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  1. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    cash ->cacje gogo
  2. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    benefactor -> money gogo
  3. Really like the pose 🙂 gogo
  4. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    hooch -> Turner gogo p.s. just found this out...fascinating...
  5. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    absolute -> Absolut gogo
  6. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Welcome to DarkMatters ahd the Diablo 2 The Fallen MOd , deogo and MisterB1969! last Sacred 2 hold out in the universe ^^ gogo
  7. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    And a warm welcome to DarkMatters, Chofranc, delighted to see you're enjoying Flix's mod! gogo
  8. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Cavity -> expensive 🤡 gogo
  9. Blade Runner 2049

    I'm really not a fan of reading reviews, much prefer to go into media these days with no expectations, and no fore-glimpses...but a few lines from a review done locally caught my eye and it's last few lines made my heart beat so excitedly ... "blah blah blah good, blah blah blah, unforgettable... blah blah blah , watch this movie in the most biggest, expensive theather you can find... “ And so we did This last Saturday was one of the most memorable movie experiences I've yet to experience in a theater... chalk it up to the THX, a three story tall massive IMAX and the loud, enveloping, thunderous boom sound that shaked my seat, bones and sweater everytime that Hans Zimmer score would play, as well as to the delightful, muted clicks of Ridley Scott style sonic treats (Hello, Alien et al! )... this was the movie I'd been waiting to see for years. Even though I'd never actually gotten to see Blade Runner in the theater, my later repeated viewings of it had etched into both my heart and mind a tenebrous vision of a spooky, rainy world, full of the latest tech and the deepest of terrors. I dont want to give away spoilers, (who knows maybe we'll chat it up with this new spoiler functionality we now have on forum if anyone here watches it ? ) But this movie still has me excited, and when it ended almost THREE HOURS later ( that was a lot of pop that had to be drunk) it was in a mesmerized state of being, feeling still attached to this sensiitive very tactile world that Denix Vileneuve (Hello Sicario and Prisoners!) had put together in such sumptuous and lavish fashion, that I felt myself not wanting to leave and still reeling over from the assault on senses and needing to process. It's funny how this addition to a piece of work done more than 25 years ago has been released with so much more class, sympathy stellar vision that any other reboot, remake than I've seen yet from anything like Star Wars. And while I'm often loathe to see Harrisson Ford act these days, he was directed so well that I couldn't help but empathize with his plight over all these years... Recoemmended viewing? Hell yes gogo
  10. Map of Ancaria (for Print)

    Awesome, Hooyaah, thanks for getting the file!! It's an insane beauty when fully printed. After SChot created the map, a member a few years back printed it out... huge monster a few feet wide and long, arrived beautifull wrapped and rolled... a masterpiece and was on the walls for many years gogo
  11. Best thing I've seen all day, what a terrific photo Podgie!! Bring on the garlic ice cream... Yes, I will make an effort to track this down this Christmas! gogo
  12. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    boring -> drilling gogo
  13. I'm curious about this pic, I'm actually using it as my background right now for viewing... Does anyone know where exactly in Ancaria these places are... any idea where on the map, or is purely concept art? gogo
  14. I see it too. Schot left it there for nostalgia... Ode to Ascaron gogo