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When it rains it pours I guess...  Heh!  We were informed just minutes ago about our Host Providers plans to move DarkMatters and SacredWiki to a new server.  Hopefully that will come with improvements!  And not headaches.  :oooo:


We will be performing a migration of the P1 server from our old storage platform to the new storage platform on September 23rd from 11 PM to 3 AM ET [GMT-4].

The expected downtime is not anticipated to exceed 45 minutes, however we are scheduling a longer maintenance window should we run into any unforeseen problems.  We have migrated numerous servers already successfully so we do not anticipate any delays or issues.

We will be posting updates to the this thread on our forums as we perform this maintenance: https://forums.mddhosting.com/topic/1474-p1-server-migration-saturday-september-23rd-11-pm-et-gmt-4/



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  1. Path of Exile

    Where's everyone hiding lately? Are you still playing PoE?
  2. I've added you guys ^^ (Sorry for taking a while, I had an exam). Is there a way to play on the American servers? I don't think it is possible.
  3. Anyone playing D3 in the European servers? if so, let me know your email/battle tag via private message (so we don't get full of spam and keep it family like) and we can start playing together ^^.
  4. Sacred 2 Unlock Weapon Codes

    Write here exactly what you wrote in the console, maybe I can help you. The commands are meant to be called while in the game, the item will just drop right next to you. Hope this clarifies. *open console* unlock code *drops item* *close console* enjoy!
  5. Sacred 2 Unlock Weapon Codes

    I can send them to you. You need to open the console with the "º" key (the one left to the 1) and then write: 'unlock <code>' where <code> is the code of the item you want. Note that the " ' " aren't meant to be written. By the way, I sent you a private message a couple of days ago ^^.
  6. Hitting the servers with my current veiled minion reflecting SW experiment, still level 28, but leveling up so fast! ^^ I will soon update the thread I started last year. I restarted it with better picks.
  7. MP server name's

    server name? anything that's recognisable by your mates.
  8. I guess Furian isn't around active anymore, right? He used to be the one doing the camprunning... Nevertheless, this weekend I will have time too Gogo ^^.
  9. I'm currently migrating the SC toons into HC. So I'm pretty low level. Yesterday night I was in for a bit, but I ended up having to be coming and going. Hopefully tonight I'll have a chance to hit the servers for a bit. I will be naming my servers Zalioth# (substitute the # for a number). Hop in if you want to help or need help ^^.
  10. What's the idea of that dryad, Gogo?
  11. Hitting the servers with low level char, any char sitting there is welcome ^^.
  12. I have seen some Germans (who I happily play with) but none of the DM community... I will start reporting when I play in the forums so at least the few that are still left can get together and play.
  13. I'm back at playing Sacred 2, and I haven't seen many people at closed net lately, are you all playing the CM patch on Open Net or what's the latest fashion on multiplayer these days? Thanks for the answer ^^.
  14. Well, I basically killed everything in my way lol... I had a 2 handed and modded the spectral hand and I was running around one touching everything in range... + high rph. About the items, I'll find them again, I haven't played for a couple of days, but I was already getting enough to replace ^^. About reflective emanation... just 10 runes eaten but the guys find themselves half dead in around 20 seconds, it's really good for mobs, and I expect it to be determining later in the game ^^. The SW has been rebuilt and is on his way back up, soon I'll let you know more!
  15. Working like a charm ! Thanks a lot for your efforts gogo!