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  1. fashion -> language learned that from the devil wears prada gogo
  2. Hi Vladimir! We had actually turned off emal notifications from this forum to members outlying becaus it kept freezing the forum. i'm sorry about that and understand that everyone here is excited and wants to play Sacred ! I'll send him an email, hopefully it will connect and we'll see about turning on at least this topic's email status Thank you for posting and showing so much interest in his and this team's work! gogo
  3. Depeche Mode -< classic! I think i saw them in concert here in Montreal waaaaaaaaaaaaay back! gogo
  4. A generous and thoughtful offer Theuns... South Africa!! Covid Covid... please go away soon! gogo
  5. I love their variety and "feel" as well... do you mostly stew them? vegetables -> sale so much on sale this time of year! brocolli and red onions on super sale...this is the prep for my lunch! gogo
  6. First time ever did more than a 2 k run/walk this morning and was able to make it to the top of the oratory... a celebratory cheese, zucchini, onions omelette!
  7. I ADORE Italian ciabatta! That oily sponginess hitting down to a sweet flavorted crustiness... good stuff... dang, we gots to visit and just go on a bread diet for a week gogo
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