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  1. The next episode has gone live. Episode eleven, A howl from beyond, returns to Lady Iisaka and her companions. Lady Junko has felt the change in her erstwhile companion, Naotora, and senses that it is bad. However, what does it mean for them all? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  2. Episode ten, The Great Plan Crack'd, has just gone live. This returns to Lady Naotora, who finds herself confined to a cell in Phelsen, much to her surprise. However, all is not lost as she dwells on what has happened in the last few days. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com Sorry for being a day late - was a bit busy with other issues yesterday!
  3. Episode nine, The plotters in the dark, has just gone live. The men Temerity ran into led her to a group of desperados hiding out in the air ducts of the flying city. Can she possibly turn these revolutionaries to her cause? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  4. Nier Automata

    Slight spoiler, but my favourite ending was if you turn the wrong way at the start of 9S's storyline, he just walks off into the sunset. The end. And for those still wanting to play, they are releasing Nier Automata on Xbox 1 X soon.
  5. The next episode has just gone live. Episode eight, Lurking in the margins, returns to the war wagon and the Dandy Duo. After the earlier attacks, they have been sticking to cover as much as they can as they make their way towards Phelsen. However, not all is as it seems... Read it at www.temeritjustice.com
  6. The next episode has just gone live. Episode seven, Slipping the trap, returns to Temerity Justice. She knows that she needs to get out of the villa she is being held in before the Arch-Chancellor puts his evil plan into action. Can she find a way to flee the coop without alerting her captors? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  7. The next episode has just gone live. Episode six, Something doesn't feel... right, returns to Lady Iisaka and the other Perditers. They are nearing the flying city of Phelsen, but are starting to worry about what lies ahead for them. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com.
  8. Episode five, Loves and losses, has just gone live. This returns to Raven Ice and Gerry, who are sharing a meal as they discuss where they are and what they want to do. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  9. Episode four, A dark fate revealed, has just gone live. Temerity Justice is let out of her villa at the command of the Arch-Chancellor of Phelsen, so that he can talk with her. What will she find out? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  10. The next episode has just gone live. The next episode has just gone live. Episode three, The honoured guests, sees the Arch Chancellor and his lieutenant, Compassion, discuss their new allies, the Perditers. Neither is fully certain what to make of the winged women, however both have plans for them. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  11. Episode two, Bombs that come in sideways, returns to the Dandy Duo, as they cross the plains. The War Wagon has fended off another attack over night, but is the Chromatic Barge they have shot down the aggressor they need to worry about? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  12. Phase twelve, Temerity Justice: Dark Arises, begins today! Episode one, In a villa, languishing, begins with Temerity being held prisoner in Phelsen. She doesn't know what her enemies plan to do with her, nor how long they intend to keep her captive. Worst of all, she hasn't been able to track down and kill the Arch-Chancellor! Read more at www.temerityjustice.com
  13. Episode fourteen, The sisters conspire, has just gone live. With three of their number absent, Lady Iisaka and the other Perditers discuss what to do to get them back. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  14. Episode thirteen has just gone live. A bolt from the blue, catches up with Temerity. She is watching the flying city, Phelsen, trying to figure out how to get in, when something quite unexpected happens. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  15. Episode twelve, Breaking of the crew, has just gone live. It's been a long time coming, but a confrontation between Raven ice and Left-Eye is about to spark off. Who will win? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com