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  1. I would add that it depends if you are self found character with no bargaining skill. Then you don't have the high plus skills you could have with bargaining. So that changes the dynamic a little bit.
  2. You might just need to get more levels. Purple enemies usually means death regardless of character. With exception maybe of a Shadow Veiled Shadow Warrior but that almost seems cheating. And even a Shadow Veiled SW if they are severely underleveled you don't die but every enemy seems like a 'bullet sponge'.
  3. Regarding toughness there are a couple good reasons to keep it. First is that lots of seraphim set items have mitigation to stack with. Wings, Chests, and Shoulders. However that being said toughness doesn't really give a lot of mitigation on its own though it also gives all channel flat armor. So you can still use mitigation strategy (collect mitigation gear to try to reach a high number to shut out damage) even if you don't use toughness. The second reason is that Seraphim's Divine Protection adds a good chunk of mitigation and you can stack your set pieces to try to hit a high value of
  4. I'm finding Dashing Alacrity combined with a weapon attack combo of Assailing Somersalt and Pelting strikes despite no Area of Effect clears enemies fast in Silver. I'm up to level 65 in the Dryad Island. How it works is to mod Dashing Alacrity to Longer and Reduced Cooldown and choose the bronze mod that affects casting speed. Now you can chain cast it with maybe 5 seconds time not 'up'. When it goes down you feel like in slow motion. Now combine that with Assailing Somersalt modded to leap farther and Area of Effect and put in combo with pelting. With DA you fly superspeed to t
  5. Haha I never saw this thread until now. Thanks for answering. I can't remember how it went with the wolf summon. I think I made a dual wield bone slicer build that I posted? But I never saw this thread.
  6. ARPG maybe Diablo 1. Before then I played SSI gold box dungeons and dragons based RPGs. I played Legend of Zelda the first Nintendo game where you needed a memory cartridge and did not start from the very beginning Every. Single. Time. You. Played. The. Game.
  7. From what I recalled the double hit from mastery of sword (for example) does not work with combat arts. I actually made a build that made use of left clicks and RPH (which can double hit = double RPH) and it ate lots of ruins on weapon combat arts and then recharged with left click double hits. This is vanilla ice and blood. I don't know if the mods have changed that behavior. But I'm pretty sure the mastery double hit bonus only affects left clicks. You could test it with a character that has sword mastery (or another weapon) that grants double hit chance. Then test on left clicks g
  8. Looks like life leach star could be a good weapon for a TG because it's the only one handed % life leach weapon. Percent LL is very strong fighting bosses. So before I put in modification points into Battle Extension has anyone tested if the double hit works on throwing stars? I know a double hit would double the %LL as it does on other classes of characters. So seems battle extension is the way to go for %LL throwing stars because they have 2 double hit modifications potentially. So anyone have a comment on how Battle Extension works with %LL shuriken? I have tested unmodded Battle
  9. Thankfully the GoG game copy worked without the same error. I have a level 8 Temple Guardian with Source Warden Lore/Focus, Armor, and Concentration with Primal Mutation modded for damage. I had wanted to try that out. Thanks for help troubleshooting!
  10. Hi and thanks for the suggestions. I have a question about this quote above. When I installed on steam I don't recall it asking me if I want an integrity check. And so far on GoG it hasn't asked that. On GoG it is about 61% downloaded so maybe it will ask me about an integrity check a little later. Edit: another question so as not to double post I have added here. Suppose I need to troubleshoot and I need to uninstall the game. Do I need to download the game each time which takes a couple hours? Or is there a way to uninstall but keep the download on my computer?
  11. Edit: I just noticed I bought Sacred 2 gold on GoG onsale too. I will try installing that and see if it results in the same problem. Thanks. Hi thanks. I looked at the link and my question is what to get started on first? Some of the things I'm not sure how to execute that task but I can try researching with searches online. But just to confirm is this what I should work on? 1) Uninstall Sacred 2 Gold 2) Update your NVIDIA driver to Version 388.71 by going to the NVIDIA website. Install GeForce Experience (optional) this has an option to update the driver and ke
  12. Hi when I run Sacred 2 Gold steam edition I get error message: driver: [aticfx32.dll] graphicscard: [ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series] device: [\\.\DISPLAY1] cPhysics::init - NxCreatePhysicsSDK failed SacredApp::setupEngine phyics init failed! <----------NOTE my cursor was over some writing in this line so not exact SacredApp::setup() setupEngine failed! App::Setup() failed! Then I have to exit steam and re-enter steam or else I get this error: An error occured while updating Sacred 2 Gold (app running) I don't know m
  13. I would like to add that Damage Lore skill does not increase damage on magic or ice effects to my knowledge but it does increase the chance they happen. Fire and Poison (edit I mean their DOTs secondary effects) deal damage and Damage Lore increases their amount of damage and also quite a large magnitude. Since Magic and Ice (edit I mean their secondary effects) do not deal DOT damage but rather a status effect (with a duration). So I guess that would be a SEOT (status effect over time). I do not know whether Damage Lore skill effects the magnitude of Slow or Weaken but I am doubtful that
  14. Something fast and along the lines of a grilled cheese. It only has 2 ingredients and yummy and rich like a grilled cheese but even easier. Is it possible to be easier? Yes. I look out for coupons or sales on the brie or camembert cheese I use and I always have the premade biscuit dough that is made by pillsbury or my grocery brand that comes in tubes. This biscuit dough some shapes or kinds you twist open the tube and it pops open and some you press a spoon that breaks the seal of the tube and it pops open. So you open the dough and it is in pieces sometimes 8 small or 5 big dependin
  15. another benefit of alchemy (in addition to buffing healing pots, mentors, and trophies) is the ability to have pretty much permanent yellow regeneration potions.
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