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  1. play -> vacation gogo gogo
  2. gogoblender

    Sacred 2 Keybinding on laptop

    Predator... nice! I have been looking in earnest to replace my laptop and in fact even desk top with a more powerful mobile laptop... the days of that tower jutting out and above my desk just seem to have less and less appeal ...specially since I saw someone with a fierce looking Sager was traveling and doing lighting support work for a DJ just melting videos in to any shape he wants quickly I've never actually played sacred 2 on my lap top, its mostly for word processing, but maybe someone here with a more robust mobile set up like yours will have some helpful feedback gogo p.s. just gotta know...is that laptop worth the hype?
  3. Prince Oberyn Martell -> Tragedy was happened to him was... how heart breaking gogo
  4. gogoblender

    Food glorious food - What are you eating

    Ooh... irony... 😅 gogo
  5. This is cool and never happened to me before.... flight is at 1125 but it’s empty and all passengers are heee .. so we’re leaving now at 1059! 🥳😃🥳 gogo
  6. geosynchronous -> moon is it? gogo
  7. gogoblender

    Food glorious food - What are you eating

    E'en when I was a kid fish was the wariest choice for me. Yes I'll eat it, and in fact will sometimes choose Salmon on a menu if i'm in a mood...but its not something I've actually ever bought... though I do love eating my mom's curried cod ...kayumbo! Everytime I think of Portugal and watch Chef Jose Avilez cook... my mouth will water though...I guess anything prepared expertly that showcases product will be that good gogo
  8. Just seeing the last three uploads you've made for the community from Runes, to Quick Money weapons! Thanks and welcome to DarkMatters! gogo
  9. snow -> television ayup... on tv... gogo
  10. gogoblender

    Food glorious food - What are you eating

    eeks.. cooking fish...lol im not there yet...out of a can it will remain for me for a bit... or in a mcdonalds sandwich gogo
  11. Happy to see you here on the boards, ric7202...and with an upload no less! Enjoy the community and poutine gogo