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  1. Shadow Warrior Questions

    yeah... I just saw that... ill learn, ill learn...lol
  2. Shadow Warrior Questions

    Alright so I probably will simply just DW and level that. So far this is what I am thinking for skills: 1. Tactics Lore 2. DW 3. Armor Lore 4. Death Warrior 5. Malevolent Champion 6. Concentration (leave at level one most likely) 7. Constitution 8.Toughness 9. Combat Reflexes 10. Enhanced perception (id like to be able to have better chances at finding better items) *OR* for last skill I could use Spell resistance? Or Combat Discipline?
  3. Shadow Warrior Questions

    would that still raise my attack speed and everything the same as DW, while im duel wielding?
  4. Shadow Warrior Questions

    yeah I think I may duel wield, but with swords- just a preference. should I put one point in sword lore and concentrate on DW or one point duel wield and concentrate on sword lore (so if needed I could use a 2h sword?)
  5. Shadow Warrior Questions

    Okay solid advice. I was getting great drops from the mist three times around. Still mainly unsure on hafted vs DW. also not fully understanding socketing.
  6. Hey all, I'm new to DarkMatters, I have found it to be a great rescource, and a great site. I am fairly new to Sacred 2. I have completed the campaign on both light and shadow, on bronze, and have messed around with all the characters to level them to at least 15 for x-box achievements. I am planning on making a Shadow Warrior to play through all the difficulties and enjoy leveling up, getting good items, and well.... owning if possible. lol I've got a bunch of questions: -DW or Hafted? I have played through on DW on bronze (reached level 39 lol) and been pretty satisfied, but am looking to do max damage. Sometimes it seems duel wield can be pretty weak and rocking a solid two would work... but I am not sure and need some oppinions. (I have completed class quest and have the 2h axe and stats look legit.) -Which diety? -Light or Dark Campaign? ( I have completed both but too far apart to remember which I preferred. Does it matter?) Attributes: I put most all points into strength, and some into vitality. Skills: 1. Tactics Lore 2. Armor Lore 3. *DW or Hafted* 4. Death Warrior Focus 5. Malevolent Champion Focus 6. Concentration (just for two buffs Grim and Reflect) 7. Toughness 8. Combat Reflexes? 9. Speed Lore? 10. Blacksmithing? not really sure on the last three skills. I put most attribute points in strength, and most sockets I use whet so I was thinking defensive skills would help even me out... *Also* I would like to be able to find better items and be able to work with them... blacksmithing? Im not really sure what exactly a good way to go about this... But it seems it would help later on if I could find better weapons and upgrade them myself. Combat Arts: Demonic Blow Scything Sweep Rousing Command Grim resilience (Buff) Frenzied Rampage Belligerent Vault (kept at level 1-- its nice to be able to jump lol) Reflective Emanation *These are the main ones I will be using. I basically plan to pure melee damage/ tank. I do not plan on using any Astral Lore Combat Arts. Mount: Death Warrior Mount I have seen the guides for set farming. I plan on doing this to possibly work on some Armatins. I do not exactly know how to do this other than for the level 20 set, which would be decent to get me started through some bronze possibly. How would I work this after I complete bronze and am ready to upgrade some before I continue to Silver? I also know about the Ork Cave. Last time through I simply wanted to beat the Light Campaign for the achievement, and did not bother with this. This is pretty long and in depth, but I have taken time to read a lot of people's guides and ideas and have gotten this far. I would like to make a character I can enjoy and continue to play. Thanks