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  1. Madmartigan here!

    Hello, mad man!
  2. Went there as a level 17 dw seraphim(silver) - I was fine. Probably took until level 30 before I didn't have to worry about dying every time, though.
  3. Dead or Alive

    Gotta love Holly Valance.
  4. Brittany Murphy Died

    Yeah, this is a huge shame, really. I liked her a lot. R.I.P.
  5. I agree. I also prefer games with no monthly fee since I tend to go inactive every now and then. I've played many games with monthly fees and in some cases I've paid the subscribtion only to play for a few days. There are so many things that could interrupt ones gaming. Best part is that some of the best games out there come with no monthly fee. Sacred, Guild Wars, Diablo 2(not that I play it anymore) etc to name a few. Think I just might log on to Guild Wars right now and see what it's like these days...
  6. Can't wait for this game, it looks incredible! A definite purchase if you ask me. The problem, though, is that there are too many good games being released in the next year or two to even have time to play them all. A delicate problem, I suppose.
  7. Dragon Age: Origins

    Oh yes, a great game indeed! I probably spent a couple of hundred hours playing it. I guess I'll play it a couple of more times, eventually. In my opinion this is the best from Bioware since Knights of the Old Republic, which I really loved.
  8. The new guy saying hello!

    Thanks everyone! Yes, I do have Ice & Blood. It will take me a while to get to niob, though. Especially since I keep starting over because I never get fully happy with my builds. I do think, however, that my current character, Skye Vin, should be strong enough. @gogoblender: You think it's cold in Montreal?! Last nights soccer practice got cancelled because it was too cold... and we aren't sissies(most of us, anyway). And here I am trying to convince myself I didn't, somehow, get teleported to the north pole.
  9. HI there, I'm new around here. Well, sort of... Let's just say I'm making a comeback to Sacred. I played alot of Sacred and Sacred Underworld back in the day. I also played Sacred 2 for a while when it first came out. Back then other things got in the way and I completely quit playing. Now here I am, though. Ready for some more. Hey, where are my manners?! Let me introduce myself: My name is Danny and I'm from Sweden. I'm a tall well-built man in his prime. I like long walks on the beach and I'm a great listener(according to me), with unusual interests like sports, drinking beer and killing things. Hopefully there are still some people around to play the game. Oh yes, I almost forgot - I play on the closed EU HC servers. Name's Skye Vin or Hot Yea(trader). C ya'll around, Danny
  10. Your Location

    I find it odd that there doesn't seem to be any swedes around. I think I've seen only one. Anyway, I currently live in a little town called Avesta in Sweden. It's close to Stockholm, where I also live a few years at a time.