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  1. rofl!!! i loved that show... shame on me for not remembering! space 1999 -> series gogo
  2. nuclear waste -> moon I remember reading about that somewhere too Chattius, . im all in for wind powah! gogo
  3. That was such a warm kind - hearted invitation thank you Steve ! allez le cow to our bouche! I was in Houston visiting relatives long long ago i remember that heat... deeeeeeelicious gogo ps grill -> nirvana gogo
  4. love resto stories! Thanks for getting me back into the kitchen Theuns organic -> cannibal gogo
  5. ahhh, the portabellos...those are HUGE... i can never get enough courage to get those... I think i tried once back last year... and bravo on this first stuffing for a while! I can relate to your feeling re covid permeating all the parts of our lives. We have curfew now starts at 8 00 pm till 5 00 am in the morning...and we're only allowed to get non essentials. I only get a few hours of sun and when I get out it's pretty cold... - 14 last night We shall persevere with our warm comfy food cave sir and fare aplomb to the summer break! gogo
  6. Perfume -> patrick suskind read the book... floored. Deeeetail.... gogo
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