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  1. Saeyia

    Saeyia Dishes on Games

    Like for the reals, Katran... fOR THE REALS! The whole weapon/armor set was screwy wierd and crap! I hated it... what are we, in the medieval ages where I need a squire to dress me and help me on my horse? blarg!
  2. Saeyia

    Saeyia Dishes on Games

    ahh, well.. you should get back on that horse! (or dire wolf/sabre/giant stupid elephant with big stupid head.. whatever) or play more Sacred! Send me fire gear! hehe
  3. Saeyia

    Saeyia Dishes on Games

    Man I know, right?! I just ran through Strat with 5 people! FIVE PEOPLE! wait... wasn't it always five people? I forget... but what I do remember is the tank wandering off to collect water while me and the mage (I was priest) kyted the darned mobs. That's right... squishy kyting. It was still fun though....
  4. Saeyia

    My introduction

    welcome my pretty! Soo... you too shall traverse the path less traveled and harken ye unto the PS3?! I dunno what I'm saying... really... I just wanted to use "ye" somewhere in a sentence today. Now my quest is comPLETE (said with scary Emperor voice - no, not the "last emperor" ... THE emperor... Star Wars people... stick wtih me here, we're rambling!) what was this post about? Oh.. wait... Right! so welcome to the forum... bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaaha.... (I stole your shoe laces while you were reading this.... ) ...hahahaha!
  5. So titles that are currently on preorder - God of War III The latest Final Fantasy release - (I really dont' know why I preorder/buy these games. I don't think I've finished a single one since like FFVI. Why you ask? Let me see... I think it has to do with the fact that every time I play a final fantasy game... I sink like three months into it, get to the final boss only to realize that I have to go back and do another 3 months worth of side quests to get the epic weapon and the epic spell for EIGHTY people before I can even TRY to kill the last boss..... ugh... futility, thy name is Japanime Games! I mean.. if I really wanted to be that expert at something I'd make it something worthwhile... like.. underwater basket weaving.) I just got the super duper amazing Bioshock 2 special edition. Now, I can only play Bioshock if someone else is in the room, all the lights are on and listening to A. The Beatles (pre-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) or B. Def Lepard (specifically their Hysteria Album because let's face it... the rest are kinda poopoo.) The reasons for A and B are obvious but in case not - it's because nothing bad or scary can happen to you while listening to "I wanna hold your hand" or "Poor Some Sugar on Me". Here's a picture of my amazing Bioshock 2 special edition (with controller - b/c that is one BIG stupid box!) I've been playing a ton of World of Warcraft lately (with my boyfriend! I'm so manipulative!) which has been great! Save for all the changes since the original release... haha. No, seriously... the expansions suck. Not really... but seriously.... haha.. ok I'll stop with the ellipses and seriouslys. But seriously...the new races and stuff are super neat, and though I love being an alliance shaman, I hate that they did away with the whole, "horde has shaman, alliance has paladin" thing. I thought it was neat to have SOMETHING unique about the different sides. I also am somewhat disappointed with the cross server instances. I mean, it's great getting an instance group in 15 minutes, but how do you ever meet anyone on your server? Instancing was the premier place to meet people and get to know guilds. I'm sad to see it go *sniff sniff* uhhmmm... that's about all... OH! I almost forgot Mass Effect 2! Which I just traded in after two weeks of playing. I can't explain what it was about the game that really turned me off. (MINING!! MINING!! MINNININININININGGGGGG! RRRRARRRRGG!) But there was definately something (MINING!! MINING!!) that made me loathe the game. Sooo.... any thoughts? comments?
  6. Saeyia

    Request Avatar of Flaming Shadowy Torment

    ...oh my! aaahahahahahahaha, that's... GREAT! It's funny because I think one of the chief reasons for me abandoning Sacred for that hussy of an MMO - was the fact that I own almost TWO complete sets of ice armor and not a SINGLE piece of fire. Not ONE single piece!! So unless Geoff's got bigger pocketsesses than I realize... there's a loot table that has some s'plainen to do!
  7. Saeyia

    Request Avatar of Flaming Shadowy Torment

    YAY! (thank you Loco!) look at me! I'm a stick figure! A SEXY stick figure.... OF ICY FACEMELTING! muahahahahahhahahahahahaha
  8. It's nice to see you too Locolagarto, my good man, quite good... yes.... quite... and how have you been?
  9. Dance and shake, oh doer of deeds and doable stuff, for I; Saeyia - typist of words and thinker of nonsense - have returned to wreak havoc apon your forums as no havoc has ever been wrecked before!

  10. Saeyia

    Request Avatar of Flaming Shadowy Torment

    oh my! I love it! it's face-meltingly glittery awesome! Thank you! (can I have blue hair?) hehehe, now I just need to figure out how to host it somewhere so I can link to it!
  11. Which happen to be - World of Warcraft and White Wolf games.... Yes, after a two year hiatus, I just couldn't stay away any longer - I'm back to playing my priest in World of Warcraft....and it's a blast! Except that EVERYTHING has changed... and now on fridays I'm playing a White Wolf Dark Ages campaign with a couple friends of mine... so much fun... with all that, I dunno how much Sacred I can sneak in...
  12. Salutations and happy glitteriness my faithful friends.... Ok, so I actually got BACK from NY like... last month, but school started the day AFTER; I've been prepping for entry into nursing school, a move AND some other ... stuff... but here I am! and to show you all how much I miss you - I'm going to explain in quick detail some facts about your sense of taste: The Gustatory System - stimuli (some sort of volitile/dissolvable chemical) stimulates chemoreceptors on your tongue... the sensations of which are carried through Cranial Nerve#7 (Facial nerve) and Cranial Nerve#9 (the Vagus nerve) to the Thalamus. There are three kinds of specialized cells: Cirumvillae (which are found near the back of the tongue) Fungiform (which are the predominant cells) and Filiform (which are sharp and often found in great number on cat's tongues - hence their unusual roughness.)
  13. Hope you'll be back soon! Missing your posts of wisdom and mysticalism.

  14. 100 zombie hotdogs to Loco Rey de ... uhh... magnifico? And as for missing socks, they all go on vacation every two weeks. What you THINK is simply a clothes dryer is really a portal into the land of vacationing socks.. strangely... few of them that go ever return from LOVs....
  15. Greetings reader are you familiar with The Order of the Stick? ---> see link here if not. I have a dream.. a wonderful evil dream of wicked and cruelty.. a dream where I am an avatar character approx. 120X120 px... much along the same order as a character from order of the stick. But instead I'm a HE pyromancress of evil and wicked pyromanceretic glitter powers. Now, I know some of you have the gift of binary artistry what I don't know is if your artistic wizardry extends into the realm of wish-granting avatars of fire flinging stick people. If so... I promise you 100 unadulterated bananas. If not... thank you for your time and please be sure and tip your waitress. (that's right Tim, I copied and pasted my request. Geoff has been banished back into the realm of the nether for such a time as I am on vacation. That's right... your resident crazy lady is taking a trip to the Big Apple! Wish me luck...and look forward to my sticky avatar when I return. hehe)