map explored mechanic. A great way of rewarding not dying your way through the game and it perfectly fits my play style in these kinds of games. Playing normal but as if I was on hardcore. And getting CtFV for thorough exploration? Sign me up! 4) The graphics and world design hold up to this day. I still just stop at some of the places and look around. And the elite textures are extremely good looking. Too bad there is no way to increase the view distance so you could enjoy the nice views more.
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    Thanks Theuns! Most of the pain has abated, and in fact, its must less severe now two days after, with almost no swelling as reported from the internet. The pills the doctor gave me are so potent though that I find myself only using one of them at night before bed, with only some ibuproffen during the day. Yes..jello, custard, ice cream... enuff of life through slurps.. can hardly wait to tear my teeth into something with a little more substance... hello mr hamburger... come to me maw!! gogo