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  1. knightowlx3

    The Icy Hot Patch (console version)

    I made a few HEs with fire and ice and found the combination to be absolutely devistating af an enemy protected against fire unlikely to have efficiant ice protection and vice versa HE fun charachter so many options
  2. knightowlx3

    Character customization

    what charachter costomization means to me is not skin deep in fact the beauty of sacred 2 was in your specific charachter builds and I can sacrifice lipstick for a dynamic build customization in my opinion should be focused on the skills / combat arts etc I think it would be realy cool if my skills proggress or can be upgraded /modified thats my 2 cents for what its worth iv got real love for this game its truly magical I hope sacred 3 will be able to fully captivate my imagination as sacred 2 still does
  3. knightowlx3

    My quest for 2 handed hammers / axes

    would you happen to know if there is any legendary 2 handed hafted weopons available on consoles ? I've looked at the sacred wiki and it says that they do exist but it seems to be out dated because everything that was on my unique list didnt have the ice and blood only flag if I wasnt so computer illiterate I would update it lol anyways thanks again
  4. knightowlx3

    My quest for 2 handed hammers / axes

    thank you much very disapointing but good to know I will still quest for the mighty bat seems extremely rare I will find it eventually lol thanks again
  5. knightowlx3

    Sacred 2 - Xbox Gamer Tags

  6. hello all sacred 2 players / xbox 360 im searching for 2 handed shadow warrior hammers / axes preferably low level yet beggers cant be choosers so ive played sacred 2 for about 1 year no sleep lol I have only found very few 3 star 2 handed hammers my best find so far is my level 12 executioners axe is actualy a hammer my dream is to find lars hammer 4 stars I think also extremely mighty bat of devastation / orc slayer / trevons might seems extremely rare I have never seen or heard of anyone having these 3 and 4 star weopons besides executioners axe I have seen at higher lvls I have dragon slayers at around level 25-35 cant remember and level 205 found with my level 200 dryad im also intrested in all types of 3 or 4 star items preferably low level I think my best find playing sacred 2 is my level 30 impenetrable protector and my moryas fire sword level 220 I think I as for legendarys so if anyone can give advice besides Enhanced Perception skill is much appreciated or if anyone wants to trade/ play on xbox 360 I will be back online on april 23 or 24 my gamer tag is XxUP1NSMOK3xX I TRULY LOVE THIS GAME I LOVE IT if anyone has lars hammer at low level I will be glad to trade anything out of my box thank you