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  1. "Don't dumb it down!" *looks at previews* Haha. Seriously, devs don't care for hardcore fans who were playing Sacred games from the beginning at all.
  2. I don't know... Still no real gameplay footage and noteworthy info. All this talk about how great previous games were and "the art of gameplay" don't cut it. A little thing that I noticed: there are a few words about button mashing and "more action orientated approach". These make me think that new Sacred will be an action game (like Darksiders II but with isometric view) with combo meter, dodge button and all that, and that's not exactly Sacred game. I still have hope that S3 will be a good ol' diablo killer with mouse-clicking enemies to death just like old times and look forward to
  3. I think people only use SR skill because of it's mastery bonus: reducing damage over time. It is much easier to reduce probability to get hit by CAs, melee and ranged (via reflect and block mods on items) rather than managing multiple hits (even though their damage will be reduced by resistances, damage mitigation and/or SR/SI check). The only damage/attack type that can't be blocked in such way is DoT (iirc, it also ignores mitigation/resistances, which makes it especially deadly) and this skill allows for saving few precious sockets in the character's gear that otherwise would be *wasted*
  4. I don't think that's an accurate comparison. I'd say SR works more like Parrying from Sacred Underworld does: rather than affecting enemy's hit chance directly (like CR and evasion mod on items do), it boosts special stat that is used to calculate an outcome of attack. When spell resistance stat check against attacker's spell intensity attribute is successful, character receives reduced damage from attacker's spell (as opposed to atk/def/evasion successful check, in which case character does not receive any damage at all). I doubt that SR (both stat and skill) is of any use against wea
  5. Well, it is called Personal Identification Number for a reason. Standing real close to the terminal and fast input help the issue. But all those fake readers are the reason why I prefer cash.
  6. Yeah, Salvador's action skill looks awesome. "If it doesn't work, use more gun." Can't wait for BL2 to come out so I can run around dual-wielding two rocket launchers
  7. I think it will be. You'll just have to focus on boosting your damage with other mods such as ignore armor, crit chance, deathblow, damage +%, flat x-x damage. You'll also want to find a weapon (weapons, if you're playing dual wield) with high base damage. It's good idea to use regeneration time -% and chance to halve regeneration +% to allow more runes into RI.
  8. Well, then both choices are fine (I think): strong pet will aid you in fights, while bargain will help you to get deathblow/disregard armor/all skills items. The only downside in choosing Bargain as your final skill, that I see, is that it needs a lot of skill points and +bargain/+all skills gear to be really useful.
  9. I took Voodoo Focus and started using this buff just because there was a "free" skill choice. The summon isn't very useful to this dryad (even if she doesn't use dual Kal'Durs) because %LL kills bosses way too fast for the ghostly pet to do anything; common mobs/champions are going down in one-two Ravaged Impacts thanks to it's "Disregard Armor" mod. This buff might be more useful for ranged or magic-based dryads to provide some support.
  10. Nice! I think, I've got an idea for a crazy burning bone + purgatory build (without WIDD, I guess, I've had enough of it; at least, for now)
  11. Thanks, gogo. The tune is actually from Super Mario Bros Regarding Byleth set, I tried to replace pieces of good old Amarri with Byleth and Blackstaff (for fire and magic damage boost), but increase in "raw" spell damage wasn't big enough to justify loosing "Secret Damage". And why would I want to cause DoT when almost everybody in vanilla Sacred dies in one hit?
  12. Update: he's now level 118. Here's the vid, showing him slaying two versions of dkay dragon; first one is "vanilla", the second is from "Veteran Mod" - new hardcore mod for those who find the game way too easy
  13. Lol, when I was playing fire BM, I've never even considered using this spell. Maybe I should try a Purgatory mage out; I really love all those weird and crazy builds, when people I come across with say something like "lol omg what the hell is going on?" Any ideas besides spider-queen WE and undead general vamp?
  14. Battlemage and daemon probably are the most overpowered characters in the game, lol
  15. And again after a long break I've installed Team Fortress 2, picked my good old "Epic Rocket-Launcher", asked my friend who plays medic all the time to back me up, joined favorite server, capped some points, killed some people, stolen lot's of flags. And that was fun thanks not only to the nice gameplay, but also to the really good music, they've composed for this game. Here's a TF2 main menu theme:
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