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  1. Episode two, Discussion and division, has just gone live. Temerity Justice has ridden off alone, leaving the rest of the Dandy Crew to try to find something to do. It doesn't take long for old tensions to come to the fore, and the crew arguing amongst themselves. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  2. Phase eleven, Temerity Justice and the Flying City, begins this week. Episode one, Separation, sees Temerity and Raven Ice talking a few days after Marshall Bludenfeu's death. The mountain girl plans to set off alone to try to end the war, and the former Chancel officer isn't happy about it. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  3. Episode fourteen, The fighting nurse, has just gone live. Temerity Justice, dressed in a Salmedinan nurse's outfit, has 'cornered' Marshall Bludenfeu in the centre of his camp. Now all she has to do is kill him, and the war will be over. At least, that's what she believes. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  4. Episode thirteen, Out of the chaos, has just gone live. This returns to Marshall Bludenfeu and his luckless aide de camp. They have been trying to destroy the Dandy Crew's war wagon with little success, and reports of Temerity Justice getting closer are increasing. So, what does the Marshall decide to do? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  5. Episode twelve, Chaos and confusion, sees the war wagon under Raven Ice making its way through enemy held territory. They have been attacked more than once by Chromatic Barges, but are holding up well. However, they need to take some time to plan what to do. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  6. Episode eleven, Sower of discord, has just gone live. This returns to a reflective Temerity Justice, who takes time out to consider what she has done, what she aims to do, and the unforeseen effects of her actions. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  7. Love the Christmas look to the site, but haven't had any presents from a Seraphim for a long time...
  8. Episode ten, Bad news after bad news, has just gone live. The story returns to Marshall Bludenfeu and his hapless lieutenant. They have just received news that the strike team's failure to return, and that Temerity Justice is out in the wilds, indiscriminately killing Salmedinan soldiers. Can you guess how he takes it? Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  9. Episode nine, Eyes across the border, has just gone live. This sees Raven Ice return to Trapper's Cree with the war wagon. The Mayor isn't happy, but the young woman explains that Temerity Justice is missing and the Dandy Crew plan on bringing her back. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  10. Episode eight, Target acquired, has just gone live. Target acquired, returns to Temerity Justice (well, it is her narrative). She's making her way southwards, to where she hopes she can find Marshall Bludenfeu. However, she feels she needs to make sure she can find him, and for that she needs information. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  11. Episode seven, Fears spoken out loud, has just gone live. Raven Ice reports in to Lieutenant Colonel Dwight A. Grafton in the hopes that he might provide assistance in finding Temerity Justice. However, the outcome isn't something that either of them saw coming. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  12. Episode six, The Marshall, has just gone live. This returns to the main Salmedinan war camp, where Marshall Bludenfeu is being brought up to date with events further north. Naturally, he isn't exactly happy to hear that Temerity Justice has escaped his carefully laid plans, and realises that he needs a new scheme to eliminate her. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  13. Episode five, An ally when needed, has just gone live. This sees Temerity Justice sneaking through the wilderness, trying to pick up the trail of the abducted townsfolk. She is alone now, and desperately in need of help. Luckily, she runs into someone who seems happy to help. Read it at www.temerityjustice.com
  14. Episode four, Alone in the woods, has just gone live. Temerity Justice finds herself alone and ill-equipped in the enemy war camp. She needs to get away as quickly as possible, but can she find a way to do so without having the entire war band after her? Read is at www.temerityjustice.com
  15. Good to see it worked!