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  1. does this mean it is invisible? if it is, does that mean they will start making invisible items when they find it?
  2. the (*)

    omg, this is huge... will make major changes in play. How long has this been in affect? but how come I keep getting scanned when im online then:)
  3. OGame Rule Changes - Very Important

    Didnt know you had to tell GO when you trade moonshots both mine in uni 1 were made without me informing anyone..... glad I wasnt banned.
  4. Futurama...my latest addiction

    ooooooooo I forgot to mention "drawn together" I own the first season of that too.... it really pushes the limits
  5. Futurama...my latest addiction

    I ended up buying seasons on dvd for most family guys, sealab, and aqua teen hunger force - be carefull
  6. Futurama...my latest addiction

    Ive always liked these shows cartoon network has always had a really good eye for their "adult swim" line up. Is there anything particular that brings futurama above other similar shows? .......like family guy, american dad, Aqua teen hunger force, Sealab 2021, home movies, The boondocks (my favorite)
  7. Uni 33

    I joined uni 32 2 days late and still climbed to top 2-3 hundred played with Igs a bit but I had to go v mode and made a couple silly mistakes which put me back in the 600's so I gave up to get a fresh start with uni 33. been waiting for a couple weeks now. Hope to see you there
  8. Gogo passed the 2m mark in ogame

    Wow gogo, really nice and congrats. How long HAVE you guys been playing o game?
  9. Riddle for the Day

    A donut:) (and to defend my lovely corndogs - most packaged foods contain the SAME thing - sorry to break your heart, but if youve worked at a few packing plants you would know) and ill spare you the details so you can keep eating your food.
  10. Happy birthday Claire best wishes on yer birthday
  11. I'll get heather to try it that way claire. (it does sound good) and I had a traumatic experience when I was a child.... and it had to do with boiled cabbage(not much imagination needed), so I guess other ways of cooking it might be ok. and I shed a tear for any person who cant enjoy milk..... in any form.....
  12. Flyff

    wow comp, that was fast. guess in a month I can come to you for some tips And thanx fer the well wishes gogo
  13. I was thinking I was just gonna list cabbage when I came in here, but you guys have brought up things that I never even considered "food" yall are braver than me
  14. Flyff

    So you would call this a browser game GoGo? and sorry to get you hooked comp, but at least it is free me and the wife are on server 3 ive got a merc and and (full support)assist... level 22,23 and heather has her mage to level 30 already she finally found her game
  15. Flyff

    I think that you can pay for some better equip with real money, yes. they have a super active forum at least. but im getting my feet wet ingame at the moment - im so close to flying... I cant wait "Total members that have visited the forum in the last 24 hours: 945 "