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  1. Its great if you can help out the Wiki team! Im at work now, but Ill get your association with the wiki up when im done work Thanks...the Sacred underworld part of Wiki came in late when we put it up, so many were working on Sacred 2... to have someone be able to add to the the first game is wonderful! gogo
  2. Hi Everyone! This has become a very busy topic with many new, fresh, eye opening points of view I've split off the posts from Flix's Dwarf Thread and brought them all into the this Main Topic that we can use for feedback for the Devl's incredible new mod for Sacred Underworld... Keep on Fans! gogo
  3. Hi Lego and welcome to DarkMatters! Sorry about the loss of your discs I have done some searching for you and they are available for purchase here https://www.amazon.ca/Atari-894388002097-Sacred-Fallen-Angel/dp/B001IKHVTE Thanks for making it over to use and good luck with your game! welcome to DarkMatters! gogo
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