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  1. claudius

    Can DoTs from CAs cause secondary damage effects?

    I would like to add that Damage Lore skill does not increase damage on magic or ice effects to my knowledge but it does increase the chance they happen. Fire and Poison (edit I mean their DOTs secondary effects) deal damage and Damage Lore increases their amount of damage and also quite a large magnitude. Since Magic and Ice (edit I mean their secondary effects) do not deal DOT damage but rather a status effect (with a duration). So I guess that would be a SEOT (status effect over time). I do not know whether Damage Lore skill effects the magnitude of Slow or Weaken but I am doubtful that it does. Might be another thing to test with those blank characters. Even so without a magnitude increase with Weaken that is still pretty awesome to have a very high chance of delivering the Weaken status effect.
  2. claudius

    The good grilled cheese

    Something fast and along the lines of a grilled cheese. It only has 2 ingredients and yummy and rich like a grilled cheese but even easier. Is it possible to be easier? Yes. I look out for coupons or sales on the brie or camembert cheese I use and I always have the premade biscuit dough that is made by pillsbury or my grocery brand that comes in tubes. This biscuit dough some shapes or kinds you twist open the tube and it pops open and some you press a spoon that breaks the seal of the tube and it pops open. So you open the dough and it is in pieces sometimes 8 small or 5 big depending on the type. Now you open the brie or camembert and I like to slightly trim off that coating or skin on the cheese because I am not so sure about that skin. Then I cut the cheese into pieces and a piece for each bit of dough and then just make the dough surround the cheese piece by working it in your hand. Then bake in the oven 10 or so minutes till the cheese is bubbling out a bit and the dough is a little browned. If it's just to feed myself I don't cook all of them maybe just have 1 or 2 and save the others in the fridge so they can be fresh out of the oven to eat some other time. They are as rich and delicious as a grilled cheese. And very easy to make and easy to keep or store the biscuit dough tubes on hand in the fridge. With any luck the third ingredient could be a glass of wine!
  3. claudius

    Is Alchemy worth it?

    another benefit of alchemy (in addition to buffing healing pots, mentors, and trophies) is the ability to have pretty much permanent yellow regeneration potions.
  4. claudius

    Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

    Sorry to whoever came in my game and I had a phone call. It was good to see someone join! I think I need more practice I am not used to multiplayer!! Double adrenaline in hard core that you have another teamate to consider. But I like single player better because you can chill out between monster packs and not always be wondering where your teamate is going to go.
  5. claudius

    Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

    cool Knuckles maybe we will see each other. I am on 50 hours so far. Probably the most fun I've ever had in a video game. I loe so many things about the game. I've been since tonight playing on a multi server as a host and I named it darkmatters password gogo (as someone suggested).. edit: also I am playing veteran hardcore.
  6. claudius

    Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

    oh wow I didn't know what city the campaign ended (so far in development) at. I played this game all last night and fell in love with it. I got to 'burrwitch' or whatever with a fight against 3 bosses. I was hoping that was like 'act 1' not even done. I am level 21 I think. Playing a nightblade which was a blast. It's a really great game so far though. I can imagine SOOOO much replayability whether online or single player. I love the game.
  7. claudius

    Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

    One thing I didn't like about Titan Quest was the artifact recipes. I would find a recipe in Legendary that required me to assemble things I found in normal. So if I only play 1 toon I have to farm stuff and earn zero xp. I think it is cool to have things like that that require farming. But I think that the equip slot should not be vacant for people who don't play more than one toon. Sort of like Sacred 2 had legendaries of which I only found 2 in years and years play. You would have enjoyed the legendary but there is no empty equip slot if you DON"T find them. So with artifacts I always installed the 'no artifact ingredients' mod. I WOULD like both playstyles rewarded of having special recipes but not leave a gear slot vacant for people who only play one toon. This is especially true for 'untwinked' play throughs which is the way I played.
  8. claudius

    Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

    yes odd considering that titanquest vault (a mod) was a pretty much must have mod. didn't the developers notice?
  9. claudius

    Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

    Wow that screen shot looks awesome. Loot!
  10. claudius

    Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

    I don't like how the skill tree is 90 degrees turned from Titan Quest. Will take some getting used to.
  11. claudius

    Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

    Titan Quest it was to advantage to hunt together. The xp was good. Sacred 2 you got less xp.
  12. claudius

    Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

    so can I level and run the campaign quests in a multi server? and name it DarkMatters? does the xp/quest sharing favor group 'hunting'? can I do quests/campaign in a multi server?
  13. claudius

    Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

    sounds like a good idea Knuckles
  14. claudius

    Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

    If anyone wants to play I am up for it. Might fire it up tomorrow night (or late tonight?) to get oriented.
  15. claudius

    Grim Dawn: Act II Released!

    gogo do you know if it supports multiplayer yet? I bought it years ago and never played it because I was waiting for it to be finished. but if I could meet up with friends from Dark Matters it would be worth it.