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  1. ye.. iam not quite sure what to socket in my weapons.. I think my best ring so far is 1,1sec reg time per hit, + 8,8% experience 2x dex+2x vita amy what do you think is the best items to sock in weapons for melee? life+combat skills? reg time+? I know different chars requires different sockets.. what is your best ring/amy you have socket in a weapon or armor?
  2. found a læist, anded added pictures from google _Enrico's eternal search _Silala's ring _The second ring Dont know stats _Impenetrable protector _Magisil _Loki's slicer _Boneslicer (drop version) _Moraya's fire sword _Stradal hammmer (drop version) _Michel's forging hammer damn I would like 2* migisil is this them all to find?
  3. Iam not quite sure, how many, and which legendary items there is possible to find, on a xbox 360 can anyone tell me, or can I see them, somewhere?
  4. interesting. I'm heading there in gold at level 62 right now (also died for the first time when I got hit by 3 elites and my wife distracted me...good thing I dont worry about deaths too much sinc eI'm usually far over my head playing in my son's game so that he doesnt have to play over his head...I have builds, he's 8 and picks what he wants) its a guide line, sort of.. iam in platinium myself at level 63 no deaths.. depends on builds / character, and how much you want to sopamm on healing pots.. also had a niobium char in level 71.. which ndied 2-3 times in platinium bosses.., she migt have to wait 5-10 lvls before entering niobium.. all depends on playing style..
  5. when you should do the last guardians: in level. Bronze : 30 Silver : 60 Gold: 90 Platinium: 120 niobm ++ this is isnt restricted, but an advice.. my seraphin completed gold in level 60 easy.. so..
  6. I have endijaNs pauldrons 60 relics 60 bracers (level 45 or 75) sash level 45 boots level 60 on character level 61 would preffer Runes (flaring nova, dashing alarci, Battle stance) or nice nice sword the easyest might be runes
  7. I might have edjijents set items.. armor +helm+belt I think maybe some others.. iam interested in runes (battle stance, dashing alarcy, flaring nova, or sword like 2xx-2xx 1h dmg
  8. to play continue to gold/platinium/niob you must comeplete the storyline in every mode.. you cant jump from silver to niob..
  9. ive just completed the undead legion quest.. started at level 59 , and gained a level + legendary (4 stars) boneslicer.. on platinium.. its nice funny quest, is there more quests like this? I find the kobold quest as good experience, / drop rate aswell..
  10. ok ill think abput that, 2 buffs.. its on xbox, so its fallen angel think ill go for 2 buffs then.. wont I need warden enegylore aswell? if the shielding buff..?
  11. Blacksmithing! Looks like a solid build... you can always forgo the last skill choice until you are sure wether you want more offence, defence or utility. Of your suggestions, the only bad one is Ranged weapons, since you should probably be dual-weilding Boneslicers or other swords with nice bonuses that are boosted by Sword Lore. that isnt a seraphin skill.. 8/
  12. ye I forgot to mention, the blind guardian quest myself.. nice price, and nice song 40.000 experience on platinium is not bad either.. ill head for the undead legion now I think
  13. Yup.. do you have any favourite quest you complete? iam looking for some high experience quest rewards, or some good item reward quests.. which is your favourite, and where to find it? xbox..
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