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  1. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    crime fighters -> ants gogo
  2. Hey guys! I dont really use the top left link What's New..I dont like ( for most searches) using that regularly as it breaks down threads into posts and its easy to lost posts that way ...instead I've renamed the top right link. The default word for that link is "all activity" . I've changed it to "View New Content" ... and here's a pic of how I've set my filters... never lose any threads so far with this set up: gogo
  3. Niobium Level High Elf vs the Gar'Colossus

    Love the epic descent to get to him... this lumbering horror at the bottom of the looong stairway to the deeps... thanks for the capture ... may ye heroine stay brave! gogo
  4. Whats your fav build?

    And... this is my most favorite build... and nastiest as well! gogo
  5. from Studio 2 I remember posting this up years ago, the first time we saw Ascaron's brand new CA in action... what a doozy... and so WICKED
  6. yah the two links being offered like that I find not so usefull especially as they operate a little differently as well as one being able to be filtered.. if we have time this weekend, maybe we'll see about dropping on or changing the name gogo
  7. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    aerodynamics -> Wright Brothers gogo
  8. Hooyaah, the link on the top left of forum is so granular..it actually runs down the page listing post after post... something like this that went up a few days ago would be lost quickly, specially with the number of posts and comments that have gone up lately. Have you tried using the custom link you can create at top right of forum? You can filter the content by topic this way rather than post, and it will cut down the number of listed bullets of info in your feed. Hoping that's whats hapenning gogo
  9. took this picture a few days ago while walking to work hmmm, its march...right... gogo
  10. hmmm... doesnt this remind you of the battletop from weathertop in the first book of Lord of the Rings?! gogo
  11. Funny & Interesting Sacred 2 Videos

    I love how the details and perspective that "pop" in that scene... quite immersive... the classic sacred humor is our needed icing on the cake gogo
  12. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    National Parks! -> Treasure gogo
  13. Gratz on the new member of the family... must be adorable! gogo