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  1. charlie daniels band -> devil went down to georgia love that song...knew i knew that group!! gogo
  2. Brilliant, Ruddick! love these models you keep adding to classic Underworld ... keeps refreshing the game gogo
  3. First time I deep fried...and only because my Aunt and Uncle made fresh from scratch Sri Lankan Rolls... real and verily... *pour two inches of oil into a pan' ... have NEVER used that much oil in anything before... but found a small sauce pan and got the oil up to about an inch and a bit and dropped these delicious tasties inside... Dang home made is good! gogo
  4. I've had sort of an affinity with maps ever since Schot took Sacred's massive world and put it on the net as a google style ... about how big is this world Thorium? gogo
  5. We're on that same lovely page! I just had a WICKED weekend with my family... we spent most of our time just eating food, sitting around, chatting and then ...eating more food... for six hours productive? maybe not.. but dang do my batteries feel energized! gogo
  6. lol did the editor do this or did you write that ? All hail BSG...and welcome to DarkMatters fellow Canadian gogo
  7. Capoeira -> dance fighting One of my friends growing up in college was doing that... loved it gogo
  8. stunning like something out of a frazetta painting Ruppertsklamm -> Gorgeous gogo
  9. We're having a rainy Sunday as well... after a loooooooooooooong day with the family yesterday eating eating eating... chilling with this exquisite sound track you've fyi'd to me ... terrific! I'd forgotten the movie had this amazing music gogo
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