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  1. Just gonna be a small thing, in Ari´s backyard A little cake and some BBQ
  2. Damn Ari, now they know, how I look like hehe.
  3. Just had this things in the house Here is the link for the spec. on the new laptop HP Pavilion dv7-2065eo
  4. jibjab

    Sacred 2 Golden Jockstrap...ewwwwwwwww

    Damn gogo , is that the new line of diapers in gold from Pampers:)
  5. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, to you too
  6. Give me Absint, sugarcubes and fire
  7. We can share a couple of 6 packs, and some raspberry rum
  8. Jeff Dunham - Santa is a redneck
  9. jibjab

    Continue with 3 words only

    and will never
  10. Christmas ale all around, and keep them coming
  11. Merry Christmas to you too love. HUGS

  12. Christmas Hugs attack!!!