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  1. From Gamershell.com in there news section ! Related Resources: Press Release: Deep Silver Announces Debut of Dead Island Riptide and Sacred 3 at PAX Prime 2012 Website: http://www.deepsilver.com/ enjoy
  2. Bonan

    Path of Exile

    Hi I been away playing other games after upgrading my computer some time ago and didnt reinstall Sacred2. I thought I'll look at Dark Matters to see whats happening. First off all... Great looking Halloween web site ...but dark matters allways looks good ! Second: I been following Path of Exile as well (still just looking and hoping of my name to be picked) was going to recomend it to you lot lol (because of skill forest not just a tree) very good info here(more than on PoE forum)...keep it comming you lucky Beggers ! Note: I played and payed into Drakensang for some time but OMG the Devs are now screwing the player for every penny just to use spells and to stay alive to grind (all so to resurrect after death lol) So stopped playing 1 mounth ago...
  3. why stop at 80% I have 140% map to give more chance for the nice drops (give more Legendarys please !) the more map = more CTF (Chance to find) I think all classes can get a 3 part set that give a big +Vis% bonus also one of the set items allso has +Vis% stat >>> go farm Tree Boss I on ice and blood level 130 (I think with +700% Vis 26 slots all around +20 vis) go around all coast lines/caves and areas opened/teleported to by quests a good idea is to do Office quest while running a round (also the office is a 5 level cave)
  4. I found 2 skellies in a XXX act a very nice way to die there or a bench in one of the 3 hiddern caves under the invisible maze half way up the blood forest. I dont know how to post\link pictures onto forums
  5. Bonan

    Value Of The Various Aspect Lores/focuses

    on this build : Magic Staff skill and Darting Assault: you eat DA and RI(I think? cant remember its name-the 1 big hit!for Bosses) and let your RpH (regen per hit) instantly reset the regen timers..so you can spam them only a small amount of RpH is needed as you hit alot of mobs like 0.3 at start untill you eat loads of runes.... VERY important! you need to have enuff enemy cant evade or -chance to evade rings/items stats
  6. Bonan

    High Damage Ice Elf Build

    ok now at level 71 my Cobalt is level 46 only 1 eaten 5748 damage 2.4 secs on mount (needs to be a bit less time maybe) mods chain/chain/Area of Effect the chain allways works(100%) the Area of Effect is small and seams to only hit 1 or 2 others for 50% damage I have +32 cobalt and +12 frost from gear and niob runes a right mixture of gear ! lots of slots and 5 slots sword/shield +17 CA + 13 all skills +500% damage from niob blacksmith wets 71 mystic focus 71 mystic lore 5 armor lore 1 concentration 71 delphic focus 3 combat discipline 1 ancient magic 13 delphic lore >> only! puting points into consititution untill 75 then will get 75 here 38 constitution 2 bargaining Cobalt damage would be more if delphic lore had more points need more HP now as mobs can hit harder no can do on video sry
  7. Bonan

    Bone Slicer Quest Question

    I think its a know bug on console (I only play on PC) but I read somewere you can go into that cave OK if you use the other enterance that is in the desert on the other side of that mountain ridge
  8. would this mod work in closed net ? I need to see my ice High Elf but the ice skin buff totaly covers her I need some sort of buff effect so I can see when she gets De Buffed
  9. Bonan

    High Damage Ice Elf Build

    I'm using this build its fun ...but as its got Delphic focus and Lore I using Cobalt strike + Frost flare in a combo... the Cobalt 1 shots spiders on each jump(modded for chain lightening) and the frost finishes champions mobs in swamps Gold at level 60 In some of my slots I have +6 cobalt/frost Niob runes Now as I got no anti DoT gear yet but high in combat hp regen and my health can safetly go down I was thinking does the mod Damage of Enraged Players work with spell based CAs ?
  10. could it be attack speed /casting speed is slower with this high level weapon? that effects your damage shown I never played a dryad I am just just guessing with your 12.5% crit on low level pipe if it crits it will do more damage than new one looking at stats posted...... Is that crit the only place your dryad gets crits from ,,,if so that explanes it ?
  11. I am waiting for some slots as well DLgamer site says " comming soon" at this moment ! I had a order refunded 2 weeks ago and DL said thay would e-mail me when thay arrive..... hope thay dont sell out on first day
  12. Bonan

    Sacred 2 Unlock Weapon Codes

    Big thanx for fast reply Ryanrocker
  13. Bonan

    Sacred 2 Unlock Weapon Codes

    Hi after reading the post about a good shield for High Elfs I when to my year old list of unlock codes(that I not used yet) and found 36 items not 37 = missing shield ! so could some nice person send me the codes pls
  14. Bonan

    Sacred 2 HC Graveyard

    as my pc is just used for game playing I pulled out my windows keys from keyboard keys come off really easy !
  15. This is my plan I am saving doing side quests untill level 130+ (should be in Niob by then) After around level 130 you need lots of millions of XP for each level..... so going side quests then will help time go faster