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  1. ok guys then I guess I just want the thunderstrike then, if anyones got it my gamertag is Xdmatt
  2. They are not on the console ver. They are modded items people made.Its not good idea to ask for modded items on this board btw. Thats strange I have seen thunderstirke in the console game and it have the correct stats, and on the wiki it says they are on the console version.
  3. I have a lokis slicer, widowmaker, and a Stradal's Hammer, tons of 3 star weapons and shadow warrior set pieces for trade. Looking for Thunderstrike and Rogers Raving Razor in the 150 range.
  4. I guess people would be more willing to give it up then
  5. thanks for the welcome and I hope I get it to LOL
  6. I am looking to get a Kaldur's Legacy weapon on xbox 360. I have tons of unique weapons and lots of extra shadow warrior set pieces for trade level 90 and below. My gamer tag is Xdmatt.