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  1. Rahvin

    Avatar/Sig request for a friend.

    His name is TIGERLEAD. His clain name is IMP_G. I believe that is the last block of text he wanted. It needs to be no bigger then 500x150.
  2. Rahvin

    Avatar/Sig request for a friend.

    lol, I know all about work! I go to college full time, and work full time. Man I miss High School. I would really, really, really appreciate it Schot or Bef. I really am clueless when it comes to animation.
  3. Rahvin

    Avatar/Sig request for a friend.

    erialc is looking for such a person. Back to the begging and pleading... PLEASE SOMEBODY SAVE ME!
  4. Rahvin

    Avatar/Sig request for a friend.

    Well if my schedule does slack off a bit later down the road I'll be back and start a new account. Until then I have to keep my priorities.
  5. First off, I'm sorry I haven't been around much guys. I have 27 credit hours at school, and with final project to work on it is actually closer to 40 hours of work for it. Add in 32-34 hours of work a week and my spare time is at an all time low. In Space4k my right-hand man has really picked up the slack and has been an outstanding and invaluable aid. He turns 23 tomorrow and I would like to give him a Sig and Avi as a gift. Problem is, the sig request he posted weeks ago is for animation. I don't do animation... and neither do any of our GFX team. We certainly couldn't do any quality work for him. So here I am, begging for all I'm worth. Is there anyway you could help me out Schot, or any other animation savy Darkling? His posted request was:
  6. Rahvin

    Dragons Legacy

    If you need a good forum made let me know man. I'm all about community over rank, but if you need my help just ask. lol, and if you have any spare farms let me know! lol
  7. Well I would prefer a nice young french lass spying through my windows... just so you know.
  8. I keep catching Gotcha peeking through my windows at night! I know I am sexy, but this is ridiculous!
  9. Well look at the top and you'll find me and the rest of ex-Crazy8s. You have some competition.
  10. /rolleyes Well I invite you both to play in my playground. Space4k I will teach you a whole new religion. /rofl
  11. There are many variations of poutine. A common variation, Italian poutine, substitutes gravy with "spaghetti sauce" (a thick tomato and ground beef sauce), while another popular variation includes sausage slices. Some restaurants boast a dozen or more variations of poutine. For instance, you may find more upscale poutine with three-pepper sauce, Merguez sausage, foie gras or even caviar and truffle. Another variation, poutine Galvaude, includes shredded chicken and green peas, often eliminating the cheese. When ordering a fast food trio (or combo) in eastern Canada, you often pay extra to get your french fries replaced with a poutine. Note that "fast food poutine" will often be referred to as "fake poutine" by Quebecers because the freshness or the kind of cheese (a common substitution is grated cheese) is not the same as in Quebec where you can usually buy fresh cheese curds daily in almost any convenience store. All variations look and probably taste disguting.
  12. We drink a lot of alcohol, that is why we are good. Vendetta is easier when you are drunk.
  13. Yes, it was all Llama... he inspired us to new heights of gaming. /rolleyes
  14. /sick Like I said, Cyclops gets to hide behind you!
  15. Llama meat for the grinder!! Llama's can soak up lots of bullets, so I get to stand behind you when it comes to war!