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  1. Dear All I hereby announce my semi-retirement from ogame. I no longer have the passion I once had for this game. My commander lapses in about a week, and from this time onwards I shall just be keeping the account ticking over until I decided what to do with it. I have been playing for 3 years this month, and I would not change a thing. Many ppl slight ogame for it's ability to suck up alot of time. However this time as allowed me to meet many fantastic people via ogame all of whom I hope to remain close to without the aid of o-crack. If you need anything I am still going to be abou
  2. We re-evaluated the NAP due to political circumstances.
  3. Heya Just to keep all of D.a.r.k. informed. DAWN have withdrawn the NAP between Nova.TC and ourselves. We wish to reitterate that will still stand firm with all of D.a.r.k. in anything that they do. Best wishes Firefly [DAWN]
  4. Goodbye and good luck with what ever you have planned post-ogame. I hope that the withdrawl symptoms are not too bad. Best wishes Firefly
  5. Xtal for sale, in amounts upto about 10M, looking for either metal or duet, I am not fussed which. 2.1.1 PM in game Regards Firefly ---------------- Now playing: Enigma - Enigma - In The Mix 2007
  6. Yikes!! Only just seen this (as not been paying much attention to ogame of late) At least you went down fighting, you've been giving that account hell for ages. Enjoy R/L again Rik
  7. Sweet, now to do the rest of his moons Great work there Ike, and props for the persiverence!
  8. You gotta love M45H..... I'm sure he'll figure it out in the end!
  9. posted.... DAWN backs lite. WE want Ike's old account BACK! (for Alice )
  10. Ike, if at any point you ever want to smash Gogo's old fleet into Download, please please please feel free to do so. Ff
  11. Maybe Ike and Beo have join forces with NASA and the two probes are to create a visible DF for a Blind Phalanx hit.
  12. Another option is deconstructing the missile silo levels (if you have not already), the shipyard (if you don't use it), and forming a moon there to store the res (ship from planet to moon as much as possible), and you can have storage tank levels lower. I assume you don't have any non-essential buildings like fusion reactor already gone from the planet. It has to be hard with 129 fields. =/ Good luck. ^^ I've paired down that planet as much as I can leaving basic lv 8 shipyard and level 4 silo. There are next to no stores, and no fusion (as it is the work of the devil) It is hardwork bu
  13. Well my 129 with the level 6 terra is now missing a lv 30 solar. :-) In the end it was an easy choice as had the res sat on one of my G5 moons after a days heavy farming in G5. So it was either jump in the ships to move it home or run it over to the small planet and deconstruct the level 30. It was a painful waste of 6.4KK metal and 2.5KK xtal, but there will soon be a level 34 metal mine in its place. Also much cheaper to build down from here on in, and much cheaper than a level 7 terra former. Just the intial outlay that hurt. Once I have mined out those 30 fields I suppose a level 7 ter

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