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  1. Sacred Citadel - This Game is AWESOME - Issues

    Thank you for that post, mystix. The sacred-world forums aren't accessible through links on the main site. It's good to see there is a workaround until this matter gets dealt with. losing the cursor in fullscreen mode is troublesome because if I wanted to invite my friends to play a private or public game with me I wouldn't be able to. I hope you guys enjoy the monster mash! lol
  2. There are a plethora of issues with Sacred Citadel purchased Through steam on win7. 1 - can't get resolution above 1600x900. With such a low budget and simple project like sacred citadel one would expect high resolutions without issue. 2 - sometimes in co-op mode (private or public game) when entering town other players beside game host won't be able to enter town and enter last battle instance. host and players can not move effectively in the instance. The only workaround is to break group and locally enter town on your own. Game profile still saves both locally and in group play. 3 - very minor graphical glitches that don't warrant much work. The two above issues are sort of annoying. 4 - Also, in fullscreen mode I don't get mouse cursor to select friends to invite to my games. This is frankly annoying as well. Dear Sacred fans, please bear this in mind when purchasing. I hope DS and Southend fix these issues ASAP.. especially the instancing bug entering town in groups. OTHERWISE, This game is AWESOME.
  3. Would Sacred 3 be an awesome Mmorpg?

    with too many mundane quests, storylining, overfilled with bland content galore, I don't think Sacred 2 is far off from a MMO title itself disguised as your traditional "hack n' slash" ARPG. Sacred 3 would need to be much better than sacred 2 before I remotely think of spending my dollar on another title. If Sacred 2 had a hard time being an awesome ARPG, how can you imagine sacred 3 being awesome as a MMO?
  4. Lich King Sets Complete ( Armor & Sword)

    WOW! Couldn't care much for WoW myself, or the Warcraft franchise, but holy crap! That set is by far the best looking set, period. It would make me want to play my Shadow Warrior just for the sake of collecting the armor and the frostmourne. I'd recommend same level progression as Armintin's Legacy set (15 levels between tiers, possibly different for the frostmourne - maybe with a slightly high chance to freeze like +30% at lv200 LOL). Keep them coming!
  5. When building a Melee TG, you want to keep this in focus: Tactics Lore is helpful but not by a long shot. The conversion rate of damage in Dedicated Blow and modding it to Convert more damage from physical to least resistant, increasing the chance to hit, and inceasing the damage of the DB as modifications are solid! The best hafted weapon for the TG would have to be the Skullsmasher since the Ice and Blood expansion added "direct damage" modification. This helps very well against Demons and other enemies that have equal resistances to all elemental types (meaning that Dedicated Blow's damage conversion is least useful against these enemies and will random an elemental damage type altogether). This also can be changed in to a very very viable PvP build should you wish to modify Deathly Spears for knockback/fire damage addon/jabs (additional spear casts at earlier levels) so that your enemies are unable to react as deathly spears has a very high chance to knockback and while casting DB the CA will cast anyway (even when knockback is in effect). Some people may wish to acquire Concentration and SW Focus to add Untouchable Force in to the buff list for the TG. This is far less effective in PvP against Seraphim who use Baneful Smite and High Elves who use Cobalt Strike, or even Dryads/Inquisitors who use Black Curse and I forgot the Inquisitor's debuff-modded CA from his NN tree. By the time you master Hafted Weapons skill (should be actually 2nd to Devout Guardian Focus) so that your Dedicated Blow will acquire a chance for double hit (when coupled with "regeneration per hit" modification alongside a modified battery that has "chance that opponent cannot evade attacks %" you will not only have a very high chance to hit regardless of attack values but you will too be able to instantly recast Dedicated blow on the same enemy (ie, bosses, PvP). With regards to your modification choices on T Energy shroud - make sure you get the mitigation (damage reduction) modification which is the silver one instead of shield regeneration in combat... The shield regeneration modification is better for casters who can't afford to lose their shields as they tend to focus more on Intelligence and Stamina rather than Strength and Willpower in the case of your intended Melee TG. Otherwise, I'd say all is good with your intended melee TG build.
  6. How to kill Gar Colossus in Silver

    The quest givers for the Harpy Queen and White Griffon do exist in 2.43. The givers aren't far from the spawn of the bosses at all. The reason why they turned these bosses in to quests is because some people didn't want them spawning in the middle of their grinding sessions. You have to look more closely to find the quest givers. Make sure you hit tab from time to time (or hold the tab key) to reveal the minimap in focus to ensure you spot a question mark close to the spawn of the boss you're seeking to gain set items from. Make sure either (or both your toons) has a good level of Enhanced Perception and Bargaining because there are two loot drops on the boss (one for when you complete the quest (works even better with Bargaining Mastery) and EP will help the loot that comes from the boss itself). Double dipping is so easy now that many bosses in Sacred 2 are now quest-derived rather than spawning automatically based on how close you are to it.
  7. Got Boneslicers - I did it !

