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  1. Phase twelve, Temerity Justice: Dark Arises, begins today! Episode one, In a villa, languishing, begins with Temerity being held prisoner in Phelsen. She doesn't know what her enemies plan to do with her, nor how long they intend to keep her captive. Worst of all, she hasn't been able to track down and kill the Arch-Chancellor! Read more at www.temerityjustice.com
  2. Episode fourteen, The sisters conspire, has just gone live. With three of their number absent, Lady Iisaka and the other Perditers discuss what to do to get them back. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  3. Episode thirteen has just gone live. A bolt from the blue, catches up with Temerity. She is watching the flying city, Phelsen, trying to figure out how to get in, when something quite unexpected happens. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  4. Episode twelve, Breaking of the crew, has just gone live. It's been a long time coming, but a confrontation between Raven ice and Left-Eye is about to spark off. Who will win? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  5. Episode eleven, Tally-ho! has just gone live. This returns to Lady Naotora and her cronies, who are on the trail of Temerity Justice. As they near their prey, they discuss what they plan to do when they have captured her. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  6. Episode ten, Fight in the dark, has just gone live. Temerity Justice and the Uncanny Gentleman fight it our: he wants her essence, she just wants him dead! Who will win? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  7. Episode nine has just gone live. The uncanny gentleman, sees Temerity following the two brigands through the wilderness, towards an unknown destination. They have said that all will become clear, but should she trust the strangers? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  8. Episode eight, Path through the Ghost Hills, has just gone live. This sees Temerity Justice reaching the area of the mountains where people have been reported as going missing. Odd things do seems to be afoot, but can she get to the bottom of it all and resolve what's happening? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  9. Episode seven, A warning to the crew, has just gone live. Raven Ice and the crew receive a new batch of cannon from the Farsland Army, but this small victory is mitigated by the arrival of an unexpected visitor who brings bad news. Read is at www.temerityjustice.com
  10. Episode six, Back at Trapper's Cree, has just gone live. This returns to the Dandy Crew, who are currently kicking up their heels back in town, as divisions set in. Can they find a way forward following the impasse? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  11. Episode five, Crowsbridge, has just gone live. Temerity Justice reaches a small community, in the remote Chermont Hills. Here, she's told that people have started disappearing as they travel further south. Naturally, she feels she has to investigate. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  12. Episode three, Reversal, has just gone live. This picks up with the Dandy Crew. Temerity Justice has ridden off on her own quest, leaving the others to raise havoc in order to distract the enemy. However, Raven Ice isn't overly happy about this. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  13. Episode three, Information from the hills, has just gone live. This returns to Temerity Justice, who is now behind enemy lines. She's looking for the flying city, Phelsen, but has a rude awakening one morning. However, could it prove useful? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  14. Episode two, Discussion and division, has just gone live. Temerity Justice has ridden off alone, leaving the rest of the Dandy Crew to try to find something to do. It doesn't take long for old tensions to come to the fore, and the crew arguing amongst themselves. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  15. Phase eleven, Temerity Justice and the Flying City, begins this week. Episode one, Separation, sees Temerity and Raven Ice talking a few days after Marshall Bludenfeu's death. The mountain girl plans to set off alone to try to end the war, and the former Chancel officer isn't happy about it. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com