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  1. Episode three, Alone in the tent, has just gone live. Having been captured by the forces of Marshall Bludenfeu, Temerity Justice finds herself isolated in the army camp. She needs to get away from her captors, but can she find a way to do it? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com The next upload will be on Saturday 28 October, as I am off to Japan for a couple of weeks!
  2. Hey Gogo! The new design looks really good. Good luck with the migration to the new servers!
  3. Episode two, Alone in the woods, has just gone live. This sees Temerity Justice and The Judge carrying on their journey to try to find the missing people of Tralton. However, they seem to be heading further into the wilderness, in Temerity's opinion. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  4. Phase ten, Temerity Justice and Blood and Fire, begins today! Episode one, Occupied Territory, sees Temerity Justice and The Judge riding into enemy land to try to find what has happened to the people taken hostage in the Neutral Demilitarised Zone. The Judge is leading the way, but Temerity isn't sure of his abilities. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  5. Episode fourteen, The Rubicon, sees Temerity Justice and The Judge riding away from Tralton, towards the old border with Salmedina. Temerity wants to get the townsfolk back, but to do that she would have to cross into enemy territory. What will she do? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  6. Episode 13, Alice, What's the mattter? has just gone live. This sees Temerity Justice befriend the little girl they have found hiding in the coal bunker. Can she tell them what has happened to the town, and why does The Judge take a dislike to the name Temerity has decided to give him? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  7. Episode twelve, Where is everybody? has just gone live. Temerity Justice and The Judge have arrived in Tralton, but it looks like there's no one around. Can they figure out what has happened without there being any witnesses to question? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  8. Episode eleven, Tall Sedges, has gone live. Having received reports of another raid on a border town in the Neutral Demilitarised Zone, Temerity Justice and The Judge ride to investigate. Is there a pattern behind the raids, and can they find it? Also, how does Temerity wind up with a new middle name? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  9. Episode ten, Word from the south, has just gone live. Raven Ice and Gerry are finishing off in Carwenth, clearing up after the massacre carried out by raiders from outside of the Neutral Demilitarised Zone. Once done, they receive a letter from Temerity, updating them on what has been happening elsewhere in the land. ​Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  10. Episode nine, Flags beyond the border, has gone live. This sees Raven Ice and Gerry trying to figure out who has raised Carwenth to the ground. The one thing they can agree on, however, is that they don't want to be in an epic poem. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  11. Episode eight, The stranger's story, has just gone live. This sees Raven Ice and Gerry question the man they found near the ruins of Carwenth. Is he a witness to what happened, and can he point them in the right direction as to what happened to the raiders? More importantly, why is he tramping around the wilderness with a gun in his hands? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  12. Episode seven, Space on the map, has just gone live. Raven Ice and Gerry have arrived at the town of Carwenth, only it isn't there any more. They had been told that the community had been raided, but this is something else, it has been razed to the ground. However, can they be sure they are alone? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  13. Episode six, The road west, has just gone live. This sees Raven Ice and Gerry riding towards the second town hit by a raid, Carwenth. On the way, Gerry decides to offer Raven Ice some relationship advice, after her recent break up with Left-Eye. Given his track record, the advice isn't exactly appreciated or even welcome. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  14. Episode five, a case of state-sponsored larceny, has just gone live. Temerity Justice and Left-Eye have returned to town to discuss what they have seen up by the border with Salmedina. Left-Eye also attempts to compliment Temerity on her looks, with predictable results. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  15. Episode four, Edge of the realm, has gone live. Temerity Justice and Left Eye ride out towards the new border with Salmedina to see if they can figure out where the raiders that hit Renders Stall went to. It's not long before their actions attract the attention of others, and someone decides to keep an eye on them. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com