    The Boneslicer is an alright sword. 3 of the stats on the sword are sword weapons (skill) unlockable (dependent). For those that don't put points in weapon masteries, the boneslicer will be one hell of a dull weapon to use. I find 2x Officer's Sabers far better. 2x Desert Sabers are far better too because of the stats and sockets available. Dex-based toons can get 2x Ancrid's blades for an awesome boost to dex with 1bronze/silver/gold socket to each blade. I just got a boneslicer myself killing the Undead Legion Boss myself. I find the Undead Legion quest far better for your chance at unique/set item drops with Bargaining Mastery as I got 4 set pieces alongside the Boneslicer with level 150 Bargaining.
  8. gratz on the legendary drop? what's your magic find % at and levels of EP? :-D So that could explain it. They don't have 'true' legendary drop tables, just some legendaries are in the lower tiers. The ones that aren't, you will never find outside the 'danger class 10' enemies, which are; - the nameless guardians - The region dragons - The storyline dragons - The Carnac - The Scorpion king - The Crystal boss - The Forest Guardian - Various unimplemented monsters (I.E. T-Energy Dragons) - The Blind Guardian band members (LOL!) .... and the crystals on seraphim island! Also, there is possibility if you have barganing mastery to get legendaries from 4+ star quests. Just bargaining mastery? wouldn't it have to be a much higher level than say EP with massive MF% up the wazoo from gear? I find that forcefeeding EP earlier in the game gives MUCH better returns than putting (anything) in to bargaining.
  9. SOURCE FROM SACRED 2 FORUMS: http://forum.sacred2.com/showthread.php?t=69390 Today I just downloaded a handy program called Crossfire Xtension v1.4. I managed to "supposedly" get crossfire working in this game with my 4870x2 (yet to be tried with my standalone radeon 3870s which I have laying around). Please do not ask me any questions about SLI because I do not own any nvidia gfx card nor have worked with them EVER. I managed to get a whopping 60FPS solid v-synced (single player, MP not entirely sure yet) with very high settings and 0 lag. I was able to check this by turning on the "crossfire x" symbol through CCC. I will show everyone pictures proving this within the next 12 hours when I get back from work. I just wanted to inform the community (who own a Crossfire setup) that it IS possible to force multi-GPU support in this game without sacrificing stability! Anyways.. I can't manage to get the crossfirex symbol to show up in the screenies so I'll post some instructions here: Download link to nab the application: http://www.ati-forum.de/files/Downloads/To...CF_Xtension.rar Make sure you have Crossfire enabled in CCC as well set Cat AI to ADVANCED or STANDARD to ensure both GPUs are being used. When running ATI CF Xtension, this program forces cf by duping CCC in to thinking Sacred 2 is another application in which DOES have CF support. For instance, I choose Direct3D rendering mode and I use the application "3dmark06.exe". The method used for CF should be left on "choose what's best by driver" (usually the first option). Choosing another crossfire rendering method will cause weird artifacts to show up on screen. You can choose to force visual effects such as AF or AA through CFxtension but those options are already available through CCC. I also have to let you folks know is that you HAVE to run Sacred 2 through ATI CF Xtension itself. This program is cross-compatible with many other game titles available today. Run Sacred 2. The only way I managed to get it to work this method is by: -right click on ATI symbol at bottom right-hand corner of screen in system tray. Select your primary display adapter used (one that IS connected to your monitor), go to "Crossfire X settings" and select "show crossfire icon". -run game in full screen. -run game in HIGH settings minimum. I believe the HIGH settings have to be the render settings, not shadowing or effects. -your audio settings should hold no bearing on activating crossfire in Sacred 2. -enjoy what crossfire has to offer. I personally have some blemishes while running the game (not perfectly smooth in terms of the game world tiles blinking, showing up inverted colours flashing, etc, but this doesn't make the game crash (if you have crashing issues already those may not be remedied by forcing crossfire in sacred 2). In terms of choosing an application name to change Sacred 2 into, you can choose any of them listed but it's best to choose a cousin engine to this one. I don't know of any other game titles that use sacred 2's graphics engine so that's why I chose 3dmark06 and it seems to work. You are welcome to fiddle around with this but MOST will not allow you to force crossfire including "crysis.exe". I wish you all luck with trying to get Sacred 2 to work in crossfire mode. PS - after a few reboots of Sacred 2 and changing from windowed mode to fullscreen mode the blinking tiles issue I mentioned above seems to have disappeared. This also seems to work regardless of renderer settings in the graphics option of the main menu screen. Because ATI doesn't have a profile for Sacred 2 this is your only remedy to get it to work and stress your GPUs less in this game while providing the best possible FPS your computer has to offer to this hungry game.
  10. It could be the human tavern boss you have to fight in the Dark campaign. You can refer to the Sacred 2 boss map made by schot and according to that particular map (even before Ice and Blood no boss is near griffinborough besides bloodclaw (werewolf boss, you can fetch quest off a human peasant woman I believe).
  11. Thanks, Schot! The zoom edit is great! However, my game has dropped a huge amount of FPS largely because of the renderer. Are there any ways possible to maintain the same level of graphics (say, medium everything) and still enjoy the zoom edit?
  12. I believe so. It seems to be a hidden value... Or Ascaron didn't get around to adding that to the tooltips, heh. I thought it did say in the tool tip, or maybe I just compared the attack speed in tool tip to execution speed on Combat Art tool tip and put the connection together.... isn't there a cap on attack speed? Since there is at about 150%, would it be worthwhile to experiment using casting speed to go on top of the attack speed to affect overall execution? I mean for instance, with a seraphim's Dashing Alacrity and Inquisitor's FF Combat Arts respectively you reach the max attack speed or cast speed quite quickly. Though Combat Arts are cast regardless of their modifying skills, I don't feel there's much of a diff when using weapon-based Combat Arts and cast speed modifying items. It'd be nice to see an instant cast for instant pwnage though.
  13. I second that. This build seems like the optimal cookie-cutter for dryads as it focuses on the main aspects of a ranged character while utilizing the best support casts for a CH-focused dryad. Props up to your build!