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  1. well I use a combination of arrows/male violent/combo demonicblow scythingsweep/ I can switch between the three allowing me to hit one after another clearing the screen with my skely's. So after I hit three times usually it's clear... If in the rare instance I need to hit more than three my usually the first skill ready is spectral so I use that. After that it's waiting on MV champion to regen which is probably why I should add that skill in. concidering so far that I have a good sword. mauled weapons is out right now. Not really sure about the combo regen on ps3. I have Mv champion attack in one combo by itself and doesn't seem to be much faster. I have not hit last four mods of my build, but I have a level 80ish shadow warrior with few mod points and am not happy with thqt dual wield skill even though it's fast and strong because of the lack of def. I know that in pvp you really need alot of damage cause potions really keep you alive which kinda makes shadow warrior suck without HOT's So I'm thinking damage mit is the only fix. I have a 60% survival bonus with the shadow veil and haven't even come close to dying once in bronze I really like that. Now I'm off to get my last 3 class quests in bronze and ready to quickly move to gold... soloed all bosses in bronze with the current map I'll post the current skills and lvls when I get on later so you guys can anylize it more... ttyl
  2. I was wondering if anyone had plans of using a shield and a sword and if anyone knew any pros or cons. I just found a unique shield with damage mitigation and socketed it with a damage mitigation rune. Ive noticed I seem to take alot less damage that way. I have not taken anything as far a shield lore or a weapon modifier. Using base stats for ninja build with astral skills. in other words tactics for my art mods and no maleviolent champion or death warrior skills. I really can't tell much of a difference with one or two swords...
  3. how would you mod the rest of your your deathwarrior ? at about warrior level 15 tactics lore I got a fourth mod point so im finished with rousing guess I'll hit demonic blow sweep. or onslaught. (man I think console is completely different.) Also, I'm noticing a different percent chance to be detected on my ride. I get seen everytime I hit from my it hope this improves later (level 18 Shadow Warrior now) btw loving the build so far sept for the fact when your invisible mercs seem to get attacked alot more....
  4. Since you will be invisible soon enough, you can go for concentrations (concentration 3 buff and astra lord focus) and damage skills (Astral lord Lore, tactic lore and ancient magic) first. 1 - Damage and attack value +xx% with rings damage +xx-xx and attack value + xx% or damage +xx% and attack value +xx%. 2 - Shadow veil is very low (10%) and reflective emanation/nether allegeance are around 30-40%, which mean +100% to regen times. The shoulders from Infernal Torment offer a good stamina bonus, and you can forge stamina bonus if you want to lower the penalty from buffs. 3 - Officier Saber or Khandar's slicer. 4 - Frenzied rampage in a combo, Rousing Command + Augmenting guidon + Killing Spree in another one, Skeletal Fortification in the third one, and rallied soul in the last one. 5 - Frenzied rampage around 3-5s under the buffs Highlighting number 4 at the bottom you said your combos include frenzied rampage by itself? got the rousing command/ augmenting G /and KIlling spree. uh, then skelatal fort by itself? and then rallied souls by itself? Not really sure what you combined with those three. Also, is cross combining a good thing cause then you lock yourself out of a double attack. Personally I like to combine guildon and skelatal fort on my death warrior build. I guess since needing frenzied to attack that wouldn't be a good idea?
  5. I've noticed the second controller comes in handy too! there's no level restriction and your online stuff shares offline.... in otherwords your level 200 stuff can go on a level 1 mule from a seperate account just by making another user name and trading in an offline game with online verification of the items.
  6. lvl55 shadow warrior can't decide on last skill... lvl25 half elf ice always getting these two backwards level 16 dryad , level 14 inquisitor level 3 temp guardian current focus thinking about going lost fusion open for suggestions for pvp level 15 seraphim ranged (I know I messed up) (level 2 dryad level 1 inquisitor, level 4 shadow warrior light I don't use much) Ever get locked in not wanting to play cause your scared you'll mess something up and have to start all over again? That's me... okay okay here goes nothing.....
  7. So, am I pack rat or what? Any suggestions? I was thinking about making another name save on my ps3, but then I'de have to have a way to trade the stuff... back and forth...my gear is really getting tedious!
